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Giò by Giorgio Armani

Gio and I had really good time hanging out together in the mid 90s. An extremely heady multifloral with a nice little kick of something exotic, like licorice? Yes, you definitely get the honey, also. The perfume version was absolute heaven on earth.

I feel this is Armani's finest.
05th March, 2017

Simply Belle by Exceptional

A pleasant enough concoction, citrusy, light, summery. I feel this would hold your attention longer at a summertime event. The neutral rating is my body simply does not do well with jasmine. Appropriately named, as something in this scent makes me want to throw on a hoop skirt and find a veranda to sit on.
05th March, 2017

Exceptional Because You Are by Exceptional

I got a free sample of this. Its the only way I could be convinced to put this stinky stuff on. On me, it smells horribly like black pepper and synthetic floral. For some reason I think it smells like a gas station bathroom.
05th March, 2017
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Gucci Guilty Black by Gucci

Fake fruity and a synthetic mess. Rbaker hit it on the head with chemical mix. All the scents mixed together, but nothing authentic. Smells like a little kid has gotten into your perfume collection and given itself a squirt of everything you have.
23rd September, 2014

Versus (new) by Versace

Got all the fruit with the first sniff, then it went to patchouli with a sweet edge. I agree with Hojji77-it smells like shampoo. While not nasty, I'll definitely pass on this one.
22nd September, 2014

Elie Saab Le Parfum by Elie Saab

Try not to rate this one the first half hour you put it on or you won't like it. I found the beginning to be almost unbearably sharp and green, but then it mellowed out nicely to a edgy floral, and yes I can detect the honey in there. The cedarwood is very discreet, not overdosed like some fragrances that end up smelling like the stinky little guinea pigs we had as pets when we were children. This is a fragrance that isn't "me" but I would enjoy on somebody else.
22nd September, 2014

Lucky Number 6 for Women by Lucky Brand

I didn't get any of the fruit mentioned, and from the reviews I see everybody is catching something different from this fragrance. I get no fruit, but a mildly spicy woodsy fragrance. It is definitely a fall fragrance, warm, and slightly soapy. Stays close to your body and has absolutely no projection. Within the hour there is only a hint of it sticking around. Although I like the fragrance, I doubt I would buy a bottle. This is for when you are hanging around the house and just want to smell clean perfume.
21st September, 2014

Marni by Marni

To me, this smells like old books in an antique store. All I get is a peppered mildew smell with just a hint of the cedarwood, which seems like it was thrown in as an afterthought. Although this is a feminine scent, I think it is purely masculine, and the over 70 set at that.
21st September, 2014

Tory Burch by Tory Burch

Very floral and citrus. The grapefruit comes out in a very prominent way, along with the pink pepper, then settles down and lets the florals subtly come in. Very fresh and contemporary.
21st September, 2014

Folle de Joie by Joie

Yes, I'm getting all the florals and a touch of the mandarin, but absolutely none of the musk and sandalwood. I'm also getting a bit of Raid unfortunately, which sometimes I catch with jasmine. Not obnoxious, but would be oppressive on a warm night.
21st September, 2014

Ritz by Charles of the Ritz

If you lived through the disco era, you should remember this fragrance. It held its own amongst the Halston, Bill Blass, and Pierre Cardin fragrances of that time. A light airy woodsy-floral, very upbeat, and, to quote the other comments on here, very, very classy. There was a brief period of time this came out in an aerosol can, too, as a sales gimmick. Alas, like disco, this had to come to an end as the company is no longer in existence, but I really enjoyed this fragrance while it lasted.
15th March, 2014

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

The first whiff was pretty loud with a medicinal note, but settled quickly to a nice fragrance that stayed close to the body. This is an old Hollywood fragrance despite being somewhat new. This is not office or work fragrance, but meant to be enjoyed while really dressing up. I don't see young girls enjoying this fragrance, it seems to me to be for the 30 and older crowd, and yes I get the unisex. It is very glamorous and moody fragrance that, alas, I can't pull off anymore.
08th March, 2014

Cannabis Santal by Fresh

If you are expecting to smell like a doobie, this perfume is not for you. Instead, despite the name, is a sweet, chocolate, foodie-type perfume, which I'm just not into. The longevity was really good, I smelled like a candy bar for hours.
08th March, 2014
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Nirvana White by Elizabeth and James

I was prepared to dislike this one as I am not enamored with the Olsen twins, so I was quite surprised when I squirted this on, went about my business, then caught a whiff and said "Whoa, what is this?" Extremely, fresh out of the shower clean, very simple floral with a musk base. Extremely light, I can't find it offending in the office setting, but nice enough to wear at night. Like most light florals, the longevity is about four hours, tops. I can see it getting lost in the winter woolens, so save this for summertime wear.
06th March, 2014

I Love New York For Holidays by Bond No. 9

Got a big smack of tangerine as soon as I sprayed it, then it moved over a bit and let some of the other fruits in. I'm just not getting the woods. On me this has gone very sweet and strident. I think of young women clubbing when I smell this fragrance. Too much for me, but by no means a bad fragrance.
03rd March, 2014

