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Royal Leather by Charriol

Charriol Royal Leather smells closer to Clive Christian than to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and Montale Aoud Leather. Tuscan leather rapsbery is weird, gritty when Royal Leather is airy and buttery (both is in the opening)

The dark leather do share similarities, but it's like calling all Bulgarian Rose smells alike - isn't it?

Overall verdict for this Royal Leather is : Like watching Barney Stinson get married and you can't tell if you like it, or actually disappointed by it. It leaves me in a limbo

is Royal Leather deserve the title of being the best breed of Dark Leather, being a clone of Tuscan Leather? No. it is not, it's rather stingy saffron combined with iris gives airy feelings that doesn't really get along with the dark leather. It's like trying to make it smooth but ended up losing its edges as well. Like Gileshowe said, is it smells de luxe, or average joe?

Projection : Very Good (but makes me anosmic in 20 minutes, like most Charriol)

Longevity : 8 hours++ as I said, I'm anosmic and I rely on partial whiff I keep getting into

29th November, 2014

Charriol Homme Sport by Charriol

Homme Sport is the lower tier of Charriol fragrance, being affordable and easily obtainable (even if compared with Homme), the blue flacon somewhat reflects the versatility of this fragrance, think about Libre and Bleu rival.

This is not sporty like toned down version of the Homme, at fact Sport is a different breed altogether, its spicy woody with orange sweetness from the very beginning which is casual but still shows some formal attitude. The incense is noticeable but overshadowed by the cedar and spicyness

One of the most crisp and clear fragrance that I've ever tried, longevity is good - the projection is moderate to high. People pleaser too, always get compliment when wearing this, Charriol makes a change with the definition of Sport, from ping pong into street racing

If your definiton of Sport is boring aquatic, go somewhere else - now this is my kind of Sport, the interesting and daring SPORT!
29th November, 2014

Royal White by Charriol

Royal White is soothing and comfy, with moderate projection it's not trying to be a presence-maker in any way - stays long in clothes and 6 hours in skin.

Royal White offers a comfortable experience while wearing fragrance, the oud here is clean without being medicinal and with strong presence of vetiver and violet. A fragrance for someone who's secure with no need for something screaming loudly "I WORE FRAGRANCE".

There's a radiant warm notes here, I couldn't pick it - was it the oud? it's menthol like and further enhance the persona of Royal White. Should Great Gatsby still alive, he would wear Royal White to accompany his smile! a good fragrance for well-groomed and well behaved modern gentleman

The overall rating of mine : worth to buy if you're into smooth fragrance, but if you think its oud like M7 or Montale, no. it is soft oud like Lalique Hommage and MFK Oud
28th January, 2014
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Sculpture Homme by Nikos

thanks to nikosculpture who makes me very curious to try this Nikos Sculpture, and I'm surprised in a good way.

a fragrance that opened with citrusy (but also something that I can't really figure out, almost soapy? - it might be the neroli) and quickly settles down into a sweet creamy florals after half-an-hour or so - accompanied with noticeable benzoin and vanilla. I can detect the rose quite clearly, and they do it nicely, it didn't turn sour like most roses on my skin. Its easily likeable fragrance but, in my opinion its not a safe fragrance, its leaning too much into soft citrusy-floral especially in the earlier stages of wearing and should the wearer dislike citrus-floral, they might find it offensive (like I do)

This do share some similarities with Dunhill Desire Blue, but when Desire Blue have tea-like characteristics, Nikos offers creamy-lime squash. A must try for summer-oriented fragrances aficionados
27th December, 2013

Cannabis Flower by Demeter Fragrance Library

Like most people who see 'Cannabis Flower' I deeply interested to try from the namesake alone - a Dutchman who never try Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis flower is rather simple -yes, linear- green herbal fragrance with bitter-sweet quality. it have certain dry-like characteristics which smells like dried flowers and it could be pretty annoying if you keep smelling it. Its quite unique on its own right if you're into dry-herbal fragrance. However, the longevity and projection is really short and vanished into the thin air far too quickly.

Overall impression : average fragrance with linear notes, its rather boring fragrance with short projection and longevity.

