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    Lucky Number 6 for Men by Lucky Brand

    Lucky Number 6 is a nice surprise. I got a bottle of it in a swap here, having never smelled it before, and I enjoy it enough that'll I'll probably seek out a backup at some point.

    Being that there's no picture here on basenotes, I have to assume those saying this smells like Fahrenheit or Grey Flannel are mistakenly filing reviews for a different scent here. This has nothing in common with Fahrenheit or Grey Flannel. It's a sweet, fruity crowd-pleaser type of scent. I also think there's some confusion about this one online. Sometimes it's listed as a Lucky Brand scent. Other times, it's listed as being by Liz Claiborne.

    This is an ultra-safe scent, and that's not a bad thing. Cheep & cheerful. It smells like plum and neroli over amber and spice. Maybe there's some sandalwood in there too. I give it a thumbs up without hesitation.

    05 April, 2014


    De Bachmakov by Different Company

    De Bachmakov is really something special. It begins with shizo. Shizo and bergamot. In the air, it feels so crisp, cool, light and airy, but there's a warm, sweet layer of amber and nutmeg that sits closer to the skin. It's almost as if the shizo obscures them.

    I only have two concerns about De Bachmakov. #1: Is it too polite? Too nice, perhaps? De Bachmakov sure is friendly, maybe even charming, but I wish it were just a bit more flirty. And my second concern is the price. This is a spendy little devil... except that there's nothing devilish in here. There's just a gently overwhelming niceness.

    Bottom line: De Bachmakov is gorgeous.

    17 January, 2014

    rating by Bond No. 9

    Shame on Bond. This is a blatant copy of Aventus.

    HTTP opens with a very bright pineapple that borders on being sharp, but isn't. Bond has used this pineapple before. If you've smelled Riverside Drive, you'll know what I mean. The opening is the only unique thing about HTTP, other than its hideously tacky bottle. HTTP quickly settles into a bright almost-pineapple citrus with an almost dusty (rather than smokey) base. It's a very simple scent that you will very quickly recognize. It is indeed a copy of Aventus. It is a copy created with such crystal clarity in its intention to be nothing more than a copy that I'd struggle to discuss it as anything else.

    [B]HTTP is...[/B] Bondentus!

    I sprayed HTTP twice to the chest and once on my left arm. I also sprayed one light spray of Aventus on my right for comparison. Initially, I wasn't going to compare HTTP to Aventus until I gave it a full wearing by itself, but after about a half hour, it was brutally obvious that this truly is nothing more than an Aventus copy, and the only way to properly judge it would be to compare it to the scent it is a shameless copy of. I didn't want to believe this was a copy, but it unquestionably is. I kept searching for uniqueness but there is none, and I find that to be very surprising given that Bond has such an easily identifiable house smell: loud, flamboyant, perhaps even brash, and unisex in a way that can make men who aren't secure in their masculinity feel uncomfortable. HTTP could have been all of those things. Instead, it is none of them. Sure, HTTP is unisex, but it is unidentifiably unisex rather than flamboyantly unisex. I really believed Bond would use their house smell as a base to put a unique spin on pineapple, and there are so many ways they could have, but they didn't. I'm not getting any of their house smell here. I cannot emphasize that enough. I'm getting an Aventus clone that is a bit hollow and higher pitched by comparison. It might wear better than Aventus on a hot summer day, but otherwise, this is not an improvement on the original, which makes me wonder why they bothered making this in the first place. The QR code on the bottle might as well take you to the Aventus page on Creed's website.

    I don't understand the point of this release. I can think of many ways to take the rich pineapple heart from Aventus and create something amazingly new from it. Take that pineapple and lay it over a bed of amber, not ambergris, and add some spice. That would be really unique and fun to wear. Or, take that pineapple and swirl it in musk with a hint of patchouli... maybe some cinnamon too. Or use it to sweeten up an incense concoction as if to put a new spin on Andy Warhol Silver. There are so many options. That pineapple really is a versatile element that I expect to smell more of in years to come.

    I could understand HTTP as a vanity release if Bond had found a way to improve on Aventus. But I smell no improvement here. In fact, HTTP smells like a lesser copy. It is a less rich Aventus at Aventus prices. Why bother?

    If I worked for Bond no 9, I would be embarrassed by this release. It's good, but it isn't as good as the fragrance it is a blatant copy of. So, I ask again: Why bother?

    Pros: I guess if you hate Creed, you could buy this and still smell like Aventus?
    Cons: It's a blatant ripoff that is as expensive as the real thing."

    12 July, 2013


    Royal Oud by Creed

    Silly Name. Fantastic Fragrance!

    Creed names are silly. Everything is oh so important. Ooh, it's Royal! Oh, please. But if you can get past the ridiculous name and the fact that it doesn't smell like oud... if you can forget about that, you're in for quite a treat.

