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Carlos Santana for Men by Carlos Santana

I got very curious about this one after reading the reviews here and decided to blind-buy it online. The composition sounded right up my alley. I got it just today, and I'm disappointed in it. For starters, the bottle is -IMO- very ugly. The cap fits so tight that makes it difficult to remove. The atomizer is one of the worst I've tried. Then, there's the fragrance itself. I can smell that apple/cinammon mix everyone mentions, but I think it's highly synthetic. After 10 minutes, it dries down to a woody semi-sweet VERY CLOSE to the skin fragrance. Kinda nice. Longevity is very poor (2-3 hours tops). However, I find it quite strange that after the first few hours, I have asked some of my friends if they can smell it (really close to me, of course) and they say they do, and that it smells kinda woody, yet I can't smell it at all. Like, literally, I smell NOTHING. I love fragrances with great sillage and this one is definitely NOT one of those. Good thing it was very cheap (14 US$ for a 100ml bottle). I don't see myself reaching for this too often, and I'm definitely not buying it again once I finish this bottle. As a matter of fact, I might end up giving it away.
07th July, 2012

Theorema Uomo by Fendi

Theorema Uomo opens with a crisp herbaceous green note paired with bitter bergamot.The base is well rounded with cedar and vetiver, keeping the scent sharp. It has good sillage, but -at least on my skin- it doesn't last very long. All in all, I think it's a really good fragrance. Too bad it's been discontinued.
04th July, 2012

Zanzibar by Van Cleef & Arpels

I'm a bit confused about this fragrance profile. I own this perfume, and the bottle shown here is not Zanzibar, or at least not the one I have. According to the profile, it is still in production, when it really is discontinued. Someone posted that it was sweet, and it is not, and someone else says it's unisex, and it is clearly a masculine fragrance. It's a spicy frag, with a citrusy/peppery opening that soon becomes a quiet woody/spicy-close-to-the-skin perfume. It's quite a good scent, actually. Sadly, it is very short-lived.
04th July, 2012
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Custo Man by Custo Barcelona

I agree with those who find this similar to JPG, but, c'mon people, this is a fantastic fragrance. It is citrusy/sweet, it has very good sillage (average longevity), and the best part is that is not expensive. I think this is a great alternative for those of us who love sweet fragrances. It opens quite citrusy, but quickly turns into an amazing sweet syrup. Tonka and musk are easily detectable. I think it is a great choice for sweet-lovers.
04th July, 2012

Tomorrow for Him by Avon

I just got this today -blind purchase- and I have say I had never been so pleasantly surprised before. I have always stayed away from Avon fragrances (sorry, I find them "cheap"), but this is SO not Avon!! It is a fantastic syrupy frag, in the line of Blue Sugar by Aquolina, Rochas Man and Legend by Michael Jordan (not that they smell alike, but it's the same style). Sweet as it is, I can smell the amber and the coconut. It does not smell cheap, AT ALL. I wore it today to go to work and my secretary went crazy over it. If you're a fan of sweet perfumes, this is a purchase you will definitely not regret (especially considering what a BARGAIN it is!!). Highly recommendable.
04th July, 2012