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    Blue Waltz by Joubert

    ...a little too much sweet/citronella.....not really light enough for me...

    03rd July, 2014


    Farouche by Nina Ricci

    I love Farouche. I AM an old lady, but very picky about scent nowadays, especially because so many people are becoming chemically sensitive. Often I put scent on at night, just for myself.

    Farouche has some delicate floral high notes, but these warm into a base of woody grassy notes..a forest in sunshine..."wild thing"....

    26th March, 2014


    Passion by Elizabeth Taylor

    A little Passion goes a LONG way!
    If I apply a dab or two to wrists it envelops with a complicated, rather sweet mix of floral with spice as well as musky undertones....a teeny bit like an explosion in a perfume factory, mayhaps.

    But I like a few dabs before bedtime on a cold night....

    20th November, 2012


    L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

    I am a lucky lady: at my favorite thrift store I found two vintage Nina Ricci EDT splash bottles almost full, scent in beautiful the moment the one I love is L'air du temps, gentle bergamot, carnation, rose....shadowed by cedar & a little sandal. I can be a little generous with it & it warms well.

    The other was Farouche, a piquant floral aldehyde I enjoyed in the summer before without knowing what it was (then I had a little heart shaped mini with a worn label). I'll review the Farouche EDT in the spring, perhaps....

    20th November, 2012


    Y by Yves Saint Laurent

    I have my mother's bottles of Y & Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. My father gave her these & I notice that she used almost all of the Paris & only a fourth of the Y. She preferred green or chypre scents, or florals such as carnation, but disliked strongly musky or oriental scents. She loved the bright sweetness of ginger & hated the shadowy tuberose.

    I'm a different type myself!

    I am afraid this review of Y will be skewed by the possibility that this bottle is "off". However the main thing I have to say about Y (in this bottle) is that it "plays handball with your mind". The opening note is
    a metallic aldehyde (it is affected by the metallic atomizer perhaps) that makes me go "gack" & hesitant to continue the exploration. There is an almost instantaneous passage into an incredibly complicated chord of florals, woods, fruits, mosses & animalic scents that for some strange reason makes me think of dark chocolate with a fruit liqueur center. The dry down is heady but I come back for more: what IS that? Finally, the floral, wood & mossy reverberations linger a long long time.

    This is a scent for Daffy Duck.

    08th July, 2012


    Thé Vert by Roger & Gallet

    As of today I own a little bottle of Eau de Thé Vert. I didn't realize I was buying a "masculine" scent (brand new at the yard sale) but now I know that at least it's for "men & women".

    Ingredients are described as including grapefruit & yuzu (lemon & mandarin orange) but it hits me ait like a good lime cologne for men tempered with herbs, cedar & Martian orange. Real green tea is a much more subtle & unique scent, astringent but almost floral.

    What this adventure did for me was to make me REALLY APPRECIATE ROCHAS FLEUR D'EAU! Fleur d'Eau uses some of the same tones in a much more subtle way. Its gentle dry down complements the scent of (my) flesh, but.....sad to say....Eau de Thé Vert is lingering in a sort of stronger, "artificial lime syrup" way that clashes with my own smell.

    07th July, 2012


    Tweed by Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics

    I have a wee bottle of vintage Tweed & I'm very grateful because I kept looking & looking for it, remembering how I loved a Lentheric bottle of cologne or EDT in youth (50+ years ago!).

    The opening notes are brisk & strong, but the dry down is rapid to a gentle floral note that is very agreeable. This slight scent lingers subliminally rather than with cloying sweetness or with chemical "freshness".

    A faint vetiver & wood note breathes underneath, an echo.

    06th July, 2012 (Last Edited: 08th July, 2012)


    Maja by Myrurgia

    I am such a lucky lady.

    I started reviewing my perfume collection & thinking about Basenotes the day I found a lovely vintage box with 2 soaps & unopened Maja scent FROM SPAIN at my favorite thrift store.

    I have to admit that I was so sensuously greedy I opened the bottle to wear it. You only live once, you know. (I had had a Maja mini long ago).

    The scent is frisky & spicy...oranges, roses, Mediterranean sunshine, or like a wonderful pomander, in the middle of winter.

    06th July, 2012


    Sung by Alfred Sung

    I have a mini of what is probably reformulated Sung.

    If I'm at home & feeling a bit silly I enjoy a drop of it...a suggestion of spring flowers in the hyacinth & lemony notes.

    However, I dislike lily of the valley or muguet, so this note (or chemical equivalent) stops me from using this scent.

