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L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Words that come to mind when i Smell this are Elegance, Champagne, Soft spoken, and to some extent Apples, haha seriously though. To be quite honest if i would have smelled this say 12 years ago even though it came out in 2006 i would think it was geared toward young business women in their early twenties lol. All jokes aside i do think women could pull this off easily(Not for insecure men imo).

So this fragrance is pretty good i enjoy wearing it on formal occasions during the day that's where it shines! Straight off the bat you get this blast of citrus and ginger with some spices in the background. This is where i get the Champagne vibe evoking the thoughts of Elegance hah. In the Heart the violet leaves are predominant making it sweet but the spices and ginger balance it out. In the base i still get hints of violet leaves, but i mostly get tonka bean and vetiver.

Overall a nice Fresh, Light(Almost transparent),Floral sweet, Elegant fragrance.
27th September, 2012

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier


So whats there to say about this 1 that hasn't been said? Not Much anyway...I just had to get this Gem of a fragrance. Growing up in middle school i used my brothers Cuba gold all the time it just smelled so sweet and elegant, idk lol thats just how i pictured it at the time. A few years later after wearing Eternity and Hugo(again my brothers haha) i found out Cuba gold was a "knock off" of JPG, it had been years since i had smelled cuba gold so i figured why not give this "JPG" a try. So i purchased a bottle, initially i was thinking "what the heck is this?". I smelled traces of cuba gold but nothing too similar. Than about an hour into it i start smelling something familiar ,i start sniffing my wrist And Wow it smelled just how i remembered cuba gold smelling like but much better...

Anyway now that i own a few more bottles this stuff smells somewhat dated it just brings back a lot of fond memories, and its no longer my favorite :( haha...Nevertheless i still LOVE the smell once it settles down after about an 1hr into it. It just starts off too strong thats my only Knock on it. But as stated this is Either a Love or hate fragrance.

Three words To describe this VANILLA, VANILLA, SEXY....Not the best Vanilla scent but its not Ever so popular for NO reason!
14th September, 2012

A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

PS starts off with a berry/minty vibe, the berry smelling kind of green earthy im guessing thats the juniper. Now the minty note does have a slight menthol feel like other reviews have stated but just slighty(on my skin at least). I gotta say though on paper this smells much sweeter, on my skin it smells mostly fresh and cool/clean with some sweetness. A hint of the white pepper in the background starts to come out not to long after the opening i'd say 20-30 mins in. The mint is gone within 40 mins or so(but still smells very frsh) then it gets sweeter at wich point the pepper and cardamom come out completely giving it a nice sweet and spicy mix, not gourmandish though. Its a pretty linear scent after that and to be quite honest i get a hint of patchouli at the very end but just a hint wich for me was about 4-5 hrs in.

This stuff lasted 7 hrs on my skin but it became a close skin scent after about 2hrs wich i didn't like.

Overall its a nice fragrance though best suited for spring or cooler summer days imo. I really can't compare this to the rest of the pure series since i only have pure malt,and a sample of A*men.

They do smell alike but this doesn't smell anything like those 2 anyway for the price i'd rather just get something else for the hot weather instead of PS (unless your a collector)

13th September, 2012
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