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Liquid Night by A Lab on Fire

This is yet another scent I originally bought for my lady friend, and wound up wearing it more than she has or will.

I find this pretty easy to review based on how it smells on her rather than on me. At first, I get this VERY sweet, feminine vibe from it. Mostly sharp top notes. This instantly reminds me of something else I used to smell on girls back in high school... I never asked what it was. I imagine it was some sort of body spray...
After a while, this turns into something pretty special, and it seems to me that it leans more toward the masculine side of things.

We get the citrus right away... it's more like a "sweaty hot day" citrus... like a very ripe lime left in the sun to bake. After a while it turns into something I can describe as "clean/fresh"... not powdery or feminine, not shower or soap. Just something uplifting and pleasant. I like the mid-notes on this the best, as the bottom notes usually begin to remind me of MANY other things out there, vanilla/musk/blahblahblah. I think if we stuck a honey note in there somewhere, it would seal the deal..

This lasts and lasts. I've found that it will stay on my skin over the course of a day and into the next, easily. Projection: people will notice. If you're easy on the sprayer, you'll get people wanting to stand closer to you so they can smell you. If you get wild and spray more than 2 sprays, you'll be asking for others to step further away.

Overall, I find this a very "nature-y" scent, which I love. I believe that nobody should buy this one blind. As far as the unisex label, I'd say that's a safe way to describe it.
04th May, 2013 (last edited: 05th May, 2013)

The Dreamer by Versace

I'm one of those guys that likes to check something out based on a bad review. I see The Dreamer getting the crap kicked out of it in many places. I thought: "With a name like The Dreamer, this poor guy is getting the wrong reputation... apparently he's some kind of pushover." So I gave it a sniff.

I don't hate this. I really don't care for it much either. This is supposed to be a sweet tobacco fragrance, and I don't get tobacco. I DO get florals, and juniper. Floral and juniper sounds pretty great to me, actually. In this case, it just does not deliver the full effect. If we were using actual essential oils of these notes, and blended them, this would not smell like it does. I'm getting somewhat of an artificial vibe in there.

Does it smell good? I suppose it does, but it's certainly not going to work for everybody all of the time... it's another one of those hit-and-miss scents on certain days. Another multiple personality disorder fragrance, if you ask me.

Okay, strength. This is strong. People WILL smell you. You will most likely repel some. This is one of those designer fragrance monsters, for sure, in league with the power of Fahrenheit. And, like Fahrenheit, repeated wears will make your entire house smell like you. It's strong stuff. It lasts a super long time, and if you put it on in the afternoon of one day, the next afternoon, you will still have that Dreamer vibe (plus it will be in your bed).

I only have some samples of this, thank god. I would never buy an entire bottle of it. It just does not scream out to me for any reason. I never "get the urge" to wear it. I gave it a go, and that's that.
04th April, 2013

Zombie for Him by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is an easy one to review. This smells exactly as the notes are listed. This smells really good, actually. I mean, you'd think it would be horrible and rotting-flesh-with-maggots-and-oozing-pustulent stuff. It's not.
It does not smell terrible at all. It's more like this:

If you WERE a zombie, you'd be the best-smelling zombie, and your fragrance would show the miles you've shambled, the piles of Autumn leaves you've stumbled on, and, of course, the soil you clawed your way out of to get there.

It's really unique.

I honestly bought this based on notes alone, and not for the zombie thing, though the zombie thing helps. I work in education, and as a naturalist in a forest preserve, and this fragrance seemed to be just what I needed. Smells like the woods.

Nothing about this smells bad to me.
My rating out of 5: Scent 5, Projection 2 1/2, Longevity 2, Originality 5, Overall 4 1/2.
21st March, 2013 (last edited: 18th April, 2013)
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Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Hmmm... Shalimar. Ladies smell so nice when they wear it. This is a scent that can bring about many memories. I can recall being a young teenager and being completely intoxicated by a friend's mom's perfume. This stuff MADE her a "hot mom". I remember the bottle...

I bought some for my girlfriend. She's in the roller derby, and I was looking for something that would go well with her sport. We've gone through many sweet, fruity, herbal, and sporty scents... tried a few Etat Libre d'Orange, and a couple of samples of various Tom Ford. I settled on trying out the Shalimar because of its longevity (not while wearing... I mean in the sense that it's been around since the 20s), its attractiveness, and the way it can match up with a sport like roller derby: It's dark, dangerous, sexy, and packs a punch, but can keep its wits about about it in social situations.

