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Magnetism for Men by Escada

Just ok

This is a strange one. I enjoyed smelling it on other people back in the day, and after I started collecting cologne to a extent I picked up a mini. Unfortunately on my skin the beginning of this fragrance is... disgusting. When trying to smell deep into the fragrance to really enjoy it myself there is something that smells like pizza grease covered cardboard. I cant think of any other way to describe it. In small wiffs and from a distance its ok, but any closer and it smells like garbage. Once it starts to dry down its alright, and although I dont get a grape soda per say which seems to be the normal thought on this fragrance, I can see where they are coming from to an extent. To me its almost like a dry piece of plastic with some grape juice on it. Im not sure how else to describe it. Its not bad, but not great either. I assume this fragrance mixing strangely with peoples skin chemistry is why it was discontinued. As I said on others ive smelt it before and its alright. But me, man something doenst mix right. Compliment wise from myself personally its only ok at best, ive had people tell me they like it, and ive had people tell me they though it was gross. It does smell nice from the bottle though. Projection and longevity are always hard to gauge, but in general ive gotten good longevity at least and can definitely still pick up small hints of it 10 hours later at times. Bang for your buck as is, its awful so ill give it a lower rating then it might be at a more reasonable price.

Cons: Bizare opening depending on skin chemistry. "

24th October, 2013

Guess Seductive Homme by Guess

Good albeit boring smell.

I have a hard time over complicating this. Generally I just think of skittles when I smell this as others have said. That being said bang for your buck I think this is fantastic. You can easily pick this up at places like marshalls for 20 bucks no problem. It gets good compliments, and although longevity projection isnt huge by any means it lasts a reasonable amount of time for what your spending. Chances are you dont get a full day out of it, but 6 hours or so is reasonable. Honestly my only compliant would be that I find it boring. There isnt much change, theres that pink pepper at the begining to tingle your nose, but I always think of skittles from beginning to end so I do find myself bored while wearing it despite the compliments sometimes. For other stuff similar to it, one that hasnt been mentioned is curve crush. Surpised no one has mentioned this yet that I see. Both have a pretty similar vibe. For what its worth if you are one of those that care about bottles, the bottle is nice, however it is very cheaply made so beware.

Pros: great value
Cons: boring"

20th October, 2013

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua by Fendi


I wonder if the samples that macys sent out were bad beacuse people saying they get good longevity out of this is mind boggling. I get littearlly 3 hours tops with this. And that is pushing it. Quiet possibly the worst fragrance at this price point for longevity and projection I have ever tried(and multiple times mind you). For the smell it self. I get a lot of alcohol a the begining and a for lack of a better word cheap smell for about anywhere from 5 mins to sometimes 20. Some fresh green sorta notes to it at the begining. But as that fades I actually get a pretty enjoyable candy sorta vibe. That reminds me a lot of guess seductive. Sadly the candy vibe starts to fade and I get more green again and it actually can be kinda sicking to smell to me. While the candy sorta smell is there its nice, but honestly performance wise I feel this is on part with adidas moves or something and I can get that for 10 bucks. Even with the nice candy portion of the fragrance its a skin scent so not much chance of anyone enjoying it. Awful bang for your buck imo.

Cool bottle though I guess if your one of those people that care about that kinda thing.. ill give it a 2 because im sure it lasts better on some people.

Pros: For the hour you can smell the candy its nice
Cons: Possibly worst projection/longevity ive seen at this price point"

08th October, 2013
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