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Bang by Marc Jacobs

Hit and Run...

Surprising (given it's name), Bang! is more pensive than party. It's a simple woody, resinous number mingled with a peppery metallic tang.

On impact, the scent is indeed agressive and all-kinds-of-peppery. But a rosy pink peppercorn, reminiscent of cinnamon tic-tacs (the only touch of sweetness here), soon segues to a more solemn, subdued Heart. Which is simply dry tree trunks dusted with pepper -mellowed out by a dark velvety resin in the background. A smidgen of oakmoss lends a mild balsalmic tang; adding pungency and depth. But hardly enough to mark this scent "complex". What manages to save Marc Jacobs from being a boring "bang", is the overall "inky" vetiver root accord (à la Encre Noire), playing the perfect foil to make the glimmer of pink pepper, PoP! The effect is edgy, but brooding. A bit simplistic to be sure, but (apparently) appealing nonetheless ; )

Bang! is uncomplicated, unconventional, and uncompromising in its sense of style. Marc Jacobs made a bold move with this "mature" and unlikely candidate (in the 2010 marketplace), amid a designer landscape of child-pacifying confections that pander to Gucci pocketbooks with bubble-gum taste. This bottle may not have made a dent in that market, but personally in my GAME...

BANG! ...hit a home run.

LONGEVITY: 7/10(in base)
PROJECTION(Fall temp): 6.0/10(stealthy)
ART/CREATIVES: 8.5/10 (bottle,composition)
HOW: work,casual,low-key dates,fall,winter,
day or night,male 25+
31st October, 2014 (last edited: 28th August, 2016)

Moschino Forever by Moschino

There's something inherently Co0L about Moschino Forever...but it took me FOREVER, to "get" it !

Although I'm quite addicted to this alluring sweet and tangy mix. I can't "compare" it to any Chanel, or BoSS, or YSL L'Homme, like others have done. I know what they mean. But the mild plastiky quality to some accords in this juice (as others have mentioned), makes this altogether inferior... by comparison.

Nor can I join in to chastise it's cheaply molded "Gangsta Bling" presentation on the bottle -by comparing it to the 200 child-labor-hour flacon of Versace Eros. Which would indeed make this flimsy "Logo Cap" business, straight up "junk"... by comparison.

So, perhaps the only thing I CAN compare this to...

Might be an irreverent Design house's (very wearable) production of a dollar-store "Toy fragrance" ! One which brilliantly imitates and mocks all the popular brands others have compared it to.

In which case, Moschino Forever may simply be...

INcomparable !

(True to the spirit of Moschino, himself.)

and that's, pretty cool.

Longevity: 8/10(in base)
Projection(Fall temp): 7.5/10(in mid)
Art/Creatives: 7/10 (bottle,concept,
composition)– the 30ml flacon has
the best design proportions.
How: Casual,spring,fall,winter,
a date/nite out, cheeky, young and
"Sexy", very good performance. FuN,
for Nathalie Lorson fans (like myself).
12th October, 2014 (last edited: 21st October, 2014)

Joop! Splash by Joop!

Dear Doctor...

I'm not into sweet fragrances. But just like a "kid", I need a fix of candy now and then. That's what my bottle of "Rochas Man" and "Individuel", is for. But for some God forsaken reason, this Joop! "Splash"? ...O God, its like the Best candy EVER ! I think I may have a serious problem.

I find myself going to the cupboard first thing in the morning, last thing at night, (even in the middle of the night !) Just to sniff the damn thing, or to spray it all over.

I can't let go of the bottle, either. It looks like a glowing green shard from an iceberg, melting in my hand. I'm wearing out my fingers on that (highschool machine shop cross-hatching job) on it's sNappY metal cap. Surely you'll agree, Doctor. I've gone SNAP-Happy !

