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Armani Code Colonia by Giorgio Armani

Generic, but not bad. I could wear this one with no problem. Pretty safe for man or woman. Armani should have took a chance and changed up it's CODE! This SAFE is too easy to crack. Slightly aquatic in the initial spray, but it seems they tried to turn this into a woody fragrance that kind of fell to the side.6/10
12th July, 2018

Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme by Gucci

Can't say anything bad about this one. The flip side is I can't say anything good about it either. Nothing black about this at all! Just another safe generic fragrance made for the masses. 6/10
12th July, 2018

Vert Bohème by Tom Ford

The magnolia and violet smacked me in the face. I can see where TF tried to go with this one, but it just didn't work for me. The notes seem generic and kind of cheap IMO.
12th July, 2018
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Acqua di Giò Absolu by Giorgio Armani

Starts out slightly aquatic, but quickly turns into a sweet woody fragrance. I actually like this one. Not as good as the original or Profumo, but this can hang in there with the best in it's class. 8/10
12th July, 2018

Light Blue Eau Intense pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

That salty aquatic accord was the deal breaker for me. Been there, done that. I prefer the Italian Zest version over this one. Seems like they tried too hard to make another aquatic clone. 6/10
12th July, 2018

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning by Martin Margiela

Floral, with a bit of zest from the Lily of the Valley and Iris. Feminine for sure. Luckily this becomes less cloying after about 40 minutes or so. Be warned, easy on the sprays with this one ladies. 6.5/10
12th July, 2018

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum by Burberry

For some reason, I keep getting a pest control spray vibe with these. This one is not as bad though. Just seems like too much going on with this Parfum version. 6/10
12th July, 2018

Pi Air by Givenchy

Nice! I like this one a lot. Future purchase. Slightly sweet with a fresh vibe. Kind of aquatic as well, without going overboard. Reminds me of the original without the vanilla.
12th July, 2018

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

Plastic Band Aid to the extreme. Not for me at all. I've smelled a lot worse though. I know there are a lot fans on this one. I'm guessing because it's different. 5/10
12th July, 2018

The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

Not a bad fragrance. Would have been better if they toned down the vanilla though! 6.5/10
11th July, 2018

Bleu de Chanel Parfum by Chanel

Chanel should have named this one Chanel Bleu Black Parfum. A dark, rich and mature version. Chanel toned down the geranium an upped the sandalwood in this gem. A future purchase indeed. 8.5/10
02nd July, 2018

Polo Ultra Blue by Ralph Lauren aquatic with some depth. Get it? Depth? But seriously, this is pretty good. Polo finally got it right this time. I get the salty mineral aspect of Ultra Blue. A more mature aquatic.7.5/10
02nd July, 2018

Sole di Positano by Tom Ford

A little too feminine, but a nice fragrance indeed. The ladies will really like this one. The first two notes that I got were Mandarin and Lily of the valley. Future gift for the Mrs.?
02nd July, 2018
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1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne

Sweet and slightly powdery, this one smells kind of cheap. Just not for me.
02nd July, 2018

Artisan Blu by John Varvatos

Aquatics have been done to the max! This is no different. Not a bad scent, just not a different one. 6.5/10
02nd July, 2018

Replica Sailing Day by Martin Margiela

Seen this one many quite a few times. Kind of pre-judged this one by the name for starters. Average smelling aquatic that can be purchased for much less. One thing that I did enjoy was the rose or berry note that is in this one. Does very well in hot weather, but can become cloying if oversprayed. 6.5/10
02nd July, 2018

Vanille Fatale by Tom Ford

This is Tobacco Vanille without the Tobacco. A nice fragrance nonetheless. A deep vanilla which kind of reminded me of Eau Des Baux for a moment. For the price, you would come out better getting Eau Des Baux IMO. 7/10
02nd July, 2018

Light Blue Italian Zest pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Smells a lot like D&G Light Blue with a bit more citrus and a nice mandarin note added. May be a future purchase when the price drops. 7.5/10
02nd July, 2018

Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs

Smells slightly like the original, except this version has more of a citrus vibe that makes it seems fresher. Maybe they wanted to make a version for warmer weather maybe? 6.5/10
26th June, 2018

L'Oudh by Tauer

If you are a true Oud lover, this may be for you. I'm not, so this was a pass for me.I gave this a neutral because I didn't want be bias against it because I wasn't a big oud fan. Slightly dirty oud that has above average projection and longevity. If it was more floral, I may have liked this one more.
29th April, 2018

Invictus Aqua by Paco Rabanne

Haven't sampled the 2016 version that lifted a lot of hype in the past. Sampled the latest version. It's ok, but it smells like a lot of aquatic I've smelled before. It's very wearable, but not enough to purchase a bottle at the moment. 7/10
12th March, 2018

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

For a generic fragrance, this is pretty decent and something I could actually wear. Kind of sweet and fresh at the same time with a very small hint of an aquatic vibe. 7/10
12th March, 2018

Coach for Men (new) by Coach

As previously mentioned, this is pretty generic. Slightly sweet but not bad at all. Would I purchase? No, but I could see a younger person wearing this one.6/10
12th March, 2018

Shooting Stars : Nio by Xerjoff

Quality citrus with a well made Neroli co-star. Summer gem. Very zesty and invigorating. Calms down to a nice green background. Really like this one. The price is another thing. Will have to get in on a split with this one. 8/10
05th March, 2018

Carven L'Eau Intense by Carven

This one is slightly soapy, minty and fresh. I get a couple of synthetic notes in this one but it's overall a nice fragrance. Inoffensive, and fresh are two works that briefly describe this fragrance. Can be worn throughout the year and still perform perfectly. 7/10
28th February, 2018

Prada L'Homme Intense by Prada

A nice powdery Iris with a Tonka sidekick was the first notes I noticed. A mellow leather note soon follows(good job with that)and makes it a bit more masculine and decent fragrance. Fall and Winter seems to be a good time to wear this one. 7/10
28th February, 2018

Opium pour Homme Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

A spicy vanilla with an initial bite. I could swear I get some Amber in this gem (may be the balsam note). You will really enjoy this on a nice cool day.7.5/10
28th February, 2018

Terre d'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche by Hermès

This is basically TDH with a citrus twist. Pretty good. A Summer version of TDH. 7/10
26th February, 2018

Viking by Creed

The first two notes I got out of this was mint and sandalwood. About 5 minutes later i got a citrus note which seemed to morph into a slight green note. A lot of mixed opinions about this one but i actually think Viking is pretty good. The price at the moment is another thing. 7.5/10
16th November, 2017

Ferrari Bright Neroli by Ferrari

A very good clone of Neroli Portofino. The price is a major plus. Very zesty and fresh. An Ambroxide gem. 8/10
16th October, 2017