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White Linen by Estée Lauder

Be prepared for a man's review of this fragrance! I bought this one for a girl but I tried it first. Out of the Lauder fragrances for women I've smelled, this one is probably the easiest to pull off for a man. Anyways, the initial opening is a burst of aldehydes, which smells pretty powdery and really brings the image of a spotless white room with a square crosshatch window to my mind. I honestly cannot say that the opening has much citrus in it.

The middle notes and base notes definitely remind me of linen, which seems to be a common association people make.

This perfume really gives me the impression of a woman who is already taken and perhaps married. When I think of a girlfriend wearing it I imagine her in a conservative summer dress in a nice clean house in the country, with the breeze floating through the window as we caress on the couch under a ray of sunlight after a morning of passion.

This is definitely not a clubbing or going out scent, since it might get lost in such an environment I feel. I feel the serenity in this bottle would clash with the wrong personality.

05th July, 2012

Chrome by Azzaro

This is definitely a scent that you should try before you buy. I tried it at the mall recently and while the drydown is pleasant, it didn't last too long. The worst part is that for the first 2 hours or so, there was something in the frangrance (which unfortunately I can't identify) that made me slightly gag. It was actually difficult to smell it because it was so unpleasant. Perhaps this is the sharpness that others describe?
05th July, 2012