I know it's aquatic in the most generic way. I know it's fruity in the most infantile way. Not to mention if there's wood in the base, it must have come from a discounted pile of used veneer with the glue still on the back. YET ! I find it fizzy and sparkling -like a favorite yet unnamed flavour of "Fanta"! I just can't help myself.

Please Doctor, tell me...

Have I lost all maturity?

Have I lost all taste?


(sniff, sniff)
04th October, 2014 (last edited: 12th October, 2014)
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L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraîche by Issey Miyake

Me-likey Miyake !

A simple but distinguished spring/summer scent that's best for any daytime dress shirt occassion, imo. A cool, astringent, bergamot peel in mint-oil accord hits me in the Opening; establishing a "mature" herbal aromatic character. (By "mature" I simply mean more reserved than energetic in style.)

As the scent developes... A calm and reassuring skin-musk warms up to my body temperature... and blends everything seamlessly to my skin. This is where "Bleu Fraiche" really shines. The musk diffuses rosemary and bergamot, to undermine the severity of the bitter elements with a delicate citrus/floral tint. An understated and intimate "heart". It comes across gentlemanly, without beng uptight.

I get a smooth, airy, close to body sillage for 5+ hours on my skin. Pretty good preformance for a light, translucent scent. To say that "Bleu Fraiche" is simply "L'eau Bleu" without the spiciness and "body" (although true), would be doing it injustice. It has enough character of it's own to stand shoulder to shoulder with popular office-friendly scents like Bvlgari pour homme extreme, for example. There is one caution! This scent may work against those who have strong "scent-memory" of Vicks vapor rub, or a mentholated ointment -at least in the opening. I initially got that vibe myself to be honest. But fortunately... that disappears for me after the scent develops.

A "must try" for those who like Issey Miyake scents. Very Good.
26th May, 2014 (last edited: 25th August, 2016)

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

"Let. There. Be. Light."

Montana Parfum D'Homme LIGHT...

Is an Eau de Toilette that comes in a gray "tower of babel" splash bottle, in Red Box. I can describe it as a stripped down, "air conditioned" version of Parfum D'Homme. With moderate performance for an EDT. Great for those who want to wear Parfum D'Homme, year round.

"Light" turns up the aldehydes and lavender, and turns down the herbs and spices of the original... Significantly. But carnation, pine, cinnamon, and even incense are still detectable to my nose. Although less dense. There's not much "development" to speak of. But, the macho character of the original -with it's labdanum, ambergris, and leather, remains (mostly) intact. Happy that ! These notes are main players in "Light". Paler, perhaps. Yet still animalic. But definitely spring/summer appropriate. It makes for a unique warm weather scent.

As for the rugged leather jacket man imagery? This version might not give you the same impact. Don't go expecting it. At best, the glow of aldehydes, might allude to the "brilliant" mind of the man inside the jacket, instead. LOL. But hey, if you already have the "brawn" of the original, wouldn't you want the "brains" to go with it too? LOL


Especially because a 75ml bottle of this gem currently goes for $15 (USD). $15? That's just BONKERS !!
30th March, 2014 (last edited: 26th May, 2014)

Cuba Black by Cuba Paris

What have I been SMOKING ?

These Cigar shaped Cuba fragrances are the best entertainment short of actually lighting up, well..."anything" ; ) But nonetheless, you DO have to inhale ! LOL

Each Cuba has the same Cigar Tobacco undertone to my nose, on top of which, a different scent/combo is layered. BLACK, is Fresh, Spicy Jasmine overtop of pungent Cigar Tobacco. The result, is a hefty, slightly salty, Licorice tinged Oriental scent, that carries itself with surprising Balance and Character. Projection is quite satisying for the first 2 hrs. Then it becomes softer, more powdery, quickly losing it's complexity as it dries ( Hey, I'm shocked there was ANY to begin with ). But the scent is still noticeable enough to be enjoyed for another 2hrs or so, if you dig it. The Quality (not the smell) is in line with something like Victorinox's $30 bottle of Swiss Army "Altitude"...and with more imagination and Character than that ( for less than $10 ). Which is to say, that Cuba Black.. is NOT half Bad !

