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    Black Aoud by Montale

    I so wanted to love this fragrance and couldn't wait to get my hands on some. I'd read all the reviews and knew what to expect - the initial medicinal/band-aid blast - check (it lasted about 5 minutes) then came the synthetic rose fast on its heels (it actually smells like some very, very cheap toilet cleaner). After roughly one hour this rose fragrance died away and i was left with - well i don't exactly know what it was - it didn't smell bad, it didn't smell good it was just there - but very, very subtle. I'd read about the monster sillage and projection, i'd had two good squirts - but nothing after two hours the smell had completely disappeared.

    Not to to deterred, the next day before work I gave myself 3 blasts - started the same - band-aid, rose for one hour then fade. Next - nothing, nobody commented, said they could smell anything - eventually two hours after applying it, I asked a few of my co-workers if they could smell anything - a few said they could vaguely smell something very subtle and some said they could smell nothing.

    Whats going on?! I so wanted to love this, but unfortunately I can't - It's expensive and for the result's im getting, i might as well have bought some cheap air freshener - it might have lasted longer

    28 July, 2012

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