Shalimar comes in with the lemony top note, but does not last long. This dries down into something smoky and subtle, seductive. To me, it gets my mind racing on things like sex, making out, etc. The woman who wears this should wear in confidence that your man will notice.

I don't know what the formula was like in the 20s, but I would love to find out. Buy yourself an extrait or at least the EDP. Any other "strength" and you'll not get the full idea of what this scent is supposed to be.
I would even wear this myself if I paired it up with something Versace Baby Blue Jeans or put the smack down on it with Amouage Ciel Man.
This one's a sultry winner, ladies.

(update) I have been wearing this myself lately. I am really enjoying it. The extrait is the way to go...
Guys, this smells good and I would recommend trying it. I know it's for ladies, but this can and WILL be quite masculine when worn by a guy... period. It smells nice, and you will get compliments... it seems that this is more unisex than anything else....
17th March, 2013 (last edited: 07th April, 2013)

Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo

This is a perfume that I notice. I can recognize it after a few guesses. When I first smelled this on a lady I work with (who has GREAT taste in perfumes), I thought for sure she was wearing Guerlain Shalimar. I know, I know... the notes are nowhere NEAR close to one another, but I was pretty sure. We walked a ways and I asked her what it was. When I found out that it was a designer perfume, and a newer one at that, I was thinking I should grab some and have a sniff.

I got myself a sample to smell and critique BEFORE I bought a bottle for my lady friend. I could see why I thought it was Shalimar. Both are oriental, sultry, and inviting. Jimmy Choo, on the other hand, seems to be just a bi-i-i-i-i-it more on the "youthful" side. It has that "eraser" scent I tend to pick up on my female students (grade school/junior high). The scent that a mom would be okay with her daughter borrowing... "mature-ized" scents for young women are always one of two things for me: Like erasers, or like canned green beans. Jimmy Choo is eraser all the way. This is not to say that it smells bad or anything... this is a nice fragrance. I bought a bottle for my girlfriend.

I shower my girlfriend with more perfumes these days than I do colognes for myself. She's now at the point where she needs a "top 5". This one is on it, and that's okay with me.
17th March, 2013

Agua Lavanda by Antonio Puig

This brings a day of levity. I bought the huge bottle, as this comes in a couple of sizes: Large, Bigger, and Huge. The Huge size was around $15 American. It's SO worth it!

I put this on and I am instantly brought back. I am in my 30s, but for some reason I seem to invoke memories of the 50s when I wear it. It's not a huge hit with other people, except for older ladies (old ladies seem taken by me for the most part, but Agua Lavanda just brings out the compliments). I wear it for myself.

It has a few uses:
1. Everyday scent
2. Quick splash after being around garlic, smoke, tacos, or cleaning the cat box.
3. A little squirt on the pillows in the early P.M. so your bedding smells nice.
4. Use on cuts, scrapes, and bruises, bug bites, and muscle aches.
5. Insects greatly dislike the wonderful lavender scent, so they stay away (they have poor taste anyway).
6. Has antibacterial properties, which make for a good face wash in the way one would use witch hazel.
7. Lavender has many medicinal properties and can smooth the skin.

We're looking at an all-purpose fragrance. Not everybody will compliment you on your amazing smell, but you certainly won't offend anybody either.

Good stuff. My grandpa was onto something.
25th February, 2013

Style In Play by Lacoste

Okay... this is a tough one. This fragrance has split personality disorder. This is not a review as much as it is a psychiatric evaluation.

On the very top, the apples are strong and incredibly noticeable. This is the shining moment when all of the other times I tried a fruity scent, they would fail, Lacoste Style In Play simply amazed me. The word "amazed" gets so overused in the colloquial sense, I have to stress that I was truly amazed.

We're talking about real apples... I'll have a bite of such an apple and enjoy it a great deal. I love to smell the rind before I bite it. Each one has its own life to it, and some of the exotic, more expensive varieties don't even match up to the good old fashioned red apple. It's weird. They captured the essence so well, I was hooked.

Drying down, it begins to misunderstand what it was born to do, as this changes into the typical headache I get from woodsy/sporty scents. To put it bluntly, this one just plain sucks after an hour. Not only does the apple go away (almost immediately), but it turns into the ho-hum everyday bland woods-meets-musk junk I smell ALL of the time. This seems to be the general idea from everything Lacoste. I try and try, but it's always the top notes that get me, all the while the nasty NASTY headache lurks beneath.