So far, Cuba's kitschy line of cheapies have all been Surprising, in mostly good ways. At this rate, I might need to buy myself a Humour(dor) for their storage ; )

Longevity:5/10(in base)
Projection(Fall temp):6.5/10(in mid)
composition)– in the 30ml cigar flacon.
How:Casual,anytime,fall,winter, for the
Fun of it !
23rd January, 2014 (last edited: 18th April, 2014)

B*Men by Thierry Mugler

Wow, talk about Gourmand...

Only 15 minutes into B*men. And I felt like I've eaten an entire bag of Licorice Allsorts !!! Especially those with mostly black in it. You either love those, or you hate'em. Fair warning. I love'em. But even then...

Thankfully, B*men does eventually cease shoving Allsorts through my nose, and mellow out into something vaguely like a gourmand version of YSL Body Kouros: Resinous woods, with heavy spice, and rich anise(y) sweetness (I'm not saying they smell the same tho). Where Body Kouros' sweetness is restrained by the eucalyptus which cools it; B*men's not into kinky restraints, at ALL. Nope. In fact, he'd rather put on some dapper duds and treat you to a 5* gourmet dinner at an elegant restaurant ; )

O, and don't forget to bring along the Allsorts.
06th January, 2014 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

Tarred and Feathered ?

You better be ready quick ! The big "money shot" in Kokorico is the rather brief Opening: A sharp, acrid green of distilled fig leaf... poured over a pungent plot of patchouli. (Complete with garden soil and all -as played by the double-duty cacao). A compelling accord that borders on the grotesque, AND the sublime (very Annick Menardo). Everything after that, is rather anti-climatic. Simply, charming after-sex banter between gruff patchouli, and alluring cacao (now, the velvety hot chocolate powder variety)... still entwined on a bed of vetiver, and cedar. True, the dynamics of this duo may wear off for some before the scent does. But Kokorico's cacao note alone, continued to drive me "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs", long into it's drydown! (and that's NOT a bad thing ; )

I can see why the much maligned Kokorico wasn't a big hit. Both the Opening, and concept, may be too audacious for the mass-market: A scent that dares to repel as much as it beckons. But the rest of Kokorico proves to be a quirky, huggable, masculine scent. A good alternative for younger cocoa lovers who may find DHI and L'instant, too dressy or mature.

Distinctive, and easily the most fun to wear in my wardrobe.

Longevity:8.5/10(in base)
Projection(Fall temp):7/10(in mid)
composition)–A preposterous
surrealist bottle worthy of Dali.
28th September, 2013 (last edited: 04th June, 2014)

Silver Scent Intense by Jacques Bogart

The Silver Oud ?

A (surprisingly) friendly oud based, evening around town scent, for fall and winter. A bit overwhelming at the top, but great projection and longevity will follow. The namesake silver (oud) accord (oud wood, shined and polished by lavender and lemon) is quite unique. This is paired with a grape soda like accord -A bitter sweet orange, tonka, and geranium combo. It's quite appealing, and masculine. The usual moody dark feel of oud is made brighter, and quite festive by it's silvery-ness. On the other hand, the grape soda vibe paired with the medicinal edge in oud may remind some of cough syrup, as it did me.

Solid. But not a safe blind buy, even at it's amazing value.
28th September, 2013 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)

Eau de Iceberg pour Homme by Iceberg

Clean and smooth...

Eau de Iceberg is (basically) clean and lemony vetiver over labdanum. Not that complex, but quite well done. There's a labdanum-rich viscosity, that allows for multi-season use; and the citrus is quite natural. The particular labdanum here, throws a thin swath of grey leather onto the lemon soapiness in the "mid"; and is what gives this likeable but straight forward composition, some character. Although not enough, perhaps. But still a rather relaxing and very wearable clean scent with mild projection, and good longevity on me. Not for younger, more energetic tastes though. .

