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Silver Scent Intense by Jacques Bogart

Starts off soapy. Dries down to a leathery musk with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and lavender. Smells like a fragrance from the 1970s. Projection is strong, longevity is also reasonable (8+ hours). Very easy to overdo this fragrance.

It's not my favourite scent, but it's not bad. I think it's the kind of fragrance where one needs to be rocking hairy chest and a Magnum PI-spec moustache for best effect.
25th December, 2014

Bang by Marc Jacobs

Opens up with a strong blast of pepper, before it settles down to a more general earthy tone ... for about 30 minutes, before it completely disappears.

Longevity is terrible, sillage is non-existent and projection is nothing to write home about ... which is a shame, because - for the first few minutes at least - I quite like the way this smells. Given the comparisons with TDH, I'm thinking that once this bottle of Bang is finished, I should replace it with a bottle of TDH ...

11th November, 2014

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Intense by Issey Miyake

Starts off with a mix of spice (pepper and cardamom) and hints of oak, tobacco and talcum powder. Dries down with more musk and vanilla, but with spicy undertones. After a couple of hours, the spice wears down with the musk/vanilla remaining, with the woodiness returning.

Solid projection, longevity (12+ hours) and sillage, without being overpowering. It’s a mature scent; definitely for men 30+. It smells 'corporate' (for want of a better word), and it also smells like quality. Good for the office, as well as Friday after-work drinks. Could be worn all year round, but probably slightly more suitable for autumn/winter.

Overall, it's a little more complex that I expected. I like it.
29th October, 2014 (last edited: 11th November, 2014)
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Paul Smith Sunshine Edition for Men 2009 by Paul Smith

Opens with a strong synthetic fruit note (more tangerine than grapefruit, I feel), which quickly dissipates and leaves a nice, light grapefruit with strong aquatic undertones, and just a hint of woodiness. Sillage is strong without being overbearing. However, the longevity could be better. The scent almost completely disappears within about 5-6 hours on me - at this point, it's very subtle and stays close to the skin.

This is a real spring/summer cologne, and is inexpensive and inoffensive enough to be used in the office or in a casual setting, but also a little different to the usual suspects. If you like a light aquatic but you don't want to be wearing what every other dude is wearing, then you could do a lot worse than Paul Smith Sunshine Edition. However, you may wish to top yourself up at lunchtime if you want to smell nice all day. Judging by photos of the bottles/boxes for each year's version, what I bought appears to be the 2012 version.
28th October, 2014 (last edited: 11th November, 2014)

Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

NOTE: This review is based on vintage Red For Men.

I still have some original 1990s Red For Men kicking around that gets the occasional run. This stuff is crazy. It opens with a very thick spicy scent, which appears to take an eternity to dry down. When it finally does dry down about 12 hours later, it settles into a rich tapestry of leathers, woods and musks.

Sillage and projection are scary, as is its effect on women ... seriously, Red For Men gets more comments from the ladies than any other scent I own. One spritz of this is all that is required, which explains why I've only just now almost finished my bottle after 18 years. I'm not sure if I'd go to the trouble of tracking down another bottle, it's a very bold fragrance and perhaps a little in-your-face. Think along the lines of a bouncer in a nighclub, only in an expensive Italian suit.
28th November, 2012

Axe Vice / Lynx Vice by Axe / Lynx

This scent is actually not bad! I got it from a relative and didn't want to hurt their feelings by throwing it in the bin, so I gave it a try. The smell is surprisingly pleasant for such a cheap fragrance; there is a strong melon opening, which dries down to a subtle leathery/musk finish. Sillage and projection are both subpar, which is surprising given that most Lynx scents tend to hang around for a while (within about an hour, it's really died down to the point where it is undetectable). Whilst I wouldn't necessarily buy this myself, this is a satisfactory weekend/casual scent. Just be sure to reapply every couple of hours if you want the scent to linger all day.
12th October, 2012 (last edited: 15th October, 2012)

Joop! Go by Joop!

Even though there are only two real notes to this (citrus and woody powder), and both notes are at opposite ends of the scent spectrum, Joop! Go just works. The opening is definitely on the citrusy end of the scale (I would have picked mandarine rather than blood orange, go figure) yet the powdery base also shows up at the open and gradually takes over during the rather pleasant dry-down.

Sillage and projection are nowhere nearly as savage as Joop! Homme, but it's still one of the fragrances that is easy to overdo.

Overall, it's a very versatile fragrance that works well across a whole bunch of occasions, outfits and seasons. Possibly best as a spring/autumn fragrance, as the juxtaposition of the wintery wood with the summery citrus reflects the change of season nicely.

