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Encre Noire by Lalique

Loving this one! Smells like an unsweetened version of Le Labo Ylang 49.
29th October, 2015

Bang by Marc Jacobs

On my skin the opening blast of the pepper smells like cat piss and vitamins. Luckily it is rather brief and when it fades and the woods make an appearance I do kind of like it. I get the incense vibe and to me it smells kind of like dirt in a good way. Unfortunately, it doesn't project well and Bang is entirely gone in about 2-3 hours hence the name I suppose.

I bought the 50ml for $16, so I am not going to spend too much time complaining about Bang. If I paid retail I would be much more unhappy with this frag. If you are looking for a brief masculine/sensual scent this might be a nice change of pace.

I'm thinking because it is called Bang and the 2-3 hour longevity perhaps it was intended as a bedtime scent. Bang would also work for a trip to the gym.
23rd June, 2014 (last edited: 26th June, 2014)

Guess Seductive Homme by Guess

Fruity blah that lasted all of 90 minutes.
19th November, 2013
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Mr Blass by Bill Blass

Total old man frag. It smells like one of my uncles houses I used to visit as a kid. He was a chain smoker. If you want to smell like chain smoking old man wearing a powerhouse cologne this ones for you!
19th November, 2013

Usher for Men by Usher

Smells like window cleaner and cat piss - simply horrible.
28th August, 2012

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

The strawberry/fruity opening did not appeal to me and from there nothing really special. 1 million is a much better choice.
20th August, 2012

Evolution by Rocawear

Evolution smelled great on paper for a fragrance I would like - boozy, spicy, woods. On paper I got the Varvatos and the Le Male reference. However, on my skin it turned out to be another scent entirely and those comparisons evaporated. Evolution is not on the Varvatos level. The opening smelled like a sour punch because the boozy rum I got on paper smelled like gasoline on my skin. When the opening died and the incense and amber came in I began to get the Le Male vanilla note because somehow all of those other notes smell like vanilla. In the background I could still smell the sour punch/gasoline though. What a bummer for something I really liked on paper.
20th August, 2012

Burberry Sport for Men by Burberry

Smells good, however projection/longevity is so weak nobody, including you, will know.
13th August, 2012

The Dreamer by Versace

Just boring, blah, even if you get it at the discount store I'm not sure anyone would wear this one much. The florals and bit of citrus remind me of a room deodorizer spray. I didn't get the tobacco at all. On my skin it stayed with the floral/lemon scent.
11th August, 2012

Deauville pour Homme by Michel Germain

Sharp and Nasty. The dry down wasn't quite as offensive, however I am puzzled why these notes that I usually enjoy turned out so yuk in this one...?
04th August, 2012

Tattoo pour Homme by Michel Germain

Excellent blind buy at the discount store for $10. People have compared it to a low ball Pure Malt. Haven't smelled that one, but this one is really nice.
02nd August, 2012

Power by 50 Cent

Found the 3.4 bottle at the discount store for 12.99 and gave it a try. Good purchase for the $. People have compared it to Paco Rabanne Black XS, but haven't tried that one. I can say, IMO, it smells like a tame version of Tommy Bahama Very Cool. Probably from the lemon I get that and the woods.

For the price it' a good buy, but after wearing for a few days I only get about 3 hours on this one, which is a bummer.
31st July, 2012 (last edited: 01st August, 2012)

Very Cool for Men by Tommy Bahama

I really enjoyed this one and unlike many others I actually like it better than Set Sail St. Barts. Very Cool is a fun, beachy, boozy scent that has a real crisp edge with the lemon note that is pretty prominent. I've seen the 3.4 as low as $15. Can't go wrong at that price for a casual summer scent.
31st July, 2012
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cK One Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

Found the BIG bottle 6.7 at the discount store for 29.99 and gave it a try. I like it. The cherry note people describe wasn't super sugary for me. IMO it blends really well with the darker notes. It was also surprisingly subtle.
31st July, 2012