A friend said that she really like Cannabis Flower, so I think it would be really depended on taste. Personally I found the notes to be rather annoying especially in the very first few minutes
27th December, 2013

Eros by Versace

I didn't expect much when I blind bought Eros

a pleasant surprise - the bottle and packaging is a stunner; but the scent is even more intriguing. Granted it's not something that you would say 'masterpiece' or something similar - but it do smelt good. Eros is a good blend of vanilla and tonka with addition of mint; it would remind you of any sweet scent because it IS sweet, but doesn't mean that any scent smelt like 1 Million.

Eros smelt odd even for sweet fragrance; initially I felt disturbed by Eros scent but lately I found that Eros have moderate to good projection (which mean less offensive for most people) and great longevity (it stays in skin for 8 hours - a record for me!) definitely better than Versace Pour Homme

All in all; a good fragrance if you want something for close-counter fragrance in club, it smelt nice and draws compliment especially in the drydown
27th December, 2013

Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic by Lancôme

Lancôme Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic is another very nice creation of Kurkdjian and one among few wonderful angels of Lancôme pour Hommes.

Old Lancôme pour Hommes - they're not overdone in complexity, the longevity is good and projection is nice, moderate to good with an intriguing scent to match, unfortunately most of them are riddled by lack of sales that eventually led to the discontinuation.

Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic is no exception, green and clean with wet-grass like characteristics. Nice fragrance that presenting a slight herbacious notes in the opening together with fresh citric orange. Like vegetables stall, as flannelman have pointed before, but worry not for it will subdued into more vetiver and woody to be introduced to give more depths and overall touch and character. I definitely prefer this over Mugler Cologne.

Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic is among Lancôme Angels, the cleanest and most innocent of all, however it might be advisable that you get a bottle immediately if you like it
27th December, 2013

Davidoff by Davidoff

This fragrance hit me with such an impact that quickly becoming my favourite - The fastest from all that I had tried for since the first sniff I simply amazed.

Utter masculinity from the beginning to the end, blending quality is superb, ingredients also top-notch. lime in the opening is a bit sharp and could be off-putting, but it would quickly subdued into sweeter scent - I notice Rosy quality - and definitely leather here, all playing with harmony to compose one of the finest for men fragrance ever made; I have Zino and it's not this good, they're truly different (Yes, pre-reformulated with italic DAVIDOFF) Zino is more of well-behaved men in his flannel jacket when Davidoff is a cunning oligarch - unforgivingly masculine, even when the coconut giving creamy accent to the drydown (creamy leather with sweetness of Rose; wonderful)

The projection is simply moderate but accompanied with a good longevity just gives the better image about how this scent is meant to be - not for desperate calls for attention with monstrous projection but able to show its presence clearly and respectably. Those who said this smelled like Old-Money and Capitalist hit the spot, Davidoff evoke the image of power and wealth in a manly way.

When you found this one, quickly grab them. They're increasingly rare and hard to find
27th December, 2013

Blue Jeans by Versace

Good Economical Fragrance

a weird scent, I must admit. open by a zest of something that reminds me of some liquor I ever had in tropical islands. I dont remember which one, but definitely the zest of freshness of citrus that quite intoxicating. thats the best part of blue jeans in my opinion. I've get pretty much fragrance. this one is synthetic but smells really nice. the bottle is awkward, but the juice is just great! after the mesmerizing opening, it'll transform into a sweet floral that quite nice (still shadowed by citrus) until slowly fades away and replaced by fresh vanilla (sweet, but not overtly sweet). personally I using it only when I'm at home, I really enjoy how this economically priced fragrance transform itself

Pros: Price
Cons: A bit offensive for some"

20th October, 2013

Shalimar by Guerlain


to be honest, I buy Shalimar only for the gorgeous bottle at first. I dont sniff it, just get this pretty flacon. how bad Guerlain could be?

real badass. the opening is not my favourite part (at fact, the least. its rather offensive), but the rest, especially the dry down is something to die for. the vanilla and incense is really prominent (but the seller said, "its woody spicy". never trust a seller women. especially when they already tried to sell a BOSS Bottled) usually I detest vetiver, but on this one its controlled beautifully, ended with strong Vanilla that just perfect. it have strong projection and stays for really long time. the bad side is, like most Guerlain is on the banal opening. if you survived the first minutes, a very beautiful scent awaits you

