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Oud Stars : Alexandria by Xerjoff

This is a projection monster!!! With the scent I am reminded of Amouage Epic Man. 3 hours in and still very strong. It fills the entire room with 2 sprays. It also was a blind buy I'm but very happy I did. As previously stated there is al ot going on with this and it is all at the same time. On initial application it was sensory overload, berry, oud, pepper, floral, cinnamon. It doesn't list pink pepper as part of it but that is what I get during it. Much later on it dulls down to a softer incense/vanilla/oud base. This is an 8+ hour scent and on me it was over 12 hours by the time I got home from work.
28th August, 2012 (last edited: 29th October, 2012)