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    M7 Fresh by Yves Saint Laurent

    A most unique smelling fragrance.

    The sparkling grapefruit along with neroli up top is starkly contrasted with the agarwood which burns throughout. Extremely wearable, versatile and works well in spring summer and fall. I get average projection and longevity (around 6 hours) from this one. A wonderful take on another wonderful (M7) fragrance.

    Too bad it is discontinued.

    05th December, 2014


    Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

    A masterpiece.

    Dior seems to be one of the few designer houses heading in the right direction with their men's fragrances. Dior Homme Intense perhaps remains the pick among their modern creations. A remarkably wonderful opening of cacao and iris with vanilla in the background is followed by a sensuous, enveloping and almost edible scent. From the middle phase onwards the fragrance becomes smoother as notes of musk and woods drift in and out. I personally get moderate projection and good longevity (7-8 hours) from this one.

    Make no mistake, this fragrance is a must try for anybody and would put many higher priced niche offerings to shame.

    I could well imagine this one on a young sophisticated woman.

    05th December, 2014


    Bulgari Man by Bulgari

    A nondescript modern masculine with citrus up top succeded by a woody drydown with a somewhat creamy character and just a hint of sweetness. All that doesn't sound bad until you wake up next morning having no recollection at all what it smelled like. It is that boring. I can tolerate the opening but do not like the drydown, there seems to be some sourness lurking that I cannot appreciate at all.
    Perhaps deserves a try and I'm being a bit harsh, but there are countless other fragrances that cover similar territory and purpose with a lot more oomph and class. Terre d'Hermes, Eau Sauvage Parfum and the reformulated version of Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme come to mind.

    04th December, 2014


    Dirty English by Juicy Couture

    Another could-be gem ruined by poor longevity and weak performance overall. The concoction of citrus-spices-booziness-leather is great and markedly distinguished from the many other soulless specimens that line the shelves of mens fragrances at stores. Subsides into a faint pleasant skin scent about 4 hours after application.

    A must try, particularly if one is okay with no-so-great performance. Doesn't cost a fortune either, so generous applications are not that expensive.

    Pros: Uniqueness, well-done fragrance
    Cons: Longevity, Projection (particularly longevity)

    29th November, 2014


    Prada Amber pour Homme Intense by Prada

    Prada Amber pour Homme Intense opens with a zesty bergamot citrus accord with an array of delicious notes hovering in the background. After about an hour the creamy myrrh takes the centrestage accentuated by a hint of vanilla. This phase lasts for quite a few hours before the show is rounded off by a restrained amber whose sweetness is balanced by an earthy patchouli note. After the initial brisk opening, this fragrance has the trademark Prada soapy vibe, though not as pronounced as Amber pour Homme. This fragrance is slightly sweet- I definitely disagree with another reviewer who calls it ''uber sweet''. Performance is very good with this one- I get at least 7 hours on my skin. This stunningly gorgeous fragrance merits at least a couple of wearings, though it has really grown on me over time. I could see people wearing this in all climates except for summer. More of an evening fragrance, but not hard to imagine someone wearing this at daytime in cooler weather. A modern classic!

    11th November, 2014


    Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

    I really loved the way this smelled on my friend- fresh and green without being too sweet or minty. Projection is average and longevity seemed to be decent- I was with her the whole evening.

    25th March, 2013 (Last Edited: 12th August, 2014)

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