Another Joop! scent where it is so wrong but so right at the same time. I like the one a lot.
07th October, 2012

Axe Africa / Lynx Africa by Axe / Lynx

A harsh synthetic-smelling scent. I can pick notes of vanilla and musk, but they are not done in a nice way. Sillage and projection are average. Possibly a good entry-level cologne for a teenage male, but seriously uncool for grown-ups. Expect hipsters to start wearing this scent in the near future.
13th September, 2012

Cool Water by Davidoff

Possibly the most overrated male cologne of all time. It's not bad, but there's no compelling reason as to its popularity.

It opens up with an aquatic feel, with a hint of salt, pepper and lemon. It then settles down into what can only be described as lemon washing powder. Sillage is OK for about 2 hours, then it really dies down. Longevity is not Cool Water's strong point.

It's best described as an inoffensive Spring-Summer scent. It's not a bad scent, but it's really not that great. If someone bought me Cool Water as a gift I'd wear it, but I wouldn't spend my own money on it.
03rd September, 2012

Brit for Men by Burberry

Opens up with a gingery musky scent, and then dries down to a woody, powdery scent. It's not terribly complex; best describled as "inoffensive". A perfectly fine winter scent for the office.

Sillage and projection (on me, at least) is average, as is longevity.

There are more interesting winter scents out there, but if you get it as a gift or pick it up for cheap, then it's probably not a bad thing to have in the dresser as an everyday scent.

I want to give this half a thumb up - it's slightly better than neutral but not good enough for a thumbs up.
29th August, 2012

Adidas Game Spirit by Adidas

Smells about what it costs. Cheap, one dimensional musk that settles down to some sort of non-descript cleaning chemical. I'm only wearing it as I got it as a gift from a well meaning yet olfactorarily challenged relative. Sillage is brutal, and it overstays its welcome.

If you're 14 years old or you just pooped your pants and you need to cover the poop smell, then this might be acceptable. I'm sending this bottle off to a thrift shop.
25th August, 2012

The One Sport by Dolce & Gabbana

I was given a sample vial of The One Sport at a department store. There is no way I'd pay money for this.

When it first goes on, it seems to stuggle with whether it wants to be an aquatic or not. It's slightly heavier than many aquatics, but it's also quite bland. There's a generic musky opening with a hint of non-descript citrus. It dries down into the olfactory equivalent of Muzak. Sillage and projection are average. It well and truly outstays its welcome; it lasts all day on me.

There are varieties of Axe/Lynx that smell better.
21st August, 2012 (last edited: 25th August, 2012)

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

A very nice, fresh fragrance. Opens up with a generic citrusy note but eventually dries down into grapefruit territory. Silliage is quite gentle. Reasonable longevity. Not offensive, although possibly works a little better as a weekend/casual fragrance than as an office scent.

Last summer, my go-to scent was Versace Pour Homme. I think next summer, I'll put some Man Eau Fraiche into the rotation for a bit of variety.
19th August, 2012
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Joop! Homme by Joop!

Joop! Homme is insane, which probably explains why it's such a likeable. It's very much an 80s style Power Scent, but with a very fruity twist. It starts off with a very rich berry, and then settles down into a thick and oily patchouli/cinnamon/vanilla, still with a few berries holding on there. Sillage and longevity are both absolutely freakish. I can still smell Joop! Homme on me 24 hours later.

It's one of those fragrances that is easy to overdo. A 4.2oz bottle should last the average man several lifetimes. I also find it's one of those fragrances that I tend to wear with certain clothes. It's not so much seasonal as a certain colour. For example, if I'm wearing a pink or a purple shirt, sweater or tie, Joop! Homme seems to go well. Whereas if my wardrobe is heavily brown, green or orange influenced, then it's just completely the wrong fragrance.

Every man should try Joop! Homme at least once. You'll either love it or hate it, as will the ladies.
09th July, 2012 (last edited: 28th October, 2014)

Heir by Paris Hilton

Disclaimer: I received this as a gift. I wouldn't pay for any Paris Hilton branded products with my own money!

This is a pretty average, middle of the road scent. It actually smells a little soapy, and does not seem to be terribly complex. Sillage and longevity are not great, but then again it's not like it's a wonderful fragrance so I can live with that. A close female friend of mine told me it smells 'generic'. When I've worn it, nobody has asked me what it is ... thank goodness!

I wouldn't buy this myself, even if it had a slightly less obnoxious brand name.
09th July, 2012