Acqua di Parma Colonia by Acqua di Parma

When I smelled this the first time I thought "this smells like an older scent" but I didn't know it was from 1916! I really got the citrus at first, then it died down to an herbal scent fairly fast. Does not last long though, four hours on me. It is a nice light fragrance, would do well in the warmer months. This is a fragrance that isn't real feminine or very masculine, so if your sexuality kind of goes down the middle of the road, this would be an excellent fragrance for you.
03rd March, 2014

Florabotanica by Balenciaga

Could not wait to try this as I had already read about it and loved the packaging. What I got was a very dry and powdery rose. The fragrance is very linear, with the only variation being a very slight minty freshness in the beginning, but that left with evaporation. This is a very tenacious fragrance, one little squirt left a comet trail behind me for a long time, and when I woke up the next morning (after a shower the night before) I could still smell it clinging to my wrist. Something about it reminds me of very well dressed ladies in the 1960s-1970s. I heard it has a note of cannibis in it, I guess that is what is reminding me of that era.
09th March, 2013 (last edited: 19th March, 2013)

Sand & Sable by Coty

This is some stinky stuff. Syrupy sweet tuberose and gardenia mixed up with some type of plastic and a dash of that dreaded "cat pee" note that sends me running. But, for some reason, a lot of men comment on this being their favorite fragrance. That usually tells me right off the bat we are not going to have anything in common.
21st September, 2012

Masumi by Coty

This was a somewhat powdery oriential with a smoky base. It reminds me of Opium if you took out the bright spiciness of Opium. Definitely smelled a lot more expensive than the actual price tag.
21st September, 2012

Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

Does this remind anybody of Enjoli that was out in the 70s? This is what this reminds me of. I got a lot of the fruits everyone mentions (probably too much), I couldn't find the tuberose that its famous for. It gets a bit better as the day goes on. Don't worry about re-spraying as it will surely still be there as it lasts forever, and leaves a fruit trail wherever you go.
17th September, 2012

Poppy by Coach

I found this fragrance to be undescribably nasty, but I'll give it a try. Think of the Juicy Fruit gum we used to chew, add a little more sugar, and make it oppressive, damp, and so sweet you expect it to crystalize on your skin when you spray it on, and you have Coach Poppy.
17th September, 2012

Charlie / Charlie Blue by Revlon

I'm basing my review on the Charlie from back in the 70s.

What I got was a bright citrus opening, followed by a mellow floral, very bright, with a clean drydown . In the mid 70s, I didn't know one girl who didn't have this on her dresser. When I see a tester of this in a drug store I always take a sniff, and it transports me back to high school. I think it is overlooked because of the low price tag, but it beats the heck out of some of the stuff that is so popular today (are you listening, Coach?)
17th September, 2012

AV by Adrienne Vittadini

Oh how we all ran to the mall like a pack of lemmings to get this one back in the mid 1990s. It was wildly popular there for a while, and I don't know why. At the time it was advertised as a "fresh", but fresh what I don't know. The only way I can describe this is hairspray, the cheapest hairspray availabe. Burns your nose and eyes, and makes little children sneeze. Pass on this one.
17th September, 2012

Calyx by Prescriptives

An intense, screeching, nostril searing green concoction that smells like pulling weeds out of the garden. If you had to put this in a category, I guess it would be unholy sharp and green, with some horrid type of citrus. A sales associate one time accidentally sprayed this in my face and I have hated it ever since. Of all the 100+ reviews I have done, this is definitely the worst one of the bunch.
16th September, 2012

Angel by Thierry Mugler

When I tried this, all I got was chocolate-caramel sticky sweet sickening cake batter with a whalloping double dose of vanilla. Makes me think of eating Nestle's Quick out of the can as a child.
16th September, 2012

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

I really wanted to like this fragrance out of respect for Liz Taylor, but try as I might, I couldn't.

I occasionally got whiffs of coconut, but its not listed in the notes. The rest of it is plastic and screechy synthetic notes.
16th September, 2012

First Eau de Parfum by Van Cleef & Arpels

This is a very classy fragrance. The first few seconds of this is not really that impressive, but the drydown is nice. Its just not very memorable in my book. It to me smells like a 1950s fragrance. This is not girl potion, this one is for women. Nice, but it just didn't work for me.
09th September, 2012

Most Precious by Irma Shorell

We all had a bottle of this as young teenagers. It was a soft floral, reminded me of honeysuckle, though that is not mentioned in the makeup of this delicate fragrance. I do get the lily of the valley on this. I haven't seen it in years, though. A shame because young teenagers would be a perfect market for this. It just smelled nice.
09th September, 2012

Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani

A male sales associate whispered to me at a department store that when he smells this he has to "adjust himself". Of course I couldn't resist trying it after that and I walked around the mall and didn't have to fight off any men or run for my "virtue".

What I did get was a sickeningly, overwhelming sweetness that smelled like Jolly Ranchers to me. It just downright stank.
09th September, 2012

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

I bought a bottle of this in the mid 90s. While it wasn't a bad fragrance, on me all I could get was vanilla and leather. I gave the bottle away half full, I just couldn't deal with smelling like vanilla wafers at the bottom of a Coach purse any more.
09th September, 2012