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Brit for Men by Burberry

Great comforting/powdery fragrance for all seasons. Opens up with bergamot, ginger and cardamom. Very green in the opening. Brit dries down into a fantastic powdery sweet/spicy oriental and sort of smells like sun tan lotion which I personally like. This is not something you can wear everyday. Great fragrance, sniff it out for sure!
03rd March, 2013

Bang by Marc Jacobs

Don't believe it when people say its a huge dose of pepper, its not at all in my opinion. It's a really nice and simple and masculine blend of some pepper, vetiver and spicy woods. Super masculine and spicy fragrance, actually quite soft. I got it for a VERY good price so I cant say anything bad about it. OH it's also a sleeper. BAM.
14th January, 2013

Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

Great fragrance bargain buy. You wear this, you will not smell like anyone else. It's a nice sweet, creamy/milky oriental unlike anything out there for the price. Go snatch it.
14th January, 2013
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Bois d'Argent by Christian Dior

This fragrance was a disappointment. It smells like old wood and urine. Almost like a rotting farm...well not THAT bad but that is something to compare it too. Not even remotely worth the money in my eyes. I'll pass on this one which is why it gets a big thumbs down from me.
09th January, 2013