Pros: projection, longevity
Cons: opening"

20th October, 2013

Eau de Cartier by Cartier

an simple scent

The old men who sell this stuff ask me what did I want? "something for daily routine. not offensive and would be able to perform anyday of the week, any season". he smiled and pull a big 200ml bottle of his Eau de Cartier. the solid looking bottle amazes me on the quality of how Cartier treat their bottles. - but the name 'Eau' turn me off. I imagine an ultralight fragrance that would banished entirely from my skin within 30 minutes.

one spray to the hand. open with spiced-citrus. nothing too special. skip. I try many other fragrance, get myself Declaration and Laliques, upon the time to pay, I notice something floral soapy... it comes from my hand that was sprayed by Eau de Cartier. to my amazement, I sniffed upon it once again, it so simple but beauty. not offensive in anyway, comforting and very versatile. I get that 200ml bottle

now this fragrance became my office scent, probably going to replace Versace Pour Homme place for the rest of my life. simple, unoffensive, office-appropriate, last a (really) long time with close to the skin sillage. but hey, do I need to use monstrous beast everyday? no! sometimes I want it comforting me, and Eau de Cartier did just that. perfect office fragrance

Eau de Cartier, simple name. simple scent. perfectly done

Pros: Perfect for Office
Cons: Lack of Depth, Lack of Projection, Boring"

20th October, 2013

Royal Oud by Creed

Not what I expected; in a good way

Something entirely new for me, there's nothing that quite resemble Royal Oud - not even another oud fragrance, its an entirely different fragrance that nothing comes close; it's odd and unique - reminds me when I first encounter Green Valley - one of a kind. Eventhough I don't like Royal Oud for much, it's still unique nonetheless. It's similar to Green Valley in several aspects, both are unique, a bit gritty - in Royal Oud its almost dusty and featuring transition and blooms beautifully.

Royal Oud itself is a birch fragrance, combined with cedar and sandalwood - and an oud as a flavour added, almost only as a side notes that leaves me with thought, 'The oud is only secondary, and they named it as such?' to make the matter worse, Cambodian oud do smell like this, soft and sweet but doesn't really stand out - actually rather clean; you can have the similar kind of oud in Lalique Hommage a l'Homme and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud. The problem is, combined with Creed's formula, this oud seemed to overshadowed by the spiciness of pepper and woods, left it stranded while the spices and woods reign.

Royal Oud is undoubtly elegant fragrance that speaks about high quality materials and a unique composition, very versatile and makes a clear statement of a elegance and an acquired taste. Worth a try? surely Yes. worth a full bottle? Yes!

just to add, I notice some people really offended by its scent

Pros: superbly elegant
Cons: could be offensive; not your typical oud"

20th October, 2013

L'Hommage à L'Homme by Lalique

Very elegant

The House that never fails to amaze me. The Glassmaker that makes perfume and successfully doing their best. now they delivers Homage to the Man. I expect it would be something like those oud that showering the market currently

Thank God, its not like any of those. its softly sweet woody floral spicy. very well blended, I never smells something as nicely done like Hommage in other mainstream fragrance. its complex, not simple. its soft, but projecting. its stays long, but doesnt gets cloying. Lalique gives you a quality that you'll only see on those niche segments of fragrance. perfectly blended, quality ingredients that make sure that everything goes well, a Lalique very signature of a quality fragrance

spray-wise, the oud note contribute to its sweetness and easily gets cloying. its better when you wear cotton fabrics, Hommage really stays at cotton and woolen, and also projects better in these fabrics. the sillage is not a screaming kind, but rather soft and inviting.

the Bottle is... well, few if any brands that can ever match Lalique bottle. the sprayer is nice, only at the first time it seems to be spitting instead of spraying. but after few usage, the sprayer will spray quite large cloud. just like Lalique Pour Homme. very good sprayer and bottle. put in in your showcase, your friend will ask in amazement what is this. fabulous

projects soft might seemed like doesnt project for some, especially if you get used to those strong monsters. Hommage is a fragrance with niche characters, those quality... albeit being soft it still there, people will notice you for sure, cause nothing like this fragrance scent. totally unique, totally worth to keeps. a fragrance that would fit a groom, a man with tuxedo in a dinner. a man with attitude.