    Royal Oud is easily my favorite from Creed. To my nose, Aventus has a happy go lucky sort of personality. Royal Oud, on the other hand, is mysterious.

    Royal Oud smells more like something from Amouage than Creed. It's spicy and woody with a sweetness lurking just beneath the surface. The scent has a dark character, part of which I assume comes from the oud, but Royal Oud isn't particularly dark. In fact, I've worn it on a few summer days and it was fine, though I think it'll excel in the winter.

    I'm sure that some will find the opening to be a little harsh. I find it challenging, but I do enjoy it. There's spice, which I love, and woods, which I adore, but there's an almost burnt paper smell that leaves me perplexed. It settles into a charmingly sweet scent that I can't get enough of. It's quickly becoming one of my all time favorites.

    Pros: It's elegant and sexy yet modern.
    Cons: It ain't cheap.

    29 June, 2013


    Zirh Ikon by Zirh

    I made the mistake of buying Ikon in the summer. That's a mistake because Ikon is not a summer scent, which means I got the wrong impression from it.

    I hated it.

    Fast forward to the dead of winter. I pulled it out of storage, gave it a sniff, and whaddayaknow... It's very nice.

    Incense, cinnamon, ginger, some cloves. Wear it on a very cold day.

    At $10 a bottle? It's a steal.

    17 January, 2013


    Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

    Is Molecule 01 my holy grail scent? Maybe! ...but not for reasons one would normally think of.

    THE MOLECULE: We all know that Molecule 01 is nothing more than Iso E Super diluted to EdT strength, which is probably 15% Iso E Super, 85% alcohol. Anyone who says it's 100% Iso E Super is referring to it before being diluted to EdT, similar to how many say Terre D'hermes is 55% Iso E Super. They're referring to it before being diluted, at which point, the final concoction is probably more like 6% Iso E Super.

    THE SMELL: Iso E Super has a slightly sweet, woody sort of smell to it. It's light, yet potent. Three sprays from a small 1.5ml sample leave me with a soft scent that lasts, lasts and lasts some more. The smell comes and goes, but it doesn't seem to totally disappear. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and was really surprised by how strongly I smelled it. Usually though, it's almost a background smell that doesn't demand attention.

    WHY I LOVE IT: I think Molecule 01 smells great, is incredibly versatile, has beastly longevity, and it gets me compliments. But the reason it may be my holy grail scent is that it's amazingly layer-able. Any scent that would smell good with a bit of woods can easily be worn on top of this - especially a scent with a citrus edge to it.

    WHY YOU MIGHT HATE IT: Some people can't smell Iso E Super. It's a large molecule, which means some people's noses can't detect it. Also, it may be too boring for some. And it will definitely be too much of a skin scent for those craving strong projection. If you like scents that demand attention, Molecule 01 isn't for you.

    I've only been wearing a 2ml sample of Molecule 01. I already know it won't work when I'm in the mood for something bold. But it just might be my everyday holy grail.

    13 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 15 November, 2012)


    Love and Luck for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

    Thumbs up, especially if you find it in the bargain bin as I did. On a hot day, it's very nice.

    03 August, 2012


    Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme by Gucci

    Really? No reviews for this one yet? Well, I'll get the ball rolling. I had very low expectations after not liking Guilty at all. Guilty felt like a sugar bomb for teenagers to me. Guilty Intense is darker and less sickeningly sweet. It's a cool weather nighttime scent. In fact, I think I might really enjoy it. It reminds me a bit of John Varvatos (original). A bit. All things considered, it's a big improvement over Guilty.

    17 July, 2012


    Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    Thumbs way up, even though I'm not entirely sure why. This is such a simple scent, and yet it's not. Initially, it smells like church to me. But the more I sniff my wrist - and let me tell you, I haven't been able to stop sniffing my wrist for hours - I sense so much more here. There's a soft sweetness to Gucci Pour Homme (otherwise known as Gph1). I get wood and incense with an underlying sweetness.

    I smell this and I feel comfort. This scent is so bold, and yet, it leaves me feeling comforted. So strange... but I love it.

    16 July, 2012


    Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    I'm torn between a neutral and a thumbs down, but in the end, it's a down. Thumbs up = I'd pay for it. Neutral = I'd wear it if I got it as a gift. Thumbs down = wouldn't buy it and wouldn't wear it even if it was free.

    Gucci By Gucci is one big meh.

    16 July, 2012


    Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

    I'd give Curve a neutral review if it weren't for the fact that I've gotten so many compliments from women on how I smell when I wear it. Best of all, I've never had anyone recognize the scent as being Curve. Do I love Curve? Nope. Do women love Curve on me? Yup. That gets a big thumbs up!

    12 July, 2012

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