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Aramis Bermuda Tonic by Aramis

A nasty aquatic, very pale, thin, and a ton of watermelon. I am one of those rare people who doesn't like watermelon. This is mixed with an aquatic tone found in bathroom air fresheners called some adjective + wind/beach/breeze/waves.
13th July, 2016

Iris de Nuit by Heeley

The iris note shines through the top of this fragrance. There is a "Pixi Stix" dry powder candy vibe here also. The dry-down is a beautiful Iris mixed with some kind of strange musk and glue.
13th July, 2016

Liquid Night by A Lab on Fire

A citrus, Amber, and sugar fragrance. Amber in the sense that it smells like incense, vanilla, and sharpness. The sugar is underlying and the bergamot shines through constantly. The citrus helps this to be more wearable in warm weather.
13th July, 2016
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Black Afgano by Nasomatto

This is an incredible leather/spice/incense fragrance with killer projection. There is norlimbinol/wood note underneath a meaty/smokey leather. Cinnamon hums in the background. Similar to Cuir by Carner Barcelona but more meaty, smokey, and much better longevity.
13th July, 2016

Aoud Heritage by Montale

Aoud Heritage had such promise. bergamot, orange, oud, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, deer musk, ambergris notes are listed. On opening, I get very little citrus, but a blast of vetiver and white musk. White musk usually smells like fresh soap, and this has that clean scent to it. There is a hint of oud, and patchouli in the background, but they play a supporting role. I wish they were more prominent. This doesn’t smell bad, just a bit linear and green for my tastes. It smells like artificial pine although no pine is listed. Sits closer to the skin than some Montales. Vetiver.
07th July, 2016 (last edited: 08th July, 2016)

Aoud & Pine by Montale

Like other reviewers have said, this is misnamed. There is no pine. Opens with apple and rose. The apple dries, leaving Aoud and Rose, like a lighter Black Aoud. Nice projection and Sillage. A great fragrance...I wonder how they pick names for their fragrances.
07th July, 2016

Aoud Mayyas by Montale

This opens with a bright blast from the citrus and cedar. Fairly linear, with an anamalic oud note dancing in the background. Seems linear, projection not quite up to Montales like Black Aoud or Dark Aoud.
07th July, 2016

Kumkat Wood by Mancera

A rather 'light' fragrance from a powerhouse like Mancera. Opens with bright grapefruit and floral. White Musk and Vetiver. Not for me, but bright and nice mix.
06th July, 2016

Eternity Summer for Men 2016 by Calvin Klein

Barely thumbs up...I love Eternity for Men and own a FB for about 27 years. This is a tamed down Eternity for Men with sea salt. Drys down to Plain Eternity for Men.
06th July, 2016 (last edited: 05th July, 2016)

Eternity Now for Men by Calvin Klein

I love Eternity for Men, and own a FB. This had promise at the opening, It smelled fresh, fruity and nice. But the dry-down is powder and tonka. dull.
05th July, 2016

Bulgari Man in Black by Bulgari

Opens with a great top note combination, I stood at the counter and was impressed. We were looking at many other frags, so I spritzed a card, sniffed it again, and again...When I got home, the card smelled generic. TO be fair it was on a card and not skin...
05th July, 2016

Jimmy Choo Man by Jimmy Choo

Not bad, generic starts off smelling like every other Citrus Fougare with spices added. It does grow on me over time. I like the dry-down more than the opening.
05th July, 2016

Silver Rain by La Prairie

Someone else said it perfectly: Somewhat 'childish' fragrance. Fruity, feminine but not really wearable except to your debutante ball...
05th July, 2016
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Midnight Rain by La Prairie

Could be unisex, I loved the opening, and kept sniffing my hand. I told the SA at Nordstroms that I had to test the longevity. An hour later it smells like vanilla extract. It does smell good, but dry-down is boring vanilla.
05th July, 2016

Oud Fleur by Tom Ford

I got no oud from this. Ok, I love oud and have natural oud oils so I know oud. This seemed from the note pyramid that It may be like Montale Black Aoud. It wasn't. It was some rose and spices, linear and dull. Didn't stand out to me at all.
05th July, 2016

