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No. 19 Poudré by Chanel

Very wearable perfume. Nonintrusive, intimate and outspoken at the same time. It's a soft, not too powdery green iris with a pinch of mineral freshness. A bit fuzzy during the powder phase, otherwise clear and structured. Excellent performance.
31st August, 2014 (last edited: 01st September, 2014)

Les Belles de Ricci - Liberté Acidulée / Liberty Fizz by Nina Ricci

It was a b day gift. Super juicy tomato leaves that can drive the senses crazy, for the few minutes that they last. It's more like a refreshment water, than a perfume. The bottle was gone in few weeks. The other one in two and than, it just didn't make sense any more.
31st August, 2014

Eva by Santa Maria Novella

For a long time I wasn't even aware that this is a masculine. I use it in hot summer days, when temperature rise above 34C. Only than the full bodied spicy dry wood reveals spectacularly. Otherwise, the citruses are in the way of the true nature of the quality of this perfume.
31st August, 2014
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