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    Encre Noire by Lalique

    I got this blind, as many have, due to the reviews. I had Tom Ford's GV and thought that a bit too old man-ish. So I went for Encre Noir blind as there are no local shops that stock this scent and I wanted a smoother vetiver scent.
    To be honest I am disappointed. There is almost zero projection and the scent itself, whilst interesting, has so little presence as to be not worth while applying. I put two good sprays on the back of my hand and I almost need to touch my hand with my nose before I can smell the stuff. This is a shame as the actual scent unusual and, to my nose, most appealing.
    There is a very subdued vetiver that is nowhere near as astringent as GV or Gurlain's interpretation. Woods are in there, too as is a smokiness. Its probably like being in a wood cabin. However the vetiver does add a freshness to Noir that makes this a daytime scent for me.
    That's if anyone can smell it, of course...

    05th July, 2012

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