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    Epic Man by Amouage

    The clue is in the name, this truly is Epic!!!
    One, if not The best fragrances i have had the pleasure to smell... and i smelt a LOT!!
    I am working my way through a 10ml decant, and when i run out i am getting a 100ml bottle of this straight away. Thinking this could be my signature Autumn/Winter scent. This lasts 24 hours on my skin, and that is with one spray on my arm! I have quite a few longevity monsters in my collection, Thierry Mugler A*men/Pure Malt, JPG Le Male, Gucci Envy + Gucci Pour Homme to name but a few, but none come close to this. This is rich, deep, spicy and woody, an intoxicating masculine scent that is second to none. 10/10 Perfection :)

    07th July, 2012


    Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci

    Tried this today for the first time and not what i was expecting at all. Smells amazing, the longevity isn't the best but i can live with that. Thank god for atomizers.
    This is on my "to buy" list. Epic juice

    23rd June, 2012

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