The extremely affordable price certainly adds to it's appeal. Not a jump up for joy discovery, but certainly a gently uplifting "cheapie" that's worth more than it's price tag.
20th September, 2013 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)

Lalique White by Lalique


A naturalistic cloud of stem intact lemon leaf, and zingy tamarind fruit... Opens up to a generous seasoning of white pepper...And enveloped in a gauzy, clean-linen musk. The opening breath of Lalique White is soulful and eloquent in it's botanical realism. And sober, yet optimistic, in it's sun warmed clothesline cleanliness. The progression of accords are slow and subtle throughout. The "mid" sets the stage for a trio of nutmeg, violet, and cardamom. Which, as the fresh linen occassionally peels away, will meld -to create a fantastic and (elusive) dry, nutty, curry spice that tingles my palate. While only traces of lemon leaf will remain... consistent with an amber and (dry) cedar “base”... awaiting, dusk. A barely-there (but noteworthy) oakmoss, manages to lend both “occasion”, and much needed “masculinity” to this sunny, but softly diffused entry from Lalique.

True, the gentleness of this fragrance may come across too unisex for those with bold masculine tastes. But even then, Lalique White remains an elegant expression of Masculinity for the right occasions. It is simply, beautiful.

Christine Nagel's vision of “White” -Is the hazy glow of reflected heat, from a billowing white Egyptian tunic. Brushing past local flora... beneath a North African sun.

This is an outstanding fragrance (in the "Designer" Class) on the whole. My first ever encounter with this talented perfumer...

It certainly won't be my last.

Longevity: 9/10 (in base)
Projection (Spring temperatures): 7/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 9/10 (bottle, concept, and scent)
How: Spring/summer, daytime elegance, best in
open air, mature, with Niche qualities, perfect
for a groom in white on his wedding day.
29th August, 2013 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)

F pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

F is for...?.

Olivier Polge (whose compositions I always highly anticipate) levitates a promising, leather and apple accord -on top an "ozonic" cloud of pepper. But the result is unremarkable, albeit agreeable. I kept hoping for a more assertive "Combo" to come along and save this fragrance from Pleasantville. But alas, the all too synthetic leather, (or rather “pleather” note), misplaced in the "base" of it's note pyramid, never showed up much in the sillage of this fragrance. Nor anywhere else beyond my subconscious. Which Leaves this fragrance defenseless in the "Ring" -against similarly styled (office friendly signatures) like the superior YSL L'homme, Guerlain's mojito-inspired "Homme", or heck, even "Bvlgari Man" !

Good luck, "F". As the Mens fragrance market closes in on you... That "F" may take on a Whole... New... Meaning... (LOL).

Longevity: 9/10 (in base)
Projection (Summer temperatures): 8/10
(more detectable by others than the wearer)
Art/Creatives: 7/10 (bottle, concept, and scent)
How: Spring and Summer, day, business, office,
everyday, casual social, great work horse fragrance.
29th August, 2013 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)

Solo Loewe Absoluto by Loewe

Disappointing, not because it's bad...

But because it's (almost) Great.

A striking Tangerine-Orchid-Incense, oriental.

Rare is the orchid in men's "designer" class fragrances. This particular rarity is simultaneously Musky (in it's orchid), Arid (in it's incense), and Muted (in it's tangerine rind) : As opulent as it's concept may imply, "SOLO Absoluto" possesses a tonal balance that boasts very little contrast. Resulting in a lack of dynamism. Without any acidic brightness pass the opening, it very quickly became ashy, life-less, and claustrophobic. Like a beautiful gilded and bejeweled sarcophagus. Grand, but somber. Warm... alas, aloof.

This is very much a "niche" type work of "Art": Exquisite to admire on a blotter, but not necessarily as wearable, IMO. (Save for maybe with a poker face, for an upper-hand in business negotiations, LOL). Stunning bottle design and execution, to boot. Rather a disappointment.

