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Epic Man by Amouage

Very dry resin and spices

Epic Man is one of the best Amouage fragrances. Very dry, desert winds with resin, the dry oud that smells like sawdust, and something astringent in the background. I own FBs of Interlude Man, which is in my opinion a richer, wider fragrance, but this is FB worthy as well. If Amouage wasn't so darn expensive I'd own this as well.

20th September, 2013

24, Faubourg by Hermès

Amber and floral formal feminine

This reminds me of a more floral Chanel no 5. Amber, Hyacinthe, and gardenia are predominant. Not for jeans and sweatshirts...this is formal.

25th July, 2013

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

powdery musky generic fragrance

I had to look at the note pyramid to describe this. It is generic, with spices and musk with green notes of a generic type blended together. Dry, spicy, but nothing that stands out.

24th July, 2013
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Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Floral spicy but not unisex

I picture Tom Ford putting a floral orchid fragrance together, and at the last minute, he says, We want this unisex! I should dump in some spices to Make this masculine. Oops, what a waste of oils!

24th July, 2013

White Patchouli by Tom Ford

Sharp white flowers and spicey patchouli

The patchouli isn't center stage. White flowers, sharp amber and spices balance out the earthy patchouli. There is a citrus floral sharpness here that I like.

24th July, 2013

No. 5 by Chanel

Poster child of Aldehyde perfumes

If you like aldehydes, this is for you. Despite the one-star negative reviews, this fragrance has been around for nearly 100 years. It is a classic. The aldehyde theme is neither cloying nor floral, but sharp and clean. If you like fruity, floral, or sweet fragrances, stay away. 100 years of satisfied customers can't all be wrong...

24th July, 2013

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

I like it better than most of the other Polo line

This is a gourmand. The SA tried to tell me it was a summer fragrance, but I disagree. There is a tonka/vanilla cookie note that is too cloying for summer. However, on a crisp autumn or spring night, it would be appropriate. I love the vintage polo in the green bottle, but the other flankers are boring. This offering is the best of the flankers.

24th July, 2013

Zegna Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna

A sweet wood scent reminiscent of YSL L'Homme Libre

I confess, this smells just like L'Homme Libre upon opening notes. There is a warm sweetness along with the woody tangy scent. It dries down without the gourmand, but the opening in my opinion is very similar to the YSL.

24th July, 2013

Ubar Woman by Amouage

There is a vintage and a reformulated Ubar this review is for both

Vintage vs New Ubar: REFORMULATED opened with a blast of citrus and amber mixed with "white floral" VINTAGE was mostly Sandalwood and white floral. I got amber and sandalwood slowly creeping in from the current, and honestly, within 15min, they both smelled very similar. They both warmed up with vanilla, which was not overpowered by a slight vetiver green accompaniment. One problem I have with some Amouages is they turn too "powdery" for my nose. These did not. The civit and amber kept things sharp and the Lily of the Valley was balanced by sweetness that came across as honey to my nose, but was probably vanilla bean.

21st July, 2013

Vanille Insensée by Atelier Cologne

Vanilla and a Paperback book....

Ok, it sounds weird, but this hits me as a strong dose of vanilla bean, and a supporting note that smells like a hot dry paperback book. It must be the oak and coriander mix, smells kind of like pepper (not listed as a note). Despite this, there is nothing special about it in my opinion.

20th July, 2013

Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne

Classic, realistic Orange fragrance

There are a lot of notes listed, but it comes down to the smell of ripping into the peel of a juicy orange. The blood orange, bitter orange, and geranium combine to make the experience of eating an orange. I don't smell the other notes- tonka, jasmine, they are hidden in the background.

20th July, 2013

Mistral Patchouli by Atelier Cologne

Patchouli plays a supporting role

This is my favorite Atelier fragrance. It starts with bright citrus -they say star anise but I smell Neroli or bergamot too. The geranium gives a green note, and the patchouli is supporting, in the background. To me, Patchouli and Vetiver only work as supporting notes, and that is how the Patchouli is presented here. Overall a more oriental offering than most of the other Ateliers.

20th July, 2013

Bois Blonds by Atelier Cologne

Neroli and Vetiver

I am beginning to see Atelier's fragrances are centered around citrus- Neroli especially. This opens with Neroli, vetiver, and faint woody notes. It is a light plesant summer fragrance. I haven't worn it long, but suspect longevity may be a problem.

20th July, 2013
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Oolang Infini by Atelier Cologne

Tea and citrus...nice smell disappointing projection

Tea fragrances are so difficult to do. The scents are subtle and fleeting. The Oolang smells wonderful...when I press my nose to my skin. There is a stronger Neroli that smells nice, but like all citrus they are fleeting. A nice fragrance to wear at bedtime or just for a "fragrance snack"

20th July, 2013

Vétiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne

Fruit salad with marshmallows

This smells like a nice fruit salad, with marshmallows sitting in a bowl on a blanket in a mowed yard. It smells nice, but a little too fruity for me.

20th July, 2013

Grand Néroli by Atelier Cologne

Think Penhaligon's longevity and freshness

I think of Penhaligon's House when I smell a scent like this. Bergamot/lemon/orange/neroli are rounded out with oak moss and musk.

Pros: Clean sharp Neroli
Cons: Suffers from fair longevity like most citrus"

20th July, 2013

Ambre 114 by Histoires de Parfums

Definite Gourmand Vanilla and Amber

This is a great combination of rich sweet vanilla/tonka and sharp amber and nutmeg. the soft sweet is balanced perfectly with the sharpness of nutmeg and amber.