Pros: mostly unoffensive
Cons: low sillage and staying power in some fabrics, unversatile"

20th October, 2013
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Pi by Givenchy

Unique Gourmand

The first thing that came to my mind upon smelling the sprayer was, 'caramel', and since I'm not too fond for sweet scents, I almost instantly turn down the offer of this one, but my friend said that I better give it a shot first - nothing can go wrong by testing it first anyway; so he brought me a bottle of his Pi - handsome bottle, could be a nice addition in anyone's wardrobe.

My first impression is - this fragrance have great projection and staying power, please note... the opening doesn't excite me at all - it's just a blast of rosemary and sweet citrus with hint of almond and vanilla in the background - only for a few minutes. Soon enough the vanilla, almond, benzoin, bit of woods and caramel (all sweets in this world, in short) start to take over the lead and makes this fragrance into one sweet fragrance that we possibly never smell it before - or after; simply a masterpiece. Super sexy and draws a lot of compliments, especially from women (does that tickle you, boy?) but I found that most people found this, 'old fashioned' and refused to wear this; simply because a men need something smoky, leathery, rubbery to be called a man, refusing to acknowledge that there's another world out there that do radiate sexiness - world of Pi

score : a solid ?????

Pros: almost all aspects
Cons: hard to wear in humid weather; increasingly rare"

20th October, 2013

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

truly deserve its status

The finest of aromatic fougere that ever existed, that name could be fitted into Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, which is now discontinued by Yves Saint Laurent itself. Left us wondering what's actually going on with these houses currently, keep discontinuing the good fragrances and launches a horde of new fragrance that far from memorable, let alone became a masterpiece.

It's opened with weird notes; mostly anise and bergamot and makes me think like 'The hell. Nothing special' but when the cloves and lavender start to appears and followed by the rest, I start to change my mind 180. Rive Gauche is neither clean or dirty, it's both, and that's what makes Rive Gauche interesting. It's like yin and yang, the two polar that united into a single harmony; I notice there's a bit of sweet and smoky character in Rive Gauche as well, which is form a single symphony - Nothing heavy, it's smooth and charming, doesn't need to scream to make other people know it's presence; stays long and have great projection without getting overwhelming, the key in Rive Gauche is simple, less is more.

Personally this fragrance shocked me more than just when I wear it, but also the people reaction towards it. It's barbershop feelings never offend anyone, and they all give good compliments, even those who get offended by something as simple as YSL L'Homme give a compliments! Could it be that this fragrance is impossible to be hated? probably. Either way, he's now vanished and left a golden imprint in history.

score : ?????

Pros: scent, longevity, character, projection
Cons: hard to find, an acquired taste"

20th October, 2013

Givenchy III by Givenchy

Masterpiece of Givenchy

The perfume opens with a strong dose of citrus and galbanum that give a slight 'green' feeling, III would quickly toned down into elegance with more floral added - but still controlled by the citrus and galbanum, which is good to hold the floral from becoming too excessive - think about mass-destruction floral; and after an hour or two, the basenotes of sandalwood and oakmoss starts to appeared and gives a little 'masculine' flavor into this III (but also gives somehow 'cosmetic' smells, almost like a lipstick), which is good since that makes me very sure that III is leaning more into unisex rather than pure feminine, and still retain a pure elegance of the old Givenchy's - which I rarely seen nowadays in mainstream perfumes. a true masterpiece that an avid collectors need at least a bottle in their collection

Pros: scent quality; projection; longevity
Cons: very feminine"

20th October, 2013

Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma

Great Summer Scent

Fico di Amalfi is unique in its own kind for being able to represent an energizing effect in the beginning and stays comforting as the fragrance itself moves to its dry down, as it would became sweeter and a hint of jasmine could be felt in the background, before settles down into cedar and musk sweetness - but still heavy on fig. Smells so natural and smooth, nothing synthetic and not even close to Hermes Jardin Mediterranee, they both are a great scent that stand on its own ground. Hermes had a sweeter and 'gritty' and more dominated by fig leaf when Fico di Amalfi is smoother and dominated by fig fruit and Amalfi lemon.