18th August, 2013 (last edited: 18th April, 2014)
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Diesel Zero Plus by Diesel

( Instructions on ) How to build a Bomb !!

If you can manage to stuff a single rose into a big party balloon; and fill the rest of it with Johnson's Baby Powder, and a ton of dry Cinnamon -ground so fine that it will inevitably be sucked into the air, up someone's nose, and directly into their sinuses... You then POP that balloon, two inches in front of that someone's face?

That person, would have just experienced...

DIESEL. Zero. Plus. Masculine !!

( Luv this one. I always wear this when I'm dragged to a party that I don't wanna go to ! ) LOL
07th August, 2013 (last edited: 02nd July, 2014)

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent


Muscular. swarthy. animal -heat... cooled down by eucalyptus.

Not for kiddies. Body Kouros has an omni present and misty sillage in cooler weather. It's deep, smoky, medicinal character suggests adult sensuality in those conditions: Winter air teemed with cool vapors of eucalyptus, holds a brawny benzoin hostage...A touch kinky. But in warmer temperatures... the output intensifies; provoking the beast within. Body Kouros goes Primal ! Overwhelming it's prey with an ardent, resiny, incense sweetness.

Either way, this one pushed one of my already favorite perfumers, Annick Menardo, to the TOP of my list.

Provocative, and brilliant !

( and I'm not just talking about Annick. )
03rd August, 2013 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)

Potion by Dsquared2

"Double, double, toil and trouble"...William Shakespeare.

POTION (from D2quared)...

Droplets of brew from the cauldron of Macbeth's 3 witches.
Complete with eye of newt, and wool of bat.
Cinnamon stiks, on Angelica stacked.
A sprig of Mint. A dash of Rose.
Over Amber warmth, from cinder... Grows.
An ancient remedie for the heart, decants.
Diluted, to a transparent, modern,
Seducer... Of a scent.

Complex, without announcement.

Recommended for those who prefer intrigue, over Drama.

(EDT version closer to a skin-scent. But all the better ; )
02nd August, 2013 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)

Kenzo Power by Kenzo

How does Kenzo wield POWER ?

"Speak softly, and carry a big stick." ...Theodore R. Roosevelt Jr.

Musky springtime florals sharpened gently by citrus, and sweetly spiced by cardamom...floating over a creamy soapy base -to produce a JONES CREAM SODA like effervescence on my nose. But as the above quote portends, this character speaks rather softly. Recommended ONLY for the guy with a big enough stick, to wear it !

Easily unisex. A solid spring/summer spirit lifter.

24th July, 2013 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)

Burberry Sport Ice for Men by Burberry

It's like...

The smell of Gingerale (from a distance), through a fog of sea mist. LOL.

A more interesting version of the likeable Original Burberry Sport, to me.

Much better performance as well.
09th May, 2013 (last edited: 05th May, 2014)

Very Irrésistible for Men Fresh Attitude by Givenchy

Fresh? Attitude? Aplenty !

No need to analyze notes here. Lest you fall for any marketing ploy about "coffee" (???). Simply, this tropical fruit punch, set against woody, balsamic basil, has got GAME ! True, a flirty head-turner like this, may not work for everyone. But this is nevertheless both novel for once, and appealing... Due in part to it's surprising potency and depth. A stand-out in a sea of wan puppy-dog juice aimed at a younger audience. (Anne)Flippo and (Pierre)Wargnye inject just the right nuance of mint -To buoy this otherwise "strident" mix, atop the cool stratosphere of Givenchy luxury.

This is a big step (imo), above other comparable fresh/young but banal confections -like Gaultier's Le Beau Male, or any cKsummer2000and-whatevs. This under-dog of a fragrance is more than worthy of an adoption.

The (literally) edgy bottle design seals the deal !