19th July, 2013

Lyric Woman by Amouage

Nothing special

It opens up with Cardamom Ylang Ylang, and Pine wood. Sort of sharp, some describe as sour. I don't get much rose, or it is blended in the other notes Incense and sandalwood make a dry-down appearance.

19th July, 2013

Epic Woman by Amouage

Hard to describe

Ok, bear with me...It opens up with pine and dill pickles. I know...neither is listed. Perhaps the caraway seeds and the orris root combine. It isn't bad at all, sharp, fresh, green. It dries down to to more incense and is better behaved after 15min or so.

19th July, 2013

Memoir Woman by Amouage

Fruity and Spicey

This started out with a blast of incense and hard candy. The citrus mixed with other notes to make something I can only describe as PEZ brand candy. After 5min. the candy died down some and warmer Cloves, incense and powder came to the front. I like it overall, definitely a feminine though.

19th July, 2013

Fire Island by Bond No. 9

Suntan lotion and tuberose

Smells wonderful, Suntan lotion on steroids, Great projection, smells just like several brands of sunscreen. my thought is that with $4 for a bottle of coppertone, people won't know the difference.

Pros: Smells like summer at the beach...with some flowers
Cons: A $4 bottle of Coppertone suntan lotion and you won't have to spend $300"

17th July, 2013

West Side by Bond No. 9

Floral gourmand

This Bn9 opens with Amber and vanilla. I would call it a gourmand b/c the vanilla is strong. There is a fruit note, perhaps what I call 'Bond plum'. The rose note is prominent and blends with the vanilla. While not for me, it is one of Bonds better selections.

Pros: Warm, sweet, vanilla rose

17th July, 2013 by Bond No. 9

Finally another Pineapple fragrance

We don't compare every oud fragrance with Montale Black Aoud. We don't compare every Aldehyde with Chanel no. 5. BUT I fear that every fragrance with a Pineapple theme will be compared to Aventus. This fragrance opens with a sharp brisk Bergamot that almost smells like grapefruit. Pineapple then makes a grand entrance. There is a slight melted plastic note that often comes up in some Bn9s, but not much. It is fairly linear, some amber a lot of pineapple. Longevity and projection are typical above average like most Bn9 fragrances. If you judge this by Aventus, you are missing the point. There is no smoke/ash note here. It isn't a 'clone' or 'wanna-be' It stands or falls on its own.

Pros: Nice Pineapple fragrance, better than average longevity
Cons: Will forever be hidden in the Aventus shadow"

17th July, 2013

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua by Fendi

Waste of shelf space

Wow, this is the most forgettable Acqua fragrance I have smelled this month. Starts out with the same old acqua formula everyone else uses...adds some "smarties candies" note, and calls it done.

Pros: Doesn't smell bad
Cons: Smells like every other Acqua fragrance

02nd June, 2013

Tom Ford Noir by Tom Ford

A disappointment

Someone else mentioned that it smells like "baby wipes" I have to laugh b/c it does smell like spicy/slightly sweet/cheap musk wipes. There are fragrances that may smell good on their own...BUT if it reminds you of something mundane like baby wipes, there is no use trying to like it!

02nd June, 2013

Séville à l'Aube by L'Artisan Parfumeur


Very sharp green and Orange Blossom opening...almost vetiver green, Dries down quickly to warm benzoin, beeswax, and orange blossom.  I like it, but it loses its uniqueness

Pros: Very nice Sharp floral top, boring dry-down
Cons: too linear after a few minutes.

19th May, 2013

Black Musk by Montale

Great variation on Black Aoud, not as brash

I am a fan of Montales, having Black Aoud, Dark Aoud, Cuir d'Arabie, Louban, and Red Aoud.  This is a variation on the Black Aoud fragrance, minus the blast of oud, being replaced by a blast of refined Musk.  There is leather also, and I like the analogy that this is a Mafia fragrance.  Not overly "masculine" but more "dangerous"  The only problem I see is that it does not quite last all day like Black/Dark Aoud does..2 or 3 spritzes will give you maybe 6 hrs.

Pros: Incredible complex scent
Cons: Longevity not quite up to Montale standards

19th May, 2013

Jubilation 25 by Amouage

Border between Feminine and Unisex

This is classified as a woman's fragrance, but it falls on the line between woman and unisex.  It is (in my opinion) a  floral chypre with an opining of floral, salt, and a slight odor of sweat.  It dries down to more salt and sweat, with the spicy floral and amber making an appearance.  Oakmoss is barely there in the background.  I couldn't pull this off, but some men could.

Pros: Rich deep complexity
Cons: the salty perspiration note is a bit strong.

19th May, 2013

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

Spicy Incense

This is neither all incense, nor all spice.  There is an orange and clove opening, with some cooking spices Pepper, Cinnamon/nutmeg/clove...Next there is non-cooking incense notes...frankincense, Myrrh, They blend nicely, There is a 'green' sharp note...perhaps the myrrh mixing with something, that is off-putting to me.  Not the best in the Amouage line.

Pros: Nice smell, rich spice and incense
Cons: There is a "green" note that bothers me a bit

19th May, 2013

Artisan by John Varvatos

Orange and slight Orange flower. The top notes are citrus, citrus and ,citrus...with orange citrus thrown in. It definitely has a longevity better than most dept. store fragrances. It is fairly unique... Projection after 3 hrs isn't the best, but the longevity is better than most.
13th May, 2013