Even if the staying power is quite good - let's say 3 or 4 hours and only moderately projects, I can say nothing but good words about it, this fragrance is almost never tiring, always cheers me up and left me with a smile, thanks to the fact that it's so sophisticated and well build

Pros: scent quality, unique on its own rights
Cons: longevity, projection are fairly moderate to low"

19th October, 2013

Envy for Men by Gucci

Really Fine Fragrance

From the initial spray, Envy is a very complicated fragrance, even if it's dominated by ginger, all the notes play their part in substantial manner, you can notice vanilla, incense or even mahogany all playing a complicated stories of this hero. His soft side, his childish side or even his pervert side, could it be this is the reason so many women adore this scent? I could think a men who have an attitude 'this is me, and take me as what I am' when I smell this. Oriental Woody? this thing is very multifaceted fragrance that I find a hard time to classify, it's not a scent that we could simply decide since it's so multidimensional and have many sides that could hardly describe. They all blended very well and as a result giving you a very balanced fragrance.

The longevity is 12 hours for my record, and have rather moderate projection, a good note since not everyone want to smells like a desperate teens who want some attentions from girls, some would prefer walks the alley and everyone looks at him with envy. The fragrance that truly deserve it's status as a legend, too bad we can only admire them from empty bottles and stories that keep floating around us

solid 4 stars: ????

Pros: scent, longevity, depth
Cons: projection was fairly moderate"

19th October, 2013

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Almost Gourmand

Virgin Island Water is the latest Creed that I've acquired; and the one that left me curious since most people said that this is the finest coconut based scent in the market - I see now that they had a good reason to say so

VIW starts with burst of fresh and crisp lime, surprisingly pleasant from someone who usually dislike lime - There's a lot of sweetness accompany the opening (but I haven't been able to detect the Rum as a single notes, it closer to pinacolada in my nose opinion - IMNO) before it changes with slight ginger and floral added to the shining coconut, gives it more character before the coconut becoming something close to a gourmand character; it's not a sugary coconut but more of a crisp coconut cookies smells-alike.

A Great transformation from lime freshness with boozy-characteristics before settles down with mouthwatering coconut - a well crafted fragrance that have a good character and could be a good signature as well (and a good idea since it's rarer to find someone wearing this than GIT, SMW, IM or Aventus)

Scent-wise, VIW is an astonishing fragrance with multifaceted scent that transform itself beautifully - projection's good and I had receive some compliments and people seemed liking it in positive lights, while the staying power is good the projection would quickly subdued after 2 hours

And one more, it smelt better on the skin rather than in the clothes

???? for a nice tropical surprise from Creed

Pros: scent quality
Cons: quickly became a skin scent"

19th October, 2013

Mandarina Duck Blue by Mandarina Duck

After the surprisingly good Pure Black, the house of Mandarina Duck launches a newer fragrance with similar tombstone like bottle - Mandarina Duck Blue in 2011. I expecting much from this brand after get Pure Black that really a fine addition to anyone's wardrobe.
The result is... disappointing. The longevity is above average, pretty strong with good projection. But there's also a problem here - The scent like this resemble Jaguar Classic and Princesse Marina de Bourbon Prince Charmant in many ways - musky, a bit of aquatic and boring. Would be a good addition to anyone who would like to have sweet scent that smells like a nice guy, but I see no point on having a fragrance that doesn't have an edge in the scent itself
13th March, 2013

Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

synthetic but very well done, thats Ultraviolet. its rather spicy with slight earthy-amber. as the time goes this fragrance will goes into more and more earthy. its beautiful Paco which is not overtly sweet like the rest (and thanks for that!)

definitely a compliment getting, I'm not really sure why but many girls (young one) seemed to like it!

the longevity and projection is awesome. its fit a young guy who lives like Fast and Furious movie. badass guys
16th January, 2013

XS Extrême pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

the XS with oakmoss and (why oh why...) watermelon. its unique and have one of the most beautiful transition of scent from all Paco's that I owned (even if the scent is not really special)

my encounter with XS Extreme is when there's an offer I cant refuse. a used bottle for 15$? hell yeah! gimme that bottle! I expect it would not be too far from original XS, it might be the intense version! that why they give it Extreme tag, right?

