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Red Ginger by Susanne Lang

I've just purchased this after trying a sample but sadly, I think I have made a mistake with this one. I'm still getting that perky fruitiness that dries down to a warm mellowness that I liked so much on the sample...but this perfume really has zero longevity. Within an hour I am left with a faint whisper on the skin if I put my nose right on my wrist. And this is supposed to be an EDP.
I tested it on a day when I had a ton of samples I was impatient to test and I didn't notice how quickly it must have disappeared. Well, my mistake and not a terribly costly one, just pretty disappointing. Needless to say, I wont be buying it again.
24th June, 2012

Sushi Imperiale by Bois 1920

Warm, inviting, slightly boozy, fruity, spicy.....just some of the reasons that as soon as the weather gets colder, out comes my Sushi.
21st June, 2012