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L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Solid fresh citrusy woody scent, shines in warm weather with great longevity and good projection.

A+ for versatility as this can work anytime since very few people will feel offended by it.
Safe scent for sure, almost too safe - will get confused by some with ADG but it defeats ADG by a landslide imo.

The only better summer/spring scent in my book would be AHS or DHS. But this one is still a classic almost two decades after it was realeased and is here to stay for a while more.

8.5/10 overall - while it smells great and people will like smelling this as it is very much a crowd pleaser in that aspect but it doesnt have any twist to make it unique enough to be a top dog.
24th October, 2012

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

This stuff is amazing. Think of A*men - remove harsh tar opening and add whiskey and some berries. The berries linger throught the fragrance as the malt note too while drying down to the original a*men base with the whikey still there.

Longevity is def much weaker compared to the original which clocked 12-14 every time.
You do get your 8 hours though and might break the 10 hour mark which is mission accomplished imo, original is a huge powerhouse.

It projects moderately, weaker than original but def thumbs up since its not very in your face but def not reserved type scent.

I'm a big fan of T. Mugler line and rate the original really high but this is the rare occurence in perfumery world where the flanker puts up a real fight for crown and here though the battle between the two monsters is really close one has to win and pure malt is the new king in town. Maybe Pure Havane a distant round up in the top 3.

This will work anywhere date/club/casual night out w/e it can work to school though but more college type oriented 20+ crowd. It can work in the summer/spring but watch it on the sprays as this is some potent stuff. I wouldnt wear it to work as that malt note might be a faux pas for some people (aka the dude smelling of alcohol at 9 am...) though after first 2 hours you start getting much more of the original a*men caramel chocolate dry and dark coffee but the whikey still holds on there occupying a decent spot.

Clear 10/10, top5 scents for me - a classic that will go on and on for decades.
24th October, 2012

Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

Disclaimer: reformulated version

Amazing fragrance! Yeah its got iris, yeah it tethers with the feminine side (esp first 1-2 hours) but to hell with that!

This is a masterpiece in my eyes, notes are so well balanced, vanilla, amber and the cocoa...oh the cocoa... such a beautifully well crafted scent.
I'd stay away from wearing it in warm weather as it def can get cloying, especially in humid areas.

Versatility-wise I can see this being worn in both casual/formal, it can work really well in a club too, maybe even work if you cut back on #sprays . Overall it def feels like a night time use fragrance though.

Projection is moderate to high you get pretty good sillage and longevity is amazing 10+ hours almost every time.

As far as age I'd say 20+ provided that you have the personality and confidence to rock this. It takes some ballz to wear this as it def got that "statement maker" quality to it, similar to a*men or NH but it isnt as loud as those.

This is a bottle that I will forever have in my collection.

24th October, 2012
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1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Pretty good fall/winter scent, smells very linear from top to drydown, projection and longevity are a BEAST (10hrs+ while projecting like a monster).

For clubbing/party type settings works really well since it's def the type of scent to invade other people's personal space (in a club this counts as a plus for me :P), also suitable for cold weather imo but other than that I cannot justify wearing this.

It's loud, VERY loud - def cut back on the sprays if u'll be wearing this in hot weather or daytime.

It's a scent that I dont think u should be wearing too much anytime you are supposed to take anything serious basically (school/work - big no nos unless u work at a stripclub of some sort).

Dates/night-outs/going to bars to pick up chicks - def a winner in my book.

Neutral rating coz it's become way too popular around where I live, u can smell it in most clubs around here and also quite a few of the "less mannered dudes" lets call them wear this by overspraying which kinda ruined this scent for me.

Overall if you dont mind having another million people wearing it and dont care that much about uniqueness this can be a very good scent.

01st October, 2012