I was wrong all along... there's no much similarity with XS here, actually the notes are quite different to be called something else entirely. this XS Extreme features so many different notes (might be too many) that it held few in common, ended up a very unique fragrance. its mossy-woody-leathery-watery-citrusy, all into one!

the opening is my favourite citrus. rather woody-bitter and very nice, its rather rough, but nice! the mid dominated by watermelon and sweet-woody (rosewood?) and its rather awkward... the worst part of this fragrance is here. its ended up more sweet-leather-woody which is good, but not good enough. its fair to say the best part is the opening.

the sillage and longevity is good, but not as good as other Paco like Black XS or 1 Million. you might find this fragrance to be more casual rather than party scent. good for office wear, its unoffensive
16th January, 2013

Antaeus by Chanel

here's the refined and elegant masculine. when Kouros is best described by Arnold Scwartzenegger at 80's with all Muscle man, the Antaeus is Arnold in 2010's. a refined politician in a suit, with a style and authority on him

the animalic notes, while harsh but still smoothly done and shows balls to others, not in uber-masculine way but rather in uber-elegant way. the sillage is like a blanket surrounds you rather than gassing the neighbourhood, but still shows a good presence. longevity is excellent, scent quality, while the vintage is do different, but its not too much in my opinion. the only thing that close to Antaeus is an... Antaeus. simply matchless
16th January, 2013

Mémoire d'Homme by Nina Ricci

ginger and nutmeg done right. Nina Ricci have surprised me with their Pour Homme fragrance. while I usually dont really get Ricci's (reminds me of my grandma who loves L'Air du Temps so much), I get quite good deal for this one. I thought like... its cheap and its Ricci. it can never go wrong

the result is wonderful. projects really well and have great longevity. its not projecting in offensive way, rather elegant and soft. the ginger-nutmeg combo smells masculine-elegance with soft touch and caress.

but... I see a reason why this fragrance get discontinued. its light, but not sport. its elegant, but not smooth enough. its spicy, but smokey. its done very well but losing any wow-effects. its like seeing a men who behave sporty and casual but wearing a suit... oh wait, I know. Barney Stinson. he fits this fragrance. very underrated astonishing fragrance for jack of all trades. doesnt impress to much, but still got his charm
16th January, 2013

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

the finest of all Calvin Klein (if not the only men fragrance that actually good fom this house)

the botes is well blended, a bit harsh that add masculinity but the scent itself is elegant and seductive. yes, seductive. I'm rarely saying this word, but CK Obsession is DO seductive.

composed by cinnamon, vanilla and amber dominated, this one will attract the attention of most people (in a good way) the charm, elegance and seduction from this fragrance is just awesome. and as a plus, its come with a great sillage and longevity, unlike most CK lines. the only bad part is the bottle. really simple and old school, rather Spartan, but it reflects the simplicity and seductive manly scent of this Obsession.

as a side note, usually a mature women (above 30+) appeared to be the one who attracted more to this fragrance. probably because their taste is already developed through the times? few girls actually like this fragrance, even if its sweet enough in my opinion. could it be a warm cinnamon regarded as 'too mature' for some people? either way, Cinnamon-Vanilla-Amber turnout to be a masterpiece in every sense of words.

a must have for a collector, but beware, you might love this too much to change your fragrances in the later time :D
16th January, 2013

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Do you want your perfume to stays long and can be smelled by anyone that you met that day? a perfume that would make you feel invincible? this is what you want. if you're strong enough to hold its persona

Yes, Kouros have its own lively persona. animalic, strong and full of character. You don't wear Kouros, since Kouros will wear you. It will drive your emotion, giving certain sense of masculinity into the limit previously unknown. not a scent that you would love, nothing sweet or spicy here. pure animalic civet and slight leathery honey to make you feel like Tarzan in the modern world

there's a sense of animalic masculinity in every men. we need certain things to trigger its up. some men goes to the gym to build up their muscles, some work in military and some wear Kouros. the scent is too masculine, its so strong that drive yourself wild. you can feel the heat that caused by this beast, a heat that almost as strong as instinct of animal. a sense of power and confidence together with courage to show yours into other men

this fragrance isnt build for those who want to impress girls or other people (the drydown smelt like armpit, really) this magnificent perfume drives your instinct and emotion wild to break the limits
16th January, 2013

