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Halloween Water Lily by J del Pozo

I only give it neutral because I just purchased it. This fragrance is light, which in humid Texas summer means that you won't choke on the fumes, nor will those around you. How it will hold up to cooler temps is still up in the air for me. Hopefully by then though I will have discovered something else to take its place.
29th July, 2012

L'Eau de Circé 05 by Parfumerie Generale

Was hesitant at first, but as it warmed to my skin, I couldn't stop sniffing. Now I feel more comfortable with it, and am on the lookout for a good price.
23rd July, 2012

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

Nice, but just doesn't seem to fit my persona very well. When I'm feeling Iris, I have my Hermes Hiris that feels far more comfortable.
14th July, 2012
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