Longevity: 6/10 (in base)
Projection (Spring temperatures): 8/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 8/10 (bottle, concept, and scent)
-Bottle carried over from the original.
How: Spring and Summer -but wearable
all seasons, both night or day, casual,
style conscious, dates, parties, flirting.
01st May, 2013 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)

The Dreamer by Versace

I'm actually quite fond of Versace's Dreamer. But...

Brace yourselves for the first half. Which is un-apologetically Loud, Crude, and yet Sentimental. A date night scent worthy of a truck-stop diner! It's a cloying blast of synthetic and powdery floral cliches, made doubly brash next to a (cigarette) tobacco note. Boldly unsophisticated, but never insincere. This is either a real Cowboy's misty-eyed idea of romance - Handing her a dozen roses while talking through a lit cigarette. Or, alternatively, the scent of a creepy old widow down the street...(LOL) For your sake, I hope you own a set of spurs!

The base of Dreamer is the antithesis: It's cozy, congenial, and uncanny. Is it appealing? Yes, certainly. Is it romantic? Sure...if your Mommy still buys your underwear! (and that's not necessarily an age reference. LOL). It's a comforting fuzzy blanket of indistinguishable woods (stitched together with vetiver), snuggling up to a tonka note. But when Dreamer hits a certain point of balance between it's top and base, the scent is indeed "dreamy". Hypnotic, even. (Especially when it wafts from under clothing): Ahhhhh...A perfect hoodie scent ! It has the kind of benign "varsity t-shirt" sexiness, that women at an animal shelter might want a second whiff of ! I should really make this my "signature".

One of the most intriguing, polarizing, and unique, designer scents -that may appeal to your vulnerable side. (The bottle of which I'm sure, had been designed by the general contractors of the Versace villa. LOL). Make no mistake. I like Dreamer, in spite of the jabs. It's simply...Cool !

Longevity: 9/10 (in base)
Projection (winter temperatures): 8/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 7/10 (bottle, concept, and scent) Kitschy!
How: fall/winter, casual, leisure, perfect for anyone
Young at heart ! (and a must-have for collectors
of Designer Frags!)
17th February, 2013 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)

Canali Men by Canali

The highlights are : The pineapple (tampered by leather) giving it's "sweetness" a bit of sophistication. And the floral "mid" complimented by "sandalwood" smells more natural than it's price-point might suggest.

The main drawback of this one is it's longevity. Not much projection, either. Not much going on after 4 hrs. period. But hey! This one can be had for cheap, and still has more depth and note progression than most of it's fellow "Slummies” ! (...that's frags under $30)

Longevity: 5/10 (in base)
Projection (summer temperatures) 8/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 9/10 (distinctive bottle -and a deja-vu for anyone who's seen Close Encounters Of The Third Kind !)
How:Nice to wear to work, office setting, all season, daytime mostly.
16th October, 2012 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)

He Wood Ocean Wet Wood by Dsquared2

"Rant" but no "Rave" !

“Ocean” is more a sketch, than a fully rendered seascape: Instead, it's simply a log, just beginning to macerate in a pond of violet and artemisia. "Oasis Wet Wood", done. It's simple, and it's linear; and as such, I like it a lot. "Marketing" should have stopped at that. But to call this "Ocean"? That just brings up a whole new set of expectations. This is barely "seashore".

As far as "flankers" go, it's somewhat disappointing. If "Rocky Mountain" painted a whole different portrait of HeWood, "Ocean" simply drew a mustache on him !! Essentially just adding Calone to the original, isn't going to make this a great "flanker". In fact, the biggest disappointment here, IS that “water" accord. Which comes off as being still, and murky -lacking the salt infused energy of the sea. Blame it on the patchouli in the "base"; working against the water effect. It both, dulled, and "grounded" the composition -even though it technically gave the fragrance great longevity in the end.

