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Meow! by Katy Perry

I tried this one because the bottle is adorable, but I found the juice very very sweet smelling to almost a nauseating degree. It's very very young,something more suited to my 12 year old niece than my 20 something years. Its a cute scent, not sexy or refreshing. simply sweet.
07th September, 2012

Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain

very fruity and sweet. not what I expected at all. It was nice, but I find the musk base a little weird on me.
07th September, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame by Lady Gaga

Appearances are very deceiving with this frag. Very soft and light, sweet but not overly sweet. I found that on initial spray it stayed purplish on my skin a few minutes.
07th September, 2012
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L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain

I got a sample of this at the Guerlain counter, and since the shopgirl said it was a light floral that I would like it. I didn't. I found it very heavy, and very cloying and it actually gave me a severe headache after application. I tried it on several other occasions with the same nauseous headache-inducing results. It has actually left me a little wary on trying other Guerlain frags as this is the only one I have ever had such an ill reaction to (other than Givenchy's amirage). So for me L'Instant wasn't good. More like L'instant mal a la tete. Too bad.
07th September, 2012

Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

I really like this perfume. It wasn't at all what I expected; the spicy notes, cloves and patchouli stand out the most on me which conjur thoughts of days spent making christmas cakes and gingerbread. I don't really smell any specific age with this perfume, other than I could see it more being worn by an adult than a teen. It's woody and spicy and on first application it could easily be unisex, but then it dries and its feminine all the way. This could easily become one of my favourites!
05th September, 2012

Joy by Jean Patou

on first application I loved it, but as the day wore on I started to smell too much of the civet musk on my skin, which to me smells a little funky. It is a gorgeous fragrance in the bottle, but it smells weird after about an hour on my skin.
05th September, 2012

No. 19 by Chanel

these light, powdery florals with a slight hint of leather smells absolutely divine on my skin! Normally I have a strong dislike of Chanel perfumes but this one I really really like. It's not overpowering, it's not overly flowery or feminine. Just classy and subtle like a classic lady.
30th August, 2012

Love's Soft Jasmin by Love's

I really wish I hadn't gotten rid of this one (gave it to my little sister), but after wearing it so much in my early teens I got sick of it. Soft powdery florals with crazy all day staying power.
29th August, 2012

Love's Rain-Scent by Love's

I had 3 different Love's perfumes as a teen; Original, lavender (I think. It was purple and very soft floral) and this one. I wore the other two more, but this one was nice as well. The only thing I didn't like was that on initial spray it smelled the tiniest bit like Windex. The dry down was lovely though and lasted the whole day.
29th August, 2012

Charisma by Avon

I had a bottle of this in the shape of a silver and Red robin when I was little. The bottle was adorable, but I think the perfume had gone bad. All I smelled was pungent alcohol and a very strong, antiseptic, rosy smell. I would like to try smelling this one from a bottle I know isn't past its prime.
28th August, 2012

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

It comes on a little strong on initial spray, but it is a lovely blending of flowery and fruity and some overly sweet vanilla that rather gave me a headache. It reminds me of the sweet scents I used to wear in high school, but are too sweet for my tastes now.
It's a lovely scent, but it is too sweet for me.
27th August, 2012

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

I've always been a fan of original Poison, it being my Mum's perfume of choice throughout most of my childhood; So I thought I would try this for myself. It's not nearly as pungent as original poison, and is a lot sweeter. On initial spray I found it was nothing really spectacular, but once it dried a few seconds you could really smell the warm vanilla, musk and light jasmine that seems just enough to be elegant and not gagingly gaudy or sickly sweet. To be honest I really can't stop smelling my wrist after testing this one! It is as the name suggests; hypnotic.
27th August, 2012

Aqua Velva Original Sport by Williams

My husband's cologne of choice; mostly because his father used it before him. It almost has a minty scent that lingers afterwards that I find smells incredibly sexy. It doesn't last as long as one would like , but it's still very warm and very nice for the amount of time it does last.
25th August, 2012
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Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works

I love this perfume and apparently so does most of my town as it is normally sold out! A very warm and lingering scent that brings to mind snowy nights spent by the fire. I've tried the body lotions and shower gel as well and found they also had good staying power! very warm and very sexy!
25th August, 2012

Amarige by Givenchy

this Perfume is a migraine in a bottle. I first smelled a sample of this in a magazine and I now understand why the mag came in a bag. It's an indelible, soapy, gagging fragrance that resulted in the mag going in the trash.
The absolute worst fragrance I've ever smelled.
18th August, 2012

Chantilly by Dana

a very lingering, lovely scent. I only apply a little at a time due to its enveloping nature, but the current version is one of my faves and the older version was my gran's fave.
16th August, 2012

London Glam by Rimmel London

I wore this scent through my late teens and still have a little left, but no longer wear it. Its very VERY sweet, almost like a sugar syrup. Its a nice, sweet perfume, but definitely NOT a fragrance for a mature adult.
16th August, 2012

London Cool by Rimmel London

my fave scent as a teen. very fresh and subtle, feminine but not overly so.
16th August, 2012

Pearls and Lace by Avon

the first perfume I ever owned. so light and floral with slight powdery notes. perfect for a young girl. I really miss this fragrance!
16th August, 2012