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    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    This fragrance is an absolute god amongst men. It's something you really look forward to getting to wear because its such a unique scent and i grab it off my shelf and just smell the cap. Outstanding fragrance.

    It starts off with this heavy minty chocolate, that likens itself perfectly to a freshly baked mint chocolate chip cookie. You may not have tried it but you sure know what mint chocolate smells like. Then it changes into a much more manageable cocoa butter and coffee and subtle mint.

    There is nothing light about this fragrance, this is a heavy, projecting, longevity king. Say if i was wearing 6 sprays of Bvlgari Black, a fragrance many know, 3 on the neck, one on the chest and each wrist. If i sprayed one spray of this on my hand, it would be all i smell, for a lot longer than Bvlgari too.

    I love it, some people dont like the beginning but like the drydown. I think it's all beautiful and a definite try, probably not something to blind buy because it is so unique, but definitely something you have to try because i find it so magnificent.

    19th July, 2012


    Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

    I am pleased with this fragrance. On initial spray you get the heavy citrus, orange vibe, which transfers into a more lemony style as the smell forms with your skin (my skin atleast) Then begins the black pepper, the ginger and a hoard of other small hints. This really is a fragrance with many levels.

    The projection is not one like Amen, but its a subtle, classy, close fragrance that could be smelt with a hug, but not a handshake.

    Longevity is OK, i seem to get about 6 hours before it goes but have been complemented at around 5 hours so it must still linger well.

    I'd say a definite try. If you have a relatively deep pocket a definite buy for your collection.

    17th July, 2012

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