Alberto Morillas is usually formidable. But Daphne Bugey really should have asked Jacques Cavallier, instead ! To partner-up her HeWood with the beautifully vivid ocean in his Bvlgari Aqua pour homme (or even, Aqua Marine). The result could have been my new "signature". As things stand, I still like it. I Just don't love it. *Sighhhh...*

Longevity:9/10 (in base)
Projection (summer temperatures):8/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 6/10 (concept and scent execution
only-bottle stays status quo in this series)
How: casual, work or play, summer only,
by yourself picking lint out of your navel.
12th October, 2012 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)

Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

This one takes your head for a spin!

The flacon of LIVE JAZZ comes in the clever guise of a folding screen. It's multi-facet panels (literally) reflect the essence of Jazz, and the juice inside. The design details of the bottle are all about Contrast. And if you can't already guess, you're going to find out, why !

The opening blast is lemony cool, high-lighted by spearmint. The lemon and grapefruit are more peel, than juice. The accord is airy, fresh, bitter green, and "ozonic". A hint of grassy herbs in the background distinguishes this scent from the Pack. But sooner than you can change into summer gear; a warm creaminess creeps in -brought on by the viscosity of perhaps the rhubarb. This accord transitions into a "mid" -where suddenly, the (dinner) table... Flips !

Amber is the catalyst that begins to "cook" everything in it's warmth. The herbs morph from plant-like, to food-like. Reminiscent of the raw, minty, lemony dish of seasoning that come on the side with your Vietnamese Noodle Soup -dominated by coriander (read cilantro), and simmering in a creamy rhubarb broth. What keeps this from turning altogether savory, is the sweetness of vanilla in the base, throbbing like a consistent beat. Personally, vanilla seems to be the one note in this chord that made the whole thing "sickly" and oppressive for me. But I must admit. This is wayyyyyyy interesting...and will no doubt leave few heads unscratched.

LIVE JAZZ is basically a funky trip to Mabel's kitchen. To hear her nephew's jazz trio, improvise ...while she's cooking ! (lol) Certain food-like qualities to this composition (especially the cilantro and rhubarb) may well be Pierre Bourdon's inspired cross reference of Jazz Music with Soul Food ! Which certainly adds intellectual appeal to this fragrance. But does it warrant a recommendation?

In-spite of the intellectual shenanigan -LIVE JAZZ (as an casual fragrance) is ultimately an unpretentious, versatile, and unique, alternative scent. It all depends on whether you have room on your playlist -for something as interesting, but just as flawed as...well, Live JAZZ !

Longevity:7/10 (base notes)
Projection (fall temperatures):6/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 8/10 (bottle and concept)
How: year round, daytime, casual, free-spirited,
laid-back. (Worth testing).
12th October, 2012 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)

Gigli Man by Romeo Gigli

More DASH, than CASH !!

The floaty, airy quality of this eau de toilette's fruity/floral aspect in the opening; came across a tad "effeminate" for my first sniff !

But on skin, it warms up nicely with body heat, and the woodiness begins to get more palpable. Then, it makes it over the side of "masculine" for me -turning into a crisp, "clean", woody citrus tonic, well suited for spring and summer. Although modern in composition, it's naturalism and simplicity emit a classic vibe. What really sets this apart from others in this category (of light, transparent clean-cut, summer refershers) is it's treatment of yuzu. Which in this case is paired with a minor accord of reedy bamboo. Effectively placing Gigli man in an exotic locale. This Gigli Man is well travelled, romantic... and genteel... Like a modern day Prince, effortless in his charm.

Not a scent I took to immediately, mind you. But has become a "sleeper" hit in my collection. An excellent example of the brilliance of Alberto Morillas (it's creator). Recommended. Especially for the unbelievably low price it fetches. Gigli Man is a Prince's scent, for a Pauper's wallet.