Definitely a try-before-you-buy thing. Seriously, don't let those top notes fool you! Lacoste are the top notes masters. After the drydown, they all smell the same to me.
18th February, 2013

Nina L'Elixir by Nina Ricci

Bought this for my lady friend. We both seem to be really into it. I typically don't like sweet scents, but I read a few reviews and decided to have a sniff.

This is SWEET caramel apple, baked into a citrus-y, musky licorice-y candy.

It lasts a decent amount of time, and goes through a couple of note changes before settling in to what they're calling "cotton musk".

This is a pretty youthful scent overall, and I can't see this working for everybody. You can pick up on a few notes in there that remind you of a scented marker or eraser you would have in school. While normally this is a turn-off, I like how subtle it is.

I can see a lady in her 30s and 40s pulling this off, if not just to make her feel just a bit youthful and vibrant. The scent is all of these things.

Definitely a try-before-you-buy thing. Try it, ladies. Your guy might be into a scent like this. For us, it makes her feel nice because she smells nice, so I feel nice. It's a good combo.
17th February, 2013

l'eau de parfum #2 Spiritus / land by Miller et Bertaux

I bought this based on a review I read somewhere. The reviewer mentioned something along the lines of #2 Spiritus/Land being the tougher older brother of Bowling Green (my nostalgic favorite). I was intrigued, of course. Upon trying it for the first time, I was pleased with the incense and ginger notes, but noticed NOTHING in the way of Bowling Green in the slightest (the reviewer must have never smelled Bowling Green, or was high). It has a feel, overall, of a spice rack blended with Springtime. This is not to say that this is great fragrance. Contrarily, this might be the most confusing scent I have owned. I mean, I like it and and stuff... but is this worthy of wearing every day or really trying to impress somebody? No way.

I really enjoy this fragrance in the early Spring. It has a nice personal aroma. Personal in that NOBODY else is going to give a shit about your scent, or mention anything about it to you, unless you ask them first.

I wear this only on certain days, maybe three times a year. That's all this will do for me. I find myself asking: "Is that all there is?"...

Good scent, expensive, hard-to-find. Not great. No wows. No dice. Glad I bought samples and not an entire bottle. "Let's keep dancing..."
16th January, 2013

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Dastardly! This fragrance has got me all jumbled up. I generally avoid any scent that one can instantly recognize... But this one... I don't get it. I sampled some a while back and found out that it is really something after all. In fact, my girlfriend (who's used to my Amouage and Etat Libre d'Orange, Tom Ford, etc.) actually loves it. She said to me: "This could be a signature scent for you".... not sure what that really means, as every day is different, but it sounded like a real compliment. I bought some.

Honestly, we don't need me to go through the notes. We all know. This fragrance is known. If you like the scent of fire and divine woods + incense, you got it.

Okay... longevity. It's freaking crazy. Once you wear it a few times, the whole house smells like you. It's on my winter coat after two washes. My cat smells like it. This juice is through the damned roof. This stuff outlasts most of my niche fragrances and doesn't get all mixed up and sickening-smelling like the day-after-on-the-bedsheets thing that other scents do.

Overall, I'd say this has provided me with many cold nights of what I can call nothing but aromatherapy. Out on the town, this is not always my pick, because I smell like every other (hopefully classy) guy. But I can say that this will always be in my collection, and brought out on many Winter nights.
05th January, 2013

Gendarme by Gendarme

It's strange. I have a love/hate thing with this fragrance. One day I'm avoiding it like it'll bite me, and the next, I'm heavy-duty on the sprayer. This is clean clean clean. It's like a lavender shower with a twist of Lava Soap. This is one of those scents that you can't really offend anybody with, unless they hate the scent of a fresh shower, scrubbed with Lava and Palmolive.
23rd December, 2012

Touch for Men by Burberry

Smells nice. Ladies like it. Does not repel people. Very safe. A powder-y scent that does not scream "Old Ladies!" ... Recommended? Yep. I own a bottle, and when it's gone I will buy another... good to have around. A nice surprise from Burberry.
16th December, 2012

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

Man, oh man. I make no bones about my love for Amouage fragrances. They are my choice for ANY scent that works. Jube XXV is an absolute wonder. Two sprays, and I'm sublime for hours and hours... in fact, a dose usually lasts 24 hours on my skin. A true gentleman's scent, this one is a true winner in my collection.