Shanghai Lily by Tom Ford

Generic floral and spices, longevity and projection are below average.
05th July, 2016

Patchouli Absolu by Tom Ford

Patchouli mixed up with dry sawdust. Nice, but the patchouli overwhelms in the beginning, and the sawdust overwhelms at the end. They never really seem to come together. I would wear it but not FB worthy.
05th July, 2016

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

I usually hate vetiver fragrances, but this is a nice spicy, citrus and green grass fragrance. Not FB worthy, but a thumbs up b/c it's a vetiver that I like.
05th July, 2016

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

I love everything about this. It is spicy, leather, wonderful sillage and longevity. Best of the Tom Ford line...EXCEPT ONE THING...La Yuqawam pour Homme Rasasi smells IDENTICAL and costs under $100 while this is in the neighborhood of $200
05th July, 2016

Café Rose by Tom Ford

"Honey, here is a rose scent you might like"
I spritz it on a card and sniff...
"Ummm Rose and spice"
My wife says hold on while she hunts down the coffee beans to sniff..
"Ok...let me sniff"
I give her the card and she inhales.
"Umm..Where did the rose go?"
"Well dear it was there a moment ago."
05th July, 2016

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Flat and lifeless, I don't get oud at all...doesn't last. I get tonka and pepper, and that is it.
05th July, 2016

Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

Opening with Rum and Tobacco, spicy with black pepper. Dries down to a close to the skin scent more gourmand with vanilla and rum notes. A very nice fragrance, but lacks projection after an hour.
05th July, 2016

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

I have to give it a thumbs up just for its staying power. I wouldn't wear it now unless I was really nostalgic. It was spicy, cinnamon, oak moss, a real man's fragrance. Everyone's grandfather and father smelled of this in the 50s-80s. Make fun of it if you want, but it has been around longer than most of us have.
28th June, 2016

Aqua Velva Original Sport by Williams

Got this with 3 others in a gift pack. Shave, splash it on, let it dry, and you smelled like a forest for about half an hour. It did its job, after-shave.
28th June, 2016

Aqua Velva Frost Lime by Williams

Not really lime, chypre and some citrus. Shave, splash half a bottle on your face, let it burn, then drydown to a half-hour of chypre scent.
28th June, 2016

Aqua Velva Ice Blue by Williams

Good for what you used it for...Shave, splash it on your face, it burned like crazy, and disappeared in 15 minutes. This had an icy mint scent.
28th June, 2016

Aqua Velva Musk by Williams

Good frag for what you do with it...splash it all over your face after you shave. Burned, lasted 1/2 hour, then disappeared.
28th June, 2016

La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

This opens with a strong leather like saddles or boots mixed with a cigarette ash/smoke note. There is a slight berry accord in the background. Sprays on with a sheen and dries slightly tacky, and the longevity is incredible. A very high quality fragrance. The box is high quality with copper accents and magnetic closures. I usually am a 2 or 3 spritz person, but as I couldn't smell what I applied, I kept spritzing until I had 6 spritzes. It's sillage/projection is NOT average, though other reviews praise it. It has great longevity, and with 6 spritzes, I smell it on me without lifting my shirt, but it sits very close to the skin on me.
27th June, 2016 (last edited: 29th June, 2016)

Arso by Profumum

The note pyramid looked promising. I like the pine and incense opening, but there seems too much cumin. It's not listed, but there is a warm spice that I believe is cumin. There is NO leather that I can detect. Dry down gives a very dry sawdust note, very linear with a pine note. I don't dislike it, but After wearing it for a full day, there is something irritating about it.
27th June, 2016 (last edited: 28th June, 2016)

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

A bit of a disappointment from the note pyramid and reviews I read. This opens with a blast of very dry powdered artificial orange drink mix from the Petitgrain. Coriander makes an appearance and as it dries down it takes on a vanilla and dry powder vibe that is very close to natural Ambergris. Ambergris is usually used as a fixative- trouble is it's not fixing anything here. Not a scrubber, but something is off-putting for me.
27th June, 2016