Longevity: 7/10 (in base)
Sillage/Projection (summer temp.):7.5/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 8/10 (Bottle and Composition)
How: casual, youthful (but all ages), daytime,
clean-cut, charming, spring/summer, work or play.
11th October, 2012 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)

Lalique pour Homme by Lalique

(Eau De Parfum version)

Lalique Pour Homme is an elegant, gentleman's parfum with a decidedly "old world" vibe. It invokes the imagery of lemon meringue from Chez Maxim's, floral bouquets stolen from the Luxembourg Gardens; all housed in an antique cedar curio cabinet. Powdery, and citrus-y in it's softly sparkling top notes; hushing way down to an all too quiet rosemary-tinged floral in the "mid". While the vanilla infused cedar, sandalwood, and a critical dose of oak moss, provide structure from start to finish; keeping the character masculine. Albeit a Masculine in wire frames and garters. (That's men's garters, you kinky puppy, you). What raises this fragrance above most "designers", is (Maurice)Roucel's evocative blending of ultimately, standard modern materials: Imbuing them with a simplicity, and "naturalness" more characteristic of perfumes from a bygone era. All the notes hit with crystal clarity, true to it's Lalique roots. An easy wear in spring and summer, for dressy yet relaxed events. Longevity lives up to it's parfum strength. Likewise, the sillage. But, projection is disappointingly soft. Yet, Lalique Pour Homme still stands firmly on it's finely loafer'd feet. Although this fragrance is not recommended for the young modern-scent crowd, it's undeniably a quality composition in the classic style.

A Swellegant affair!

Longevity: 8/10 (in base)
Projection(in summer temperatures): 6/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 8/10 (bottle, juice, and concept)
How: mature, dressy but not necessarily formal,
summer, vintage(y).
11th October, 2012 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)

Cuba Red by Cuba Paris

Kitschy Perfume at it's BEST !

When popcorn and drink at the movies easily ring up $15+ (at least in Canada), you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger bang for your buck than THIS puppy!

I (LMFAO)... the minute I pulled the giant cigar out of it's authentic looking aluminum sheath. I mean Wow, this thing's even ribbed! That's $8 well spent, right there! But, wait...The cap is the cigar tip? Which I suggest you bite off with your teeth, for maximum effect.

Now...The scent (and i kid u not), smells EXACTLY like a CIGAR ! Not some perfume that kind of reminds you of a cigar. But a cigar. Albeit one of the cheaper ones on the shelves behind the convenience store guy. But certainly a better facsimile of a cigar than some of the pricier "tobacco" fragrances I've smelled. It's sweet, and really pungent. Musk, for sure.

Granted that this smells the most authentic from the sprayer tip to about the first 40 minutes on you; I was still rather surprised to get a whiff of it some 2+ hrs down the road. But by then, it had dried down to a soft sweet musky ghost of it's former self, and no longer so Cigar(ish). Still recognizable though. But who cares! Cos now you can pull out the Big Aluminum front of the entire family after dinner, and ask: Would anyone care to pass around my "Cigar" ? LOL

For the shear Hysterics, Theatrics, AND Economics! It's a No-Brainer. You best fork it over for this Big Daddy!

P.S.----Buy the 30ml version to get the most realistic presentation of a cigar. Or risk looking like "Cheech and Chong" *, trying to smoke the 100ml version!

Longevity: 5/10
Projection(summer temperatures): 7/10
Art/Creatives: 10/10(the whole package!
I mean C'mon!)
How: casual, anytime for fun, great gift!,
as a quit-smoking aid, it's cheaper than

*Google 'em, kiddies!
11th October, 2012 (last edited: 05th November, 2013)

Of a Man by Body Shop

It's Citrussy.
It's Green. (literally)
It's Spring and Summer(y).
It lasts, and projects Moderately.
It's Casual.
It's Linear.
It's also pretty good for Layering. lol

Word of warning though: if ur at all sensitive to anything that might remind you of DEEP WOODS OFF (and other bug sprays), then i will kindly advise you to turn your wallet the other way!
11th October, 2012