As I've stated before, Amouage can do no wrong. Jube XXV has the heart of ALL Amouage fragrances, as they all bewilder with incense. For me, the opening enchants me with fruity celery. I have always loved celery seed in a fragrance, and this one just makes it that much nicer with an addition of coriander, berries, rose (Thank you, Amouage, for creating THE ultimate masculine rose scents!), and cedar. At its heart, this could be considered a gourmand-y scent, but what we're getting is a true uplift from the spices.

There are other Amouage scents that give me that "desert caravan/spice market" vibe, but this one has something else at its core. A good-natured gentleman would appreciate the almost youthful appeal that this one possesses. This is not to say that somebody in their teens or twenties could pull it off. This is for a guy in their 30s, 40s, and up. This is for the man who wants to stand out as a man of passion, importance, and an iron fist, yet still chuckles at old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

I wear this to the clubs on occasion, and it gets quite an interesting reaction, mostly "hmmm... what is that?"... I'm assuming that in the city where I live, nobody knows the aroma of class and positivity. Jubilation, indeed. Both thumbs way up, followed by hearty applause. Go, Amouage, go!
10th December, 2012 (last edited: 16th December, 2012)
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Decibel by Azzaro

I waited a very long time to review this. I now have been wearing this pretty regularly for almost a year. This is great for going out! I know there has been a LOT of hype AND bad reviews, but for me, this is good stuff. It was my girlfriend's idea to get this, as she's a Strokes fan (and obviously has a thing for Julian), so I figured I would give it a go.

This opens up immediately with the liquorice and citrus. It dries into incense and vanilla. It's a real winner with the ladies.

I wear pretty fancy scents, with Amouage, Creed, Nasomatto, Odori, etc. topping it off for me. They are mostly for me as the compliment factor on those is quite rare. Decibel... well... I seriously get compliments EVERY time I wear it. "You smell awesome!", or "Wow, you smell nice." So what we're looking at is something that smells super, has a decent price, and has a nice stylish look with the goofy microphone (I'm a musician, so this is pretty cool)...

Buy some? I don't know, maybe....
Try some? For sure!
I give this a 7 1/2 out of 10.
03rd December, 2012 (last edited: 16th December, 2012)

Ultimo by Tru Fragrance

Instantly smells like guy's sweat. Totally grosses me out. Not even worth trying again... this is Le Male, watered down and nasty, and I do not like Le Male. This is a completely assuming fragrance in that it pretends to be very sophisticated, but turns into something not even close. I could see this working for an older gentleman, going to church or work... otherwise there is nothing that can save this for me... and I LOVE lavender and spice, but there's nary a worthwhile emanation in that realm. Not worth my time.

This fragrance blends well with fried chicken, beer, football games, and sweaty guys, and it's not even sporty.

I get sweat right off the bat, followed by what intends to be spices, I guess... but it dries into toothpaste, bathrooms, sweat, urinal cakes, and scented candles from Bath & Body Works. This is not a completely terrible scent overall, but I personally hate it... gross.
02nd November, 2012

Blue Jeans by Versace

I bought a bottle of Baby Blue Jeans. Then I bought a second bottle. I love it. It's certainly one of a few good, affordable casual scents for the summer in the designer realm... so I had to try out the other Versace Jeans scents... went right for the Blue Jeans. Right off the bat I had to get one thing straight: this is NOT Baby Blue Jeans. This is an odd one for me. I see there is a lavender accord in there somewhere. I can't detect it. I instantly get clean... not a bit of citrus in there through my nose... then it turns into woods. Big, pronounced woods with sweet musk. This smells like something I have smelled many times before. Maybe it's dragging me back in time to high school and alternative rock vibes, but not quite. I can't see wearing this in ANY situation that requires me to be around many people. I can easily foresee a comment of: "Who's wearing something?!" ...

