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Winter Woods by Sonoma Scent Studio

This is nice and does remind me of winter woods.
21st July, 2012

Dirt by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is a nice dirt scent,although I prefer earthworm which is deeper and smells of pure damp soil/earth.
08th July, 2012

Earthworm by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is beautiful,wet earth,very similar to CB wild hunt juts much cheaper.
08th July, 2012
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Little Miss Panda by Smell Bent

This for some reason smells like plastic or tyre. dont mind it,but I guess it's not for everyone.
01st July, 2012

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The initial smell is something similar to animal dung,which doesnt wear off quickly enough, socouldnt really keep it on long enough to smell the other notes.
30th June, 2012