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Gianfranco Ferré for Man by Gianfranco Ferré

A real surprise. Unlike many of the monster scents of the 1980's in that it never is too strong or pungent. From the opening citrus notes, it changes to a floral that is unique and then finishes with a an oakmoss and vetiver, supported by a beautiful sandalwood. I paid 20 dollars for 4.2 ounces of this amazing scent on ebay! Love it beyond words! It has to be the bargain of my lifetime. Only hope Ferre never stops making it. Truly sophisticated and unlike any of the other 65 fragrances that I own. A supreme masterpiece!
10th July, 2014

Apparition Wild Orange by Ungaro

A beautiful burst of orange followed by a wonderful drydown of lavender and vetiver. Different and intoxicating. A masterful blending that simply gets better and better. Also, a great buy as it smells extremely well blended and has no harsh synthetic notes!
02nd August, 2012 (last edited: 26th August, 2012)