The dry down is all woody and still sweet... I'm really trying to like it. I think it has something in there I do like, but it only comes out in small whiffs. Recommend this? Not really. Would I wear it if I had more than a sizable sample? No. I'm not a fan at all. But to be fair, in all of that mash-mash of notes, I can find something I kind of like. Otherwise... meh.. I'll stick to my Versus Baby Blue Jeans... and, if I can find it, Black Jeans.
23rd October, 2012

Exceptional Because You Are for Men by Exceptional

I can't say that I completely hate this or completely enjoy this. It's so weird. Every time I smell it, I can pick up on 5 or 6 other scents that this is trying to be. I agree it's like taking all of the notes from a couple of Creeds, Love & Luck, and puking out some Cool Water. It's a complete mess. So I wound up getting a bottle as a gift because the giver liked the way the samples smelled and apparently found the coupons useful. I would agree from time to time, as some of the notes are nice. I absolutely can't stand the opening. In the dry down, it *occasionally* throws something nice out there. A floral spice with some very clean hints. I really don't know if I like this or not. Usually that aquatic thing gives me a headache, but this is one that is much more reserved than the others... it gets a 4 out of 10 for me. Smells nice sometimes, but not very original, and too pricey for a bottle of copycat.

Age group for this? Easily somebody 19 through 30. For me? I'll stick with things a little more suited to somebody in their 30s.
22nd October, 2012 (last edited: 29th November, 2012)

L.12.12 Vert / Green by Lacoste

A headache in a bottle. I bought a bottle based on the top notes... the dumb thing to do. I like Style In Play (superb apple notes) and the Lacoste Blanc (a clean shirt)... but not that much. I thought I was really onto something when I picked up a whole bottle. Now, I DO wear it from time to time, but I only use 1 spray. One little spray on the chest. The woods are nice, but not that nice, and everything about this screams synthetic. It makes my brain hurt. Definitely sample this first. Might be a winner for some, but a total snooze for me... next?
05th October, 2012

Baby Blue Jeans by Versace

Okay. I blind-bought this a loooong time ago based on reviews, etc. I finally got around to trying last year. I simply hated it and found myself really trying to pass the bottle off onto somebody else. I thought: "man, oh man... I smell like a baby with a freshly-changed diaper and a powdered bottom". Kind of made me a little sick... At first. It later turned into something completely unappealing, all sweet and non-threatening. I gave it another go, just to be sure, then put the bottle away altogether.

Now, the year has passed. I never thought about Baby Blue Jeans until a month or so ago. It sat, lonely and tucked away... its bright blue can lacking any real "reach for me!" flair. I picked it up... dusted it off, then lightly misted my wrist. I gave it a while before I really got into it... I started picking up notes that I had not noticed before. I was getting vanilla, smooth creamy lemon gelato with touches of real incense. This was pretty heavy stuff. I gave myself the 4-spray work-up, slapped my helmet on, jumped on my road bike, and headed off to somewhere or another. This takes on another life as the time passes... maybe warm up the body a bit... As I pedaled and body temp rose, this became a wonder of borderline gourmand-y scents, and exotic incense. A really good blend.

I know the reviews are mixed, and I HATED this at first. But I do find that this is a good scent for the warm weather, but works even better in the cooler, Mid/Late-Autumn days as well. I've come to appreciate Baby Blue Jeans quite a bit, and I agree that it's a great idea to, at least, keep a bottle around.
02nd October, 2012

Epic Man by Amouage

This is a scent that stands out SO much! I hear there are some that are similar-smelling, but as far as strength and longevity, this one is aces. This opens up immediately for me with rose and incense, sort of calms down, but it's strength is remarkable. I know there are so many other notes, but the only way to describe this is: you wear this, and you smell sharp, floral, and masculine... I always get a feeling of old thrift shops with dusty old leather-bound books sitting on wooden shelves. The incense is astounding. The projection is epic. The staying power is so noteworthy, I don't know many other scents out there that can withstand two showers...longevity is a m-o-n-s-t-e-r. Spicy, original, floral, masculine, and bold...
Does not get much more bold than this. If you wear it, they will notice.

A real winner from the Amouage line, one of my favorite perfumers... ever.
26th September, 2012

Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

So far I've tested a few designer scents on my lady friend... this one stands out quite a bit. I am quite happy with the top notes, and I think it was made to amaze and mystify with that. As it dries down, you get this sweet, fruity, vanilla accord that seems to last for a quite a while. I can see this being a very nice scent for a date, or for a casual affair out on the town, nothing too serious... but this has its very own appeal. This is nothing appallingly original, or "hey! Smell me from the other room!", but what you get is a very nice, feminine scent with its own energy and personality. I believe this could very well be somebody's signature scent, and they could make it work in any weather or occasion.

On a lady, this is a very inviting, nice scent... nothing about this screams "Old Ladies!!" to me, and nothing boasts being too youthful. This is something that a boyfriend could appreciate their girl smelling like. If that's any kind of recommendation, then so be it. I like this one. I bought her a bottle.

