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Ore by Slumberhouse

I almost never review a fragrance, especially after only one wearing. But, this time around, I couldn't help myself.

Let me first say that if you are lucky enough to own this scent, I envy you. The cacao is so unique, so stunningly rough around the edges yet smooth in the heart that it leaves me wanting to sniff it over and over and over again. My nose is practically glued to my shirt right now.

After the initial blast of cacao, you get an almost roasted coffee kind of feeling, but without much of the coffee notes. I think that is just the cacao note opening up a bit, but once it does, you get some woods in the background that sort of play second fiddle to the slightly sweet chocolate. When I say slightly sweet, I do mean it. This is not DHI, nor is it a true gourmand in the sense of sweetness.

This is such an original fragrance from one of the nicest men on the face of this Earth. 10/10 for sure. This ranks right up there with Sova as my favorites of the line.
17th February, 2013