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Aramis Gentleman by Aramis

Blloomingdale's sells this. The smell is spicy but very weak. Smells deliberately watered-down, like some kind of aftershave.
13th May, 2013

Chrome Summer 2013 by Azzaro

Like many scents, the opening is promising but the rest of the fragrance disappoints. As far as summer scents go, I've smelled much worse that were very harsh. I wouldn't call this one harsh but there is a sharp quality that seems to appear about 10 minutes in and never goes away. This is missing the sweetness and nuance I look for in my fragrances. I wish someone would create a summer scent that was more multi-dimensional.
21st April, 2013

Royal Blue by Brooksfield

Meh. Very average. A slightly higher quality Pleasures or Perry Ellis Aqua. I don't't get anything sharp but there's just not much to it.
05th October, 2012
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Orphée by Maxims

Smells like an amped-up version of a scent I don't like: Caron Pure. The opening reminds me of champagne but with green and herbal undertones. This green quality intensifies as the scent progresses until it ends up smelling like a bunch of plants! I got barely any watermelon at all. Smelled sour and perfumy. I had been expecting a refreshining, almost gourmand watermelon and was seriously disappointed. Ecch!!
21st June, 2012

Pi Neo Tropical Paradise by Givenchy

Quiet, understated citrus scent for spring and summer. Certainly inoffensive but not what I’d call sexy or particularly interesting. It gets a neutral from me.
04th June, 2012