(update) I changed my rating from neutral to thumbs WAY up. I have bought many scents for the lady friend, and the more I get to smelling this one, the more it's coo-coo birds for me. Definitely attractive. Smells, so incredibly nice... buy one for your girlfriends, fellas... this one is a winner.
16th September, 2012 (last edited: 23rd October, 2012)

Weekend for Men by Burberry

This is a great fragrance. I can't lie. I sometimes hate it, and I sometimes love it. Certain days, it just seems way too summery for me... but then I think: I like summer.
We've got citrus right away. A bomb of grapefruit, with a floral accord trying to break its way through. The mid notes turn into something a bit on the generic and synthetic side... but hold on there, hoss.... the honey and moss mix in the bottom notes are flipping superb. I wear this for the honey notes. I have yet to smell something with such relaxed flavor. When I first tried this, I had made a blind purchase of some samples. I went through them like mad, so I had to buy a bottle...

I'm not the hugest fan of designer colognes, preferring the more original... but this... this is a honey and moss note that I stand behind. I wore this all day today, and the honey gets better and better in the sun and heat. Good stuff.

Will I buy another bottle after my 3.4 oz is gone? Probably not. Would I graciously accept a bottle as a gift? Sure, and I would still wear it. Highly recommended? Nah. I have a few friends that make good guinea pigs for scents, and this is one I've never bothered with. I know it smells nice, and I get the whole Burberry hype... Weekend, for me, is another decent scent that has not quite graduated into something I flip over.
11th September, 2012

Still by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez fragrances are, to me, a real win. I buy these for my lady friend, and it's an utter meltdown on my end. I love her smelling like Live Luxe or Glow. Now... Still, on the other hand... I'm not sure what to make of this. It comes off unassuming and light, perhaps so light that it might not have the best projection or sillage. To think this would be folly. This is a very strong, long-lasting, super-scented fragrance. It smells nice and all, but it has this certain thing about it that I used to dislike a great deal when I was in high school... A lot of other women's fragrances give off this vibe... I am not a fan of Still. It smells okay, has knock-your-socks-off projection, and is very feminine and pretty, and would work EXTREMELY well for a lady in her teens or twenties...

... but to me, this smells exactly like canned green beans with some fruit thrown in. So many other scents have this unbalanced, off-kilter vibe. Green beans and fruit. Totally.

Smells okay, but I would rather get close to my girl when she smells like Live Luxe.
11th September, 2012

Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez

I must review this. As a man, this is not a scent I would wear, as much as I love it. I bought a bottle for a lady friend, and she suddenly shape-shifted into a sex kitten. Just saying. This has the perfect blend of fruit and floral. There is nothing unsexy about this fragrance. It is soft, fruity, and very feminine. Any woman wearing this fragrance will get noticed. My lady friend got more compliments and men drooling than when she wears her usual Aveda Love. I am a big fan of J Lo scents, honestly. She's really got it down when it comes to smelling like a woman. Not so much a fan of Still, or Glow, although they really stand out, to me. Live Luxe has a wonderful bottle... if I rub it, a genie may appear. It's been a few weeks, and every time she wears this, it's coo-coo birds for me.

Ladies: if you want to get noticed, this fragrance will certainly do it.
11th September, 2012

Ciel Man by Amouage

This is, literally Heaven in a liquid form. A girlfriend once said to me "you smell like a head shop"... and I agreed. This is elegant, not too in-your-face, works for the nights out, and lasts longer than most of the other niche scents I own. A pretty otherworldly fragrance that we, as men, might not get into... very floral, very much a "rose thing". As this settles into it's heart, we're looking at suddenly being whisked away via desert caravan - frankincense and such... I love this juice, seriously. The same girlfriend said she imagined the beach when I wore it around her. I've worn this to the club, and had compliments from both women and men... a lot of women seem to want to wear it themselves... I could talk this up a while... one of my absolute favorites from Amouage, hands down.
07th September, 2012