    06th July, 2012


    Chantilly by Dana

    I wish there was a rating between thumbs up & neutral for my mini of the old Chantilly....I do like it, but the heady combination of floral, ORANGE! & spice & leather make it more than I would wear in public on most occasions. I used to dress up in "Pointer Sisters" full Glam & it certainly would have been lovely for that...

    The (possibly) tarragon & lemon highlights of Quelques Fleurs work better for me nowadays.

    I am glad I have the pleasure of a dab from this mini occasionally.

    I wouldn't wear the modern Chantilly at all (even though I once owned a giant vat of it by accident) unless I was in a mosquito infested jungle & it repelled mosquitos (like citronella). This theory has not been tested.

    I'm going to cheat here & put in a major plug for BISTRO which I don't find on the list. It is an inexpensive EDT that is difficult to find & connected with "Chantilly" & "Dana" & Parfums Parquet".
    It is light years away from the offensive qualities of the mass produced modern Chantilly, however. It is uniquely fresh, herbal..with a hint of carnation...something that suggests the artemesia family of herbs or vermouth...brisker than the hint of tarragon in Quelques Fleurs, with no cloying quality at all, like a bouquet in spring rain.

    All this in an inexpensive EDT in a 50's suggestive powder pink bottle with black lid....

    05th July, 2012


    Quelques Fleurs L'Original by Houbigant

    I found two excellent minis of Chantilly & Quelques Fleurs.

    The Chantilly mini was a far cry from the large bottles marketed these days..but that's another story.

    The Quelques Fleurs rang my chimes, particularly the slight zing of herbs & citrus in the top notes, the delicacy of the floral notes & absence of cloying sweetness in undertones. This was one that worked well with my own body chemistry..& applied discreetly, was a subtle whisper..This is very pleasant to experience in an old fashioned full range perfume.

    05th July, 2012


    Ambush (original) by Dana

    I really liked Dana's Tabu for many years in spite of its potency.

    However, when I tried Ambush, the tangle between sweetness & patchouli didn't work for me....There seems to be a lingering sweetness in both Ambush & Canoe that is more than I want.

    01st July, 2012


    Florida Water by Murray & Lanman

    This fragrance, of course, has magical qualities...protective & positive.

    Then, again, it also has healing qualities...soothing an insect bite, refreshing hot sticky skin, discouraging mosquitos & encouraging a tired spirit on a hot muggy night or on a damp chilly night. The combination of bracing citrus, spices & herbs hits hard at first, then fades quickly to a gentle clean tone, without excessive sweetness or clingy undertones.

    I appreciate a different take on "clean smell" as an alternative to combinations of aldehydes, citrus & florals.

    30th June, 2012


    Halston Z-14 by Halston

    I'm embarrassed to admit I like it on ME, even though I'm a woman.

    Someone else wrote he or she liked to wear it to bed & I do too, rubbing a little on my ankles & feet seems to give me a lift.

    In addition to the citrus & moss qualities I particularly like the basil. Florida Water is not the same, no amber or jasmine, but bounces citrus off an herbal/spice wall in a direct way.

    I don't think I'd wear it in public...I don't want to be mistaken for somebody's dad.

    30th June, 2012


    Tabu by Dana

    Amazingly I wore this as a very young woman.

    For me it is still the best of the oriental-sexy perfumes (I think of Youth Dew & an oil I own called "Opium", not the same as the perfume). I like it best because of the orange note, woven into incense shadings & amber.

    I sent it in an envelope with a little of my hair to my first husband before we were married.....

    Now, fifty years later, I don't wear Tabu but I still like it.

    23rd June, 2012 (Last Edited: 01st July, 2012)


    Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron

    Long ago I actually bought this perfume. At that time I felt that it was fresh & complex, distinguished!

    But I began to dislike the lily of the valley note that seems to become acidly metallic on my skin....nooooooo, not for me....

    23rd June, 2012


    Pavlova by Five Star Fragrances

    I like this one for fall or winter, with restraint.

    Although I like tuberose & a shading almost like incense in the range between citrus & woody notes, I know that some other people might find it heady. I love spraying a little of the EDT on myself right before dressing because it lingers in my room & closet...the perfect suggestion of the oriental face of eastern Europe...

    21st June, 2012 (Last Edited: 03rd July, 2012)


    Antilope by Weil

    I have a little mini of Antilope; I don't know its vintage.

    I read the "ingredients", but my experience of it is a complex "grassy" a full summer meadow..or imaginatively, a savannah..

    It blends well with my own scent & is not overpoweringly sweet. I have to use small amounts only because it is a very small bottle (sitting appropriately near three china leopards)...

    21st June, 2012


    Secret de Vénus by Weil

    Once .....long ago...I owned a mini of Secret de Venus & it was "right" for me then. But at that time I could wear Tabu unabashed.

