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Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

Money is importent.Donot spend it on unworthy things like this.If you use this always carry the bottle along as it stays for only half an hour.Very mass market product.I must say, all boss perfumes are overhyped for no reason and are industrial garbage.
14th May, 2013

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I was always confused about this perfume.I can not actually say,if i like it or not.Very sweet.The never ending perfume.But can cause anger among people close to you because of the initial blast projection of tar.It grows so well after 8-10 hrs and becomes a truely gourmand.Somewhat ,I respect this but can not put the best comments because of the dirty first impression.Buy at your own risk.But a must have,because I smell it in my old cloths even after 1o days.Can be used by confident female enthusiasts as well.Not at all for humid climate like India.
14th May, 2013

Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

If I know something which can be called a barbershop experience,this is the product ,you should try.Good,stays long but not a bang for the buck.Rather try way cheap Old Spice,almost same.Seems it may also create skin problems,as it aways gives a burning sansation to my skin,whenever I apply.Try before you actually buy .
14th May, 2013
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Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

The Greatest perfumes i have ever used.People might say ,it is for the mature people.I must say,it is true.Surely for a hardheaded real man,not for scool going jerks.This one truly lasts very long and so much alluring from begining to end.
14th May, 2013

Ferrari Uomo by Ferrari

This perfume is sexy but Alberto Morillas ,you could have made it little more projecting and long lasting,rest everything is wounderful.No doubt..
10th December, 2012

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

I have used a lot of perfumes ,all top notch.This is something I really love to wear anywhere because you know that you are noticed.Bubblegums,candies etc .are the main notes.Drydown is like a leather jacket.This is complimented.A lot of people might say it's quite ladies but seriously speaking its awesome.You get 1 million compliments.Love this one.Got a lot of them and the compliments continue......................................
10th December, 2012

Chrome by Azzaro

I really enjoy wearing Chrome,specially in a humid climate.People say its synthetic,glass cleaner types but I feel its so pleasent and cool.Any average looking guy also can make a very big impression with this.First of all it is very clean smelling,leaves a great impression behind among rest of all.Best to wear in a sunny day.Sadly this masterpiece can not project well in cool climate or in cold office.Chrome does not offend anyboby rather it grabs you compliments often.One problem may be,its being used by a lot of guys and known all over.Guys ,give it a try,even if some people will not prefer but its a must have in your collection.You will obviously smell so fresh.The longivity is average.
03rd September, 2012

Chrome Legend by Azzaro

Now,i think a lot of people like this one ,no comments but do you guys relly think this one is a proper next gen of the original chrome???Ithink no!!This one is powerful ,lasts long ,projects really well but the problem is no one really cares about what you are wearing.This perfume is nice but once dried out is smells like cheap Rexona deodrent.The original Chrome may last so long but much more plesent than this one.I got this after i saw the reviews in Basenopte but was not a plesent experience after all.This one is not going to disturb anyone obviously lke Joop homme but not going to get you great attention as well.Can be tried but not a ground breaking smell that you will fall in love with.If you collect perfumes buy this but if you really care about your money ,think twice before buying .This is not ground breaking.The apple note is used too much.I dont stop you guys but just a personal view.
03rd September, 2012

Joop! Homme by Joop!

This perfume is very much confusing for me.I cant really explain the notes.Sometimes its somewhat nasty and sometimes mind blowing.I m wearin this for sometime now.Sometimes i like it but it is awful quite a few times.I get smell like cherry blast ,nasty socks,overly used musk etc.Proberbly i like it sometimes because its loud and everybody turns head but not sure ,is it because its too much unpleasent sometimes.Reviewers say its a classic but in present times you get a lot of same smelling cheap mask but good thing is the longivity.It lasts long ,very long.The opening of the perfume is so crazy that some people around may not recognise it as a perfume ,but they might think ,its some kind of chemical.Drydown is pleasent but a little lady like smell.It can be kept in the collection as its a classic but cant really used as signature scent. This is truely outdated ,u can buy lot more better things out of your bucks.
26th August, 2012

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Lot of people has got their own views about JPG LE MALE but it's one of the best perfumes ever created.I feel ,it's ignored by by a lot reviewers because it's used by a hell lot of people and its very common.Otherwise this perfume is a great creation ,no one can deny the fact.It's a mint and vanilla bomb.I dont really know any other perfume which has got such a day long staying power.Its truely a monster.People might talk about A*Man,Joop and lot of other things but these all do not posses the same quality notes.I use it in the morning and it keeps on going strong till evening.As far as the projection concerned ,no other can beat this.Belive it or not.Guys ,if you want to find out mistakes ,you can find it out anywhere,even in the most greatest things in the world.
31st July, 2012