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Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

This is a perfect gourmand fragrance for me,its is no beast when it comes to projection but it has a decent longevity,keep it for those special occasions when you have to get close to someone,an intimate dating fragrance to be specific.
trust me your girl would love this fragrance on you,what i get out of it is a tiny punch of tobacco definitely not overpowering,lots of violet and the dry down of vanilla,the bottom notes resemble JPG's Le Male just the similar dry down just a bit sexier.
If you love gourmands then this is a definite buy
11th September, 2012

Chrome by Azzaro

I have a 3.4 oz bottle of chrome,on the opening i can only call this scent as a blast of freshness,it might be to loud for some people but to my nose it is very pleasing.
opens with a lingering fresh blast of some metal notes,i dont really know what metal,citrus not the lemon but the orangish citrus kicks right below the metallic notes,definitely some musk in there although i dont get the sandalwood which some people mention.
on the whole this fragrance is a strong aquatic and i dont really think there are much strong aquatic on the line,a definite buy from my side or atleast try it,a must have if u are into fragrances.Last about a good 4-8 hours on my skin.
It is definitely a summer/spring fragrance,i wouldnt wear this in winter because it just doesnt hold up.
30th August, 2012