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1270 by Frapin

I really wanted this to perform better than it did.

After spraying this morning it settled down to a skin scent after 30 minutes, and only really became noticeable during the day when the sun warmed my skin up.

Probably suitable for summer, but I wanted to use this in winter.

UPDATE 26th March 2015.

I've just bought a bottle of this and tried it again today, and I realised where I went wrong before.
I only had a 1.6ml sample and lightly sprayed myself to test and it didn't really project much.
but now I have a 100ml bottle I sprayed 4 times on my neck and one on my chest and im very happy with my purchase.
30th September, 2014 (last edited: 26th March, 2015)
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United Kingdom

Scent Intense by Costume National

I can't add anymore to the review by 2nosedtwin.
This 'scent' is the worst I've ever smelt!
A blind buy after reading positive reviews.
Today is my first day of using this fragrance (and last)!
I can't wait to get home to shower this awful scent
Off my skin.
I don't smell amber, no matter how hard I try.
20th May, 2014