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Chloé (new) by Chloé

Granted I am younger in the frag. world and still starting off, but I have always loved Chloe. Probably the most amazing bass to use when wanting to mix Jo Malone fragrances with. Trust me, no one will ever smell like you.

So original, soft, and talk about tailoring to your chemistry. Great duration, and like I said.. even try the lotion and throw a 'Malone of your choice over it. This fragrance makes me feel warm and cozy, perfect for the winter without going SUPER spice, or woodsy.

Even try throwing Marc Jacobs DOT over it or BCBG MAXAZ for a -strawberry- Chloe!
The lighter your fragrance over Chloe's the better.

19th October, 2012
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Bang by Marc Jacobs

Best pepper layering fragrance out there, not to mention it's decent lasting wear! Great by itself or over something else!

Oh Marc, I never thought I would be one to say that I would love to have a Frankincense.. scent. And the first time I tried it on I was back in catholic church with the guy going up and down the isle with that intricately decorated ball and chain. This scent is so edgy and bold, I've layered it with my Thierry Mug. Pure Shot and got a wow out of that one.. that combo was incredibly invigorating.

I don't see it much around in the stores as much, which is very sad. Cause you can kill through a bottle of this stuff easily if you find some pepper-deprived EDT's or colognes. It'll really help give your favorite fragrance a kick in the ass. But.. in a badass way, ya know?
18th October, 2012
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Baiser Volé by Cartier

Green Green Green.
No flower to this stem if you know what I mean.

This is great, super classical, I'm five feet away from the bouquet : )
On a masculine chemistry though, it goes almost tomato vine. But this is no problem, a lot of people have complimented how fresh I smell. So the EDP really liked me, and the EDT is actually thought as.. a flower stem, needing the flower. So why not throw a floral note over it? It worked best with Givenchy's Dahlia Noir and BVLGARI's Jasmine Noir for me.

This is timeless and hope it sticks around, and I highly recommend the body cream.. though a bit pricey.. it's as intimate as your chemistry can get with such a green and fancy fragrance such as this one. I really push trying this one on for sure! Lovely! It's just as radiant and beautiful as their Jewelry.
17th October, 2012
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Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone


No need for resin, or tobacco to spice up your fall fragrances. Pomegranate Noir won it over for me once I tried it on my skin accompanied with that fantastic body cream. The spice really tapers around the fruity accents, but really rolls off woody once the bass notes are around to rock it out for the rest of the trip.

The Pomegranate Noir Chronicle Set (Get it, it's wonderful!) includes 3 outside fragrances that are within the Pom. Noir fragrance itself. Such as, Raspberry (very light and tart) the Casablanca Lilly (classy, with a kick of a seasoned floral) and finally the Guacaia Wood (as if you've plucked a strip of the bark off... ah!) The set allows you to accent the Pom. Noir in many ways, and I have so much fun even using them in my other fragrances.

Unisex is the way to go, after all.. a smell is a smell, and it's best to be told "You smell great! ..what is that?" rather than.. "That Angel smells divine on you." -for all those gourmand lovers.

17th October, 2012
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Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone

I don't mind the shortened duration of this fragrance, the body cream extends the wear by about 3+ hours if you haven't tried. However, with it being lighter it makes an excellent element of breezy-tartness to throw over other fragrances. My Burberry Touch amps up into this organic, smoothly crisp new wear! I find it also lasting a lot longer in accessories (knits) like a scarf or jacket lining. Which also are good spots to put the fragrance to have it's own port that trail into the main fragrance you're wearing.

This is the first time I've wanted to wear a fragrance to accent the cold weather, rather than warm up with a spicier choice. Good job Jo, we need more different and original fragrances out there. And this has made my collection even more diverse, so let's bring out noses down on this one.

Jo's can wear very light, but that's why it's a layering line, you spoil yourself in the fragrance you fancy. This scent brought back very distant moments in the younger days of standing in outside on a pavement listening to the trains.
17th October, 2012