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Reviews by Le Boise

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At Last by Lollia

This is an ethereal essence that is at once cottony, with a delicate paper note and the same milk note found in L'occitane's Milk Shea Butter Soap and Pre De Provence's Milk Soap. It layers well with either of those soaps. The Magnolia is gentle here through the middle and the dry down is a soft powdery white musk with just a touch of what I perceive to be orris root and fresh soil. The sillage on this will probably disappoint many, it is whispy, but I like to wear this to bed or at times when I don't want others to be distracted by my aroma, I just want to smell soft and cozy. The longevity of this fragrance on me is approximately 2-3 hours and I found reapplication was required frequently however it is very reasonably priced and perfect for those muggy hot summer days. Like all of the Lollia Line offerings, the bottle is delicately draped in silkscreen décor (this one in a dainty white lace pattern) that belongs on an antique dresser top of an young English country aristocrat. Simply cheerful and delightful.
10th May, 2013

Leila Lou by Rosie Jane Cosmetics

This perfume oil begins with a fruit forward succulent pear note that is rounded off by the nectarine creating a late harvest Reisling note, initially. Within a few minutes I sense the herbal greenness of crushed/ cut grass, at times this is a bit scratchy on my throat, but after the first hour this settles into a soft sheer sweet clean musk skin scent with the occasional whiff of juicy pear wafting in the air. Saddly, the cotton musk is barely detectable to my nose. This is not a heavy statement scent, rather a low sillage clean innocent fruit musk essence is more accurate. A light background scent for all ages, day or night, office or brunch, Spring and Summer. Some may feel it lacks complexity or ingenuity, others claim it is comforting and mouthwatering. I use it as a base when anything louder threatens to induce a migraine. Consider this in the same vein as Kai and Monyette oils but with less florality and more edible fruitiness. Since I received this with a sample of the matching body lotion and foaming scrub, I recommend using both of those products to layer if you love this scent but wish to turn up the volume a little bit.
18th April, 2013

Nude Musk by Ava Luxe

I found this fragrance to be indistinguishable from Sarah Horowitz' Perfect Veil. A tender sheer fluffy soft powdery skin musk, reminescent of babies and dryer sheets. Low sillage and unoffensive.
18th January, 2013
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Grand Néroli by Atelier Cologne

I coveted this dry green herbal Neroli scent for many months before taking the plunge. I thought it would be my everyday signature scent, but I find I can only wear this for a particular mood and time of year- on rain soaked chilly days when courage, resilience and purposeful optimism are required along with copious amounts of coffee. There's no tender powdery florality or feminine character to this one, this is the bitter boldness of sunbaked crushed Neroli leaves over a bed of moss and resins. This is a very confident crisp take charge type of Neroli that will get you out of bed. Grand Neroli is completely unisex, if not slightly better on a Man, but I wear it anyway and it is an excellent fresh daytime professional scent that, IMO, falls in the same category as Chloe's Eau de Fleurs Capucine. I like it better in the dreary bleak Winter- as opposed to many soft dewy orange blossom type scents I love for Spring and Summer. As with many Atelier offerings, this fragrance is on the lower end of the sillage spectrum compared to DSH Neroli, TM Portofino Neroli and Le Labo Neroli 36 (for example). However, it lingers for 4-6 hours on my skin and periodically strikes a chord of moss with galbanum- here, or a dash of bergamot tinged petitgrain- there. The drydown is a grounding resinous balm and I think this one good standard for the true Neroli lovers fragrance wardrobe.
04th December, 2012 (last edited: 10th December, 2012)