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Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

I love it. I get a nice cinnamon scent with this. It actually smells like I though it would smell. For me this lasts a long time. I sprayed myself and the next morning I still smelled it on my shirt. I only wore this one a handful of times and each time I got complimented on it. I like this one for nightime. I havent really tested out the projection but I was sitting at bar and bartender asked who smells so good and she had to be 4 feet away from me and that was about after 2 hours of wearing it. So for me one of my if not my favorite release this year. If you like sweet smelling scents you will like this and I recomend checking it out.
06th September, 2012

FCUK Friction Him by French Connection

Well wasnt expecting much from this however got a gift set for like 20$ so went with the purchase. It is basicly a citrus scent nothing new or spectacular here. I dont think it smells great or bad just in the middle. Nothing to get you noticed but nobody is gonna say you smell bad either. It does not last very long only 3-4 hours on my skin I put it on 5 hours ago and can not even smell a trace right now. Smells like another fragrence just cant seem to put my finger on it.
06th September, 2012

Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels

This is a true masterpiece one of my favorites. I only sampled and own the EDP version. The bottle is one of the best bottles I have seen and looks great displayed. The scent lasts very long for me. I actually sprayed it on and the next day put on a bracelet that I had on and it overpowered the scent I just put on. The scent is best for nights out and date nights. I have worn for both and have received many compliments from strangers and friends. Its a sweet smell. I would recomend if looking for a fine night scent.
28th August, 2012
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Joop! Homme by Joop!

well have not smelled this one since I was probably in 9th grade when everone wore it and it made me want to puke. However being priced low and wanting to go back in time I picked up a bottle. Well I wanted to hate it but I couldnt I really enjoy its sweetness and Its projection and the length of time it lasts, I dont know of another fragrence that can come close. This one is either a love it or hate it scent. Everyone who i know or comments on it either says it smells good or they hate it there is no in between with this one. One good point about this is that nobody really wears this scent much anymore so it is almost new again.Im not gonna go over the notes cause its been done in other reviews.
28th August, 2012