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Roses Vanille by Mancera

This is probably one of the fragrances that suits me better. I get lots of flattering compliments when I am wearing Roses Vanille. The longevity is impressive (48 hours, even after showering I can detect RV on my skin! On clothes and fabric it lasts even longer) and the sillage is bold but in a positive way. Some people knew I was in a hotel lounge bar just because they sensed the trail of RV. "There you are! I smelled your perfume, so nice!" "I knew you were here before seeing you! Which perfume are you wearing, I love it!".
RV does evolve very little on my skin, I have to admit, maybe a little faint zesty note at first but after that RV is sweetness, roses, vanilla. This may sound childish or suitable to a teenager but the vanilla here is a grown up teaser (blame it on a hint of white musk... I guess). I love it because, unlike Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford, I can smell RV on me all day, while to my nose TV disappears in an hour or so (but people around me do smell it, so unfair!). I will keep TV for colder evenings but RV is a winner all year round for me.
Longevity and sillage are worth the price tag (€ 127 for 120 ml! That is the same price for a 50 ml of Malle frag!) and the bottle can be fully opened (for decanting in smaller vials or travel size bottles), plus it comes in a luxury fake leather fabric pouch to protect the perfume from light, just like a champagne glacette! Very cool.
I don't mind if some people think Mancera is a cheaper relative to Montale. I find RV a truly good catch and value for money. [To me it is way too sweet and flowery to suit a man, a nice masculine version could be Mancera Wild Rose Oud]
31st March, 2015

Vanilla by Perlier

A fresh, almost flowery, vanilla scent. Original Vanilla stays on the natural side of vanilla with the smell of the flower/plant/spice rather than the smell of the vanilla used for candies. Good value for money.
A balanced bouquet:

Vanilla flower, berries

Jasmine, Rose, Orchid

Vanilla, white musk, sandalwood

Too bad the longevity is not impressive. On my skin it fades in two/three hours.

8/10 overall (especially keeping in mind its retail price)
13th May, 2014

Décou-Vert by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Green and fresh without being citrusy. It's perfect for really (i mean over 40°c) hot summer days and the drydown is cozy after sunset.
The flowery notes are undemanding and pleasantly lingering.
It might not smell unique at first but I rarely found such a fresh and comforting scent to wear.
A dive into a green garden, where you can sniff the early blooms during the day and relax among scented woods at night.
This was a gift from my fiancee, blind buy, an easy one thanks to the armony of Décou-vert bouquet.
Longevity is good (but i do not expect much from this kind of scents).
8/10 (kudos for its standing the sultry weather of Milanese summer)
13th May, 2014
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Escape by Calvin Klein

I was wearing it when almost nobody was in Italy, back in the 90's

Of course I was much younger and Escape was a perfect partner in crime for my youth. Fruity, fresh, floral the original formula had all the happiness of that carefree age.

As soon as the fragrance appeared on the Italian shelves it was on EVERY woman passing by and to me Escape lost its magic spell.

It remains an enjoyable fragrance for teens and holds lots of good memories. Would not wear it now (I am 39 yo) though as I have a matured a different self consciousness and look for different notes in a perfume.
04th September, 2012

Ofrésia by Diptyque

Received it as gift. The fresia note is way too strong for me, but like Jessica Grape's boyfriend mine loved it and always says it smells wonderfully on my skin. The floral notes are so extreme to me that I only wear a tiny bit of Ofresia. I am not a fan of floral intense fragrances and to me the green notes are overwhelmed by the freesia ones and speaking as a layman my nose only captures the flowers. I do wear it though but admit that it happens for the benefit of my fiancé.
04th September, 2012

Elixir by Penhaligon's

Tried it in London when I was in search for something strong and spicy with a hint of (beloved) incense, got myself a travalo to test it. Few months later I was very happy to receive it as Xmas gift from my fiancé. Elixir gives its best during winter season, warming up the senses. On me it is quite long lasting, maybe because my scarves and coats still carry the scent within the fibers... I know it's a masculine frag but I would suggest it to any woman looking for a spicy oriental envelopping experience. I'd say it's a deeply relaxing fragrance inviting to meditation and calmness.
04th September, 2012

Mania (original) by Giorgio Armani

It was my signature fragrance for years. Loved it soooo much. Different with its incense notes, fresh (citrus) and warm (spices). I miss it real bad. Few drops and the sleek bottle are still in my drawer, kept as a treasure of a long gone friend.
04th September, 2012