Trussardi Inside Man by Trussardi

a perfume that begin with really great opening. the opening would remind us of some Italian men walks with Brioni suit, these man really stunning and impress those eyes that sees him even if its just within a glance

thats the initial spray. the rest turned into tobacco - coffee combo that simply elegant masculine, not in the way of Conan the Barbarian masculine like Kouros, but more into Marlon Brando kind of masculine. a man with style, attitude and style of his own. not a fragrance for someone who prefer to be accepted by the crowds or masculine-geeks that think everything on him should resemble the Expendables Movie. its a fragrance for wealthy, elegant and sophisticated men

the sillage is no question, along with longevity. if you want people notice you in a good way; in gentleman way, this is the fragrance for you. wear it with nice lightweight bespoke suit in autumn together with Italian bespoke shoes. you're simply matchless
16th January, 2013

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

ok, LIDG. let me tell you the situation. your big brother, the Extreme, really overshadows you. does it makes you a bad perfume?

No. No buddy. You're actually good in EDP
citrus blast opening and strong Anise. not too deep like Extreme, but somehow more 'manageable' compared to the beast LIDGE. you still maintain the amazing longevity and sillage (and I get slight impression that you're actually better in terms of sillage)

Longevity might not your weapon against LIDGE, but your versatility is. you're easier to wear without being too heavy for day-out. you still be able to fared against LIDGE in day wearing.

men out there, do your favor by choosing the EDP, its actually comparable to LIDGE. the EDT is... well, weakling.

the scent is more 'raw' compared to LIDGE. more versatile because not everyone will take LIDGE in a good way. LIDGE is more... complicated, its smoother and appreciated by perfumista, but might not by common people. LIDG will do with the rest of the peoples easier, and one more: it's versatile enough for lunch
16th January, 2013

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Extreme. what would you hope from this word 'Extreme'? sillage and longevity? Guerlain give you more than that.

his brother, LIDG is already a great fragrance. features citrus opening and anise-cocoa for the rest. describing a man with attitude. a man with something to grab in his life. but something is missing in LIDG. the citrus opening, which makes it more versatile makes LIDG somewhat lack of character

then comes LIDGE. the Extreme version. it born as a smoother, refined version of the wonderful L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme. its build for a men who desire something refined in his life. something that almost unbeatable, the sense of over-the-top.

with great sillage and shocking longevity (It stays in your skin for almost a full day, you better test it yourself) for the price, few fragrance could do any better than this. and one of the best Guerlain that ever made

about the scent itself, I was initially had an opinion that "this scent will not easily liked", I was wrong. most people likes it in the seconds they sniff it on my body. not the panty dropper thingy, lol. the scent talk about something more than just one night stand, the LIDGE talks about a fine things in life, an achievement of someone's life

this perfume is not for clubbing guys who looks for girls. its intended for guys who want to make a statement to the people near him
16th January, 2013

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

what is a true fragrance to grab "girls attention"? here it is. its sweet spicy in alluring way that exceeds expectations! YSL been long known for the quality of their scent. named Opium, Kouros and others, YSL in short words a guarantee for a luxurious smelling fragrance. No fragrance can be a panty dropper (that name alone makes me giggles) but this one, La Nuit is eye turner, and people will remember the way you smelled

La Nuit is no exception. its true pleaser and true attention seeker. once you get the vibe with your chemistry, you're unstoppable. La Nuit don't turn you into man-whore scent that scream "look at me y'all!" (sorry, 1 Million) but rather into a men of class who dig girls with class, who speak calmly "how about dinner tonight, lads?" with raised eyebrows. this is a unique fragrance that would be able to perform both at clubbing or a dinner without seemed out of place

sillage and longevity still matter of question to me, since I only get moderate results (it's not too bad. I'll wait for it to grow on me later). guys, get this gem quickly!
16th January, 2013