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Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Oh goodness gracious. Such a deep, sweet wood, any better would be illegal. The dry down is what made it worth it. I was sniffing my wrist every five minutes. The woody scent doesn't come until after it has been applied, but it is such a respectable fragrance, I think it should be a staple for any wardrobe.
17th October, 2012

CH Men by Carolina Herrera

I thoroughly enjoyed this fragrance. I don't see how one could not like it. A perfect mix of all the good things a man could want, with a slightly sweet overtone. My girlfriend loved it.
28th August, 2012

L'Art et la Matière : Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain

Oh by the moons of Jupiter, I have found you, Spirituese Double Vanille.

You open up sweet, dry down with a hint of lovely tobacco. This is excellent. I prefer you more than Tonka Imperiale for your naturalness and loveliness. I received a sample from the Guerlain boutique, and I will be purchasing this tomorrow. $250 bottle is worth it, IMO.

21st August, 2012
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H.M. by Hanae Mori

Great fragrance! Opens up with a sweet lemon note that is to be respected. Almost as if you sprinkled a pinch of sugar on a fresh lemon wedge. Drys down with a deeper, clean smell. Doesn't get much better than this for the price :).
14th August, 2012

D&G L'Amoureux 6 by Dolce & Gabbana

I enjoyed this fragrance. I don't understand some of these ratings, or how these results were founded. I feel the longevity on this scent was quite good. I purchased a large bottle immediately after sampling. I felt it had a good balance, however, silage was at a minimum. My brother in law loved it, and I gave him the remaining of my bottle. Since, I was able to find this scent for fairly cheap online.
12th August, 2012

Big Pony 4 by Ralph Lauren

The only of these 4 fragrances that I enjoyed was the orange one, with "4" on it. To me, it was the only one that stood out, and was accompanied by a sweet grapefruit tone to it. It had the classic Polo spice, as all Polo fragrances do. It's definitely a casual scent, however, I throw it on before I go golfing usually.
12th August, 2012

L'Eau par Kenzo by Kenzo

Solid fresh summer scent. Call me silly, but I wear this to the gym. Strong lemon/citrus opening. Hardly any sillage, but for this scent, it doesn't seem to take away from how great it smells.
10th August, 2012

Republic of Men by Banana Republic

I enjoyed this fragrance, as well did my girlfriend. I sampled nearly all the BR scents available, and this is the only one I would consider bringing home. A mature, masculine scent. Seems suitable more for formal wear and cold weather. Price tag is fairly cheap $45 for 1.7oz (50ml). It can be found in 1oz (30ml) bottles for a reasonable price as well. It's not a staple, but a decent addition to any collection.
09th August, 2012