    I think there was something more going on there than woodsy floral, something alluring..

    21st June, 2012


    Venezia (original) by Long Lost Perfume

    Venezia is very pleasing to me. I own a small bottle of the original & truly enjoy the combination of fruit, bergamot & spicy notes.

    It is cheerful & warm without claustrophobic heavy oriental qualities. I can wear it in many different circumstances & in different seasons. I wish I had more..

    21st June, 2012


    Ma Griffe by Carven

    I admit I inherited my grandmother's spray EDT...but she was NOT the stereotypical grandmother.

    She was "high style", as much as she could accomplish in Indiana, a woman who looked snappy in the late 50's in stadium pumps, black & white jewelry & checkered jackets. Ma Griffe was the perfect fresh, powdery, but not sentimental scent for when I wore it later I could hear her laugh & see her shrug her shoulders....

    I tend to wear somewhat more oriental or smoky scents in fall & winter, somewhat less "powder" in summer..more citrus & watery..

    but I enjoyed wearing her scent, especially dressed up for daytime!

    21st June, 2012


    Fleur d'Eau by Rochas

    The spray EDT bottle is very artistic...suggests water..I display it with a mirror.

    The scent is muscular citrus..suggests grapefruit, in the midst of a range of disparate fruit & floral notes. For me there is a strident note in the middle range..possibly lily of the valley...that makes me careful not to use too much unless I will be outdoors.

    18th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 21st June, 2012)


    Écusson by Long Lost Perfume

    I was given a little shield shaped tourist bottle of Ecusson as a young teen in Paris in of course in my mind the scent evokes morning sunlight on shutters, café complet...

    I have another little shield bottle is a gentle floral that is perfectly friendly & slightly romantic, not overpowering, so I can wear it for an "evening out"! I save it to wear for a friend who has French sensibilities & French roots.

    18th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 21st June, 2012)


    Eau du Soir by Sisley

    The scent is wonderful for a "little hint" at bedtime. The chords of fragrances has a deep range & is saved from any excess of floral or excessively sweet notes by a watery top note that suggests the best qualities of privet. The middle & basenotes settle into the warmth of human smells...

    I would save this one for light use at night. I have no trouble with the romantic sculpture topping the bottle but then one of my favorite painters is Courbet....a bit of drama in his "realism" & lots of eroticism..

    18th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 21st June, 2012)


    Bigarade by Nina Ricci

    This is a perfect EDT for hot weather..citrus without excess.....a little light orange.

    I like a faint zest without too much sweetness or "lavender soap" quality. I treasure my bottle.

    This is truly my favorite hot weather scent. I would use it a little more abundantly if I had more!

    18th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 21st June, 2012)


    Tailspin by Lucien Lelong

    I owned Lucien Lelong's Tailspin in high school & remember it as high energy, fun! It was emphatic but I liked the unexpected wood notes.

    I pounced on a tiny Lucien Lelong mini that is light floral refreshing, but its label is almost completely gone (it was a gold label & it has a pink cap). I wish I knew what it is.

    18th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 19th June, 2012)


    Ysatis by Givenchy

    I owned 3 minis: Amarige, L'interdit & Ysatis

    All three packed a punch so that I used only "dabs".

    Amarige is a bit too sweet for me, L'interdit a little bit too forcefully a little Goldilocks in the Givenchy Cottage, I find Ysatis to be "just right"....I like the interplay of sweet with wood & oriental. I had to be restrained in applying it.

    My mother in contrast thought it was "eeeeeeuuuwww" & liked the others.

    18th June, 2012


    Khus Khus by Parfums Jamaica

    I wore khus khus in the Virgin Islands & in Africa as a young of course the scent is intermingled with the mosquito coils, fragrant flowers & ocean of St. Thomas....or even with the deep throated smells of slash & burn, dust & composting jungle of my memory....

    18th June, 2012


    Amarige by Givenchy

    I had a mini of amarige the I liked for tiny dabs, like a little accent.

    However, my bottle of spray on EDT turns me off. I find a sniff near the atomizer makes me reluctant to put it on my skin, a little like sweet moth repellent, I'm sorry to say.

    My mother liked the mini of Amarige & disliked the mini of Ysatis. I feel just the opposite ....I wish I had more Ysatis!

    18th June, 2012


    S Eau Florale by Shakira

    I like it!
    It is upbeat & I feel I can wear a little spritz of S Eau Floral anywhere. It suggests pleasant associations (yummy) & doesn't claw at the palate.

    It is complemented well by St. Ives Intensive Healing Body Lotion with cranberry seed oil (& I think a fragrance that suggests berries)...same light touch.

    07th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 14th August, 2012)

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