Roadster by Cartier

I really wanted to dislike this fragrance right off the bat. The description says "minty/mineral fougère" which I immediately agreed with, but am not turned on by. I sprayed some on and allowed it to settle into my skin for a while. After an hour, I stopped and wondered just how this became such an interesting scent. I know I have smelled a few things like this before, but this seems to me a pretty original fragrance. This mint is not sharp, and it lasts throughout the entire life of the fragrance, automatically setting it apart from a few of the minty scents out there. The top notes remind me of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne (which I just don't like), while it calms down into something very fresh and clean. It does, from time to time, strike me as something I would smell from Creed, as it does have somewhat of a metallic hint to it. This is something I would recommend for the Autumn or Winter... pretty sure this would be rather cloying in the heat.
This scent reminds me of being a young kid, and smelling the bathroom after my father and older brother took showers and brushed their teeth. Minty, clean, fragrant.
I could not see this as a good "clubbing" or going-out scent, but I can see this as a "church" scent, or a meeting scent. One of the scents out there that can be classified as both classy AND casual. The longer it stays on my skin, the better it gets... projection = GREAT, longevity = a monster (9 to 10 hours on my skin), compliments = numerous ("you smell so clean!", and <sniff sniff> "Mmm!"). I guess I really do like this after fighting it for a while.
14th August, 2012

Clean Men by Clean

Meh... I like frags that really stand out. This stands out as completely inoffensive, a bit ho-hum, and safe. I use this just about every other day for no other reason than to have a little mist after a shower. After that, it goes away instantly and I can then spray on something better. Clean products are sickeningly overpriced, and not all of them smell good to me.

I have had to revise this as I now realize that I wear this fragrance more than any other scent I own. I get quite a few compliments when I wear it, and it does have some staying power after all.

This is a fresh blast of grapefruit and lemon. It dries down into a deodorant-y thing, smelling like soap and fresh burst antiperspirant. The musk is there, and it does not ever come off as feminine to me.

Here's a neat trick: I bought the shower gel and the edt spray. I also have the edp (which smells the same, only heavier on the floral), and I use them all at the same time. When you give yourself the full work-up, the magic happens. Longevity, projection, sillage. It's all there. I seriously smell good. It becomes something special. Use the shower gel, follow up with a few dabs of the edp, then give yourself the normal sprays of the edt. You've got it. That's what this was meant to be. It's unfortunate that it requires this much work to coax the life out of a fragrance, but with this, so be it. It's nice and I dig it.

Anymore I don't wear this every single day. But when I do, it's more often than my most beloved niche scents.

Clean Men... like another reviewer mentioned, we have no idea when this will be completely gone, so I've stocked up while I can.

When this is gone I will miss the compliments of: "You smell like Sweet Tarts!"
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Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

This was one of my first frags waaaay back in the day. In the early 90s, I received a gift box of this and some other odds and ends. Christmastime, snow, youth, winter with high school girlfriend, writing music... kind of brings me back. That's what this fragrance is for me these days. Does not quite smell like the things we're wearing anymore, but this crisp pine, winter morning still serves a wonderful purpose.
When I first tried this, I may have been about 15 or 16. This was certainly a bit too "mature" for someone of my youthful exuberance. I was immediately drawn to the "conifer forest" aspect of it. That's what got me right away. This is a fragrance that hits you right off with a piney/juniper shocker. It seems to be the life of the thing. I do detect the bergamot and citrus now that my nose has matured, but it's not the focal point. As this dries down, it turns into a pine/juniper hybrid tree covered in aromatic mosses. I wore this every day in my teen years, getting compliments such as: "You smell like a pine tree", or "you smell like the woods"...
If you can find it, get it.
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Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

I see a lot of differences on longevity. This has seriously got to be one of the real powerhouses in my collection. It must be my skin, but Set Sail St. Barts lasts ALL day after a good 5 sprays. While I DO have to spray on a bit more to get any real projection out of this (and the occasional reapplication after maybe 6 hours). After a while, this one just sort of "becomes me". I have been able to wake up in the morning and still catch a nice glimpse of having worn this the previous day. Quite nice.
As for notes: I get instant citrus, mostly lime. It collides into what seems to be coconut, although there is allegedly none in the juice itself. It's like a cool breeze on a tropical beach, yeah, but it seems to me like it has a bit more going on. I detect a floral something-or-other in there that I can't pick out. Seems like geranium mated with a squeezed lime, crashed into a coconut infused with a salty ocean water/tequilla body wash. I like it a lot, way more than when I first picked it up a year ago, hence this being my first review.
I have quite a few niche and designer frags that I love, and this one REALLY holds up. I prefer this over the Virgin Island Water, hands down. As a lot of us are saying: This is one you can't beat for the price.
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