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Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

Its a thumbs up for me but i can see why it wouldnt work for someone else.You have to be open minded to like this one. Nice bottle if you care about presentation...
10th June, 2012

Sunrise Men by Franck Olivier

This is a better version of Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce. Its a lot cheaper too! Its powdery for those that like that accord.
10th June, 2012

Kapsule Floriental by Lagerfeld

I bought this about 2years ago. The very second i sprayed this, i went to Dunkin Donuts and was greeted by a random stranger expressing how much he loved this fragrance...Super Underrated fragrance. I have 51 cologne bottles and this one is ranked #2 in my collection.
10th June, 2012
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Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Definitely a cologne that stands alone. Be prepared to smell different than anyone. Good stuff.
10th June, 2012

Odeur 53 by Comme des Garçons

Hey, do you want a free sample of this? Well look no further.The sample is the air you breathe aka it smells like nothing...literally.
10th June, 2012