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The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

Ok... The scent itself is amazing. The base notes are always there. The middle and top notes mix but if you sit and study the smell you can pick them out. I find this to be very wearable, altho it could seem like a older scent. It almost reminds me of something my dad wore, but the new school version (some probably wouldn't like that, but my pops was my hero).
Like i said, the base shines... My nose can pick out the tobacco, the wood, the amber. The top and middle notes make the spice and the herbal like feel. With the floral note in there to give it the right sweetness. The scent alone makes it a masterpiece imo, but this is where D&G let a lot of people and me down..
It does a vanishing act that would make Kayser S'o'ze go "what the... Where did it go?"
It's a scent that smells awesome from the time you spray it on, its gonna develop, its gonna dry drown into something even unbelievable...
"And like that, POOF! He's gone..."
19th October, 2012