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M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

My first reaction was, "Wow, that is a heavy musk smell. And... cherries?" I also got a sample of this scent in a body wash, and for some reason that seems to me a more appropriate use for this fragrance (even though it's a bit overpowering for a body wash).

I think I might have dug this more when I was in my early 20s. As it is, the only use my bottle gets is as an occasional bathroom air freshener.

Update: While I'm still not overly fond of how this smells upon first application, I may be coming to enjoy the dry-down a lot more -- that note of cherry is what lingers, and when I decided to wear this again recently, I found myself liking the scent after a few hours.
31st May, 2012 (last edited: 11th September, 2012)

Vetiver by Guerlain

As a perfect example of how dramatically tastes can change over the years, I did not care for this fragrance at all when I first got it. I still don't think it's something that will appeal to all tastes, but being somewhat of a non-conformist myself, I have grown to appreciate its bold uniqueness.

Am rather curious now to sample other vetivers (so far I've tried only one or two other brands), to see if there might be more gems among them that years ago I would have simply written off as something too "different" for me at that time.
31st May, 2012

Samouraï 47 by Alain Delon

Possibly the "lightest" and freshest of all the 40 or so fragrances I own -- a citrus and fruit-like blend that's very easy on the olfactories -- Samouraï 47 really grew on me over the years, even though I started off liking it well enough. Now it's a favorite for daytime wear.
31st May, 2012
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Realm by Realm Fragrances

I don't remember what I paid for my bottle, but whatever the price, it was too much. Cheap, uninspired fragrance that seems to owe more to Hai Karate than anything -- but even that comparison isn't fair to Hai Karate.

It's possible that the version I have is the reformulation that MysteryBuff40 suggests he may own, because my bottle is exactly how he describes his, but I can only review what I've got in front of me. Why do I even keep the bottle around, I wonder? Well, maybe I'll run across a dog that's gotten sprayed by a skunk and needs something slightly more pleasant to cover up the odor.
31st May, 2012

L'Anarchiste by Caron

Love this stuff. The keyword for me in describing L'Anarchiste would be "evolution", because one's true appreciation for the fragrance comes as it ages while wearing it. Upon first application, it's surely different, and not unpleasant, but even after just 5 minutes, it transforms into something bold and completely unique. I'm not sure anyone around me appreciates it as much as I appreciate smelling it on myself, but I would hope that's the case.

A big fan of the copper-painted bottle, too -- only problem is that it's very difficult to tell how empty it is. I don't hear too much splashing when I shake the bottle, so it's probably time to buy another one. ;-)
31st May, 2012

Avatar by Coty

My thumbs-up here is based on the fact that this is a "bargain scent", and should be taken accordingly. For the price, this is a good, basic fragrance. Nothing fancy, and yet, as several other reviewers have noted, for some reason I get as much attention from the ladies when wearing this as I do when sporting some of my favorite (yet *much* more expensive) scents.

My dad used to wear Old Spice every day (with the occasional jaunt into Aqua Velva territory -- or something equally as mainstream, haha), but I was never so much of a snob that I couldn't appreciate Old Spice as a decent everyday use cologne -- and so I guess Avatar is my version of my father's OS. ;-)
31st May, 2012

Yatagan by Caron

Surely one of the most unusual fragrances I own. I definitely got the same "celery" note that others have mentioned -- which, combined with the other notes, makes this scent both fresh and masculine, curiously. Still, my bottle sits mostly unused. I can't say I won't ever wear it again, because tastes change, and I might one day find that I'm a fan -- but at the moment, alas, I can't count myself a fan.
31st May, 2012

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

A perfect masculine fragrance.

The bottle is also the most substantial of any in my collection, and I'll have a nice paperweight when it's empty. ;-)
31st May, 2012

Anucci Man by Anucci

I would never have thought that I'd wear a scent like this. Citrus and floral notes make the first impression, and upon smelling it for the first time, I had to double check that I'd indeed purchased the version for men -- it's easily a unisex fragrance. But I found that I really enjoyed it as the day went on, and it is a nice occasional change of pace from the more complex masculine scents I wear. Would certainly be good for wearing at the office, or as the golf ball inspired bottle suggests, a day on the links.

Not to mention that the stopper makes a satisfying cork-popping sound whenever you pull it off the top of the bottle. ;-)
31st May, 2012

Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis

This is a strange one. Am I the only one who was reminded of pencil shavings? Not really sure it fits my tastes.
31st May, 2012

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Haven't really made my mind up about this one. Not distinctive enough to get a raving thumbs-up or a horrified thumbs-down. For now my bottle is still 4/5 full. However, Azzaro's Visit is one of my favorite fragrances, so they've built up enough goodwill with me that I will probably have to wear this one some more, and see how it stands the test of time.
31st May, 2012

B*Men by Thierry Mugler

Like many others here, I bought this after trying A*Men and loving it. Upon first sniff, though, I found myself a bit disappointed, and the bottle sat unused for some time.

Much later, I decided to revisit it, and found it to have amazing longevity and an unexpected but not unpleasing aromatic modulation over the course of a day (as did A*Men). However, I still wasn't sure I'd use it that much -- so many sweet scents mixing together, it seemed to have limited applications. In fact, I didn't even realize I was smelling vetiver in there until I read someone else here comment about that note.

But it is very intriguing, and although I'd recommend it, B*Men is one of those scents that I need to wear a few more times to get a good feel for.
31st May, 2012

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I've had several women tell me that this scent was a real turn-on for them. In fact, that was the reason I bought a bottle in the first place -- out of curiosity. I can see how the aroma would be too sweet for many people, but I really dig it.

However, as much as I love it, I do wear it infrequently. Partly because I don't want to wear it so much that I get sick of it. But mostly because it's just not right for most occasions. Perfect, though, for a 3rd or 4th date with a new paramour, or for a romantic night with your significant other.

Has quite a bit of longevity, and turns into something quite different (although still very pleasant) after mingling with your body chemistry for several hours.
30th May, 2012
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Bijan Nude for Men by Bijan

Wasn't a big fan out of the box -- although as someone else here commented, "Nude" seemed an appropriate name, since it was difficult to tell I was wearing any scent at all -- not offensive, just not much "there", I thought. So the bottle got moved to the back, and I just didn't use it.

But then one day, on a lark, I started the morning with 3 sprays, and later in the day realized that there were some really subtle notes developing as time went on. Indeed, I got a far greater than usual amount of attention from the opposite sex, many of whom were curious about exactly what I was wearing.

I still don't use it much, though, since I wear scents primarily because the smell pleases *me*, and as I said, this one is probably way too subtle to send my personal appreciation gauge very high.
30th May, 2012