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U4eahh! 2.43 by Yosh

It's light, fresh, sweet (but not too sweet) and linear. Cucumber all the way. I found it hard to love because there really was something 'off' about this. It was like there was one note just out of place that ruined it and made it sickening. I appreciate it for what the scent was trying to be but couldn't get past that and the price wasn't justifiable.

Overall, smelt like Dove's cucumber anti-perspirant and would be a much cheaper option.
22nd December, 2012

Sombre Negra by Yosh

On opening smelt like 'Black Tourmaline' with the most minimal dash of 'Blood Concept B'. Smoke and wood. I got the pepper soon after. It stays close to the skin and you have to get right up there to get a decent whiff.
22nd December, 2012

Poison by Christian Dior

After many years I decided to test this perfume again because my mother used to own it years ago and I wanted to get it for Christmas. I loved this. It's longevity and projection were phenomenal.

Sadly, I realise now that it has changed a lot. I am going to agree with the previous reviewer and say that Smelling the EDT was just as the name suggests. POISON. It's only a fraction of its former glory. I found it to be weak, diluted and the alcohol stung my nostrils.

I don't believe paying $180 at a department store is worth it anymore for this. If you want something similar but less heavy, try YOSH's 'Omniscent'.

22nd December, 2012
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cK one Summer 2012 by Calvin Klein

Opens with a juicy melon. The melon gradually becomes sweeter and sweeter as the aquatic notes become more prominent. It isn't too sweet but as much as I loved it, I became sick of it. I bought this because I hoped it would have the heavy citrus that Summer's 2010 was based on. I ended up trading my full bottle for my sister's used 2010. Although I still plan on using it when I'm up for some candy.
03rd December, 2012

Aoud Lime by Montale

Montale usually has an Aoud version of their fragrances such as the pair 'Aoud Lime' and 'Aromatic Lime'. I prefer 'Aromatic Lime' myself (easier to wear). Pungent opening which shifts into the background and we are able to understand that there isn't too much difference between the two at all. The same heavy, bitter, tart lime that dominates the nostrils in aromatic is present. The lime slowly fades away to reveal to a lovely rose base.
30th November, 2012

Vanille Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Simple. Vanilla. Couldn't put my finger on the underlying scent till I realised it smelt just like play-play dough.
30th November, 2012

Aromatic Lime by Montale

I disagree that this is a feminine scent. It's masculine with feminine overtones.

On first application you get bitter notes of unripe citrus. After an hour it opens up to the characteristic tart 'lime' over a very deep herbal base that develops - becoming sweeter.

Dries down to a soft and floral citrus.

Sillage is low to medium. Although, The longevity is amazing. I was in and out of the office with a jacket, on a humid 35C day. I could still smell it by the end of the day (10hours+).

This is a must-buy for me.
30th November, 2012