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A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I haven't had this for long but i have had an interest in men's fragrances forever and a fairly sophisticated nose by my own survey of things I've loved, and I love this. So does my daughter for what it's worth. The notes are notes. The overall character to me is an iced allspice cake smelled while eating passion fruit. The dry-down leads to a mellow sweet allspice with much less of the passion fruit... I'm straight and I'm mad about the smell of this mingled into my arm hair, and I'd were a chick, I would attack me right now. It must be a chemistry thing. I swim every day and shower ~3x a day, so I had the idea my skin isn't holding much of my own oils... Anyway.... It's the most amazing damn scent I've ever come across - I just put on about 3, maybe 4 sprays, to sit around and watch Motorcycle Diaries... This was a pretty good call
11th September, 2012