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Turquoise by Michael Kors

I have never been to the Maldives, but I think this is what they would smell like. Personally I can't pick out the lime, which is my only disappointment with this fragrance, other than that, it is gorgeous.
25th June, 2017

Crimes of Passion: Goddess of Love & Perfume by 4160 Tuesdays

Every time I say ďI donít like ... fragrancesĒ Sarah McCartney comes up with a fragrance that proves me wrong. I would never have said I liked sweet fragrances, but I love this one. It opens with a burst of sweet fruits and florals, and then softens into a gentle flowery heart. It is as if we are the bee, first Gorging on the nectar, then drawing back to smell the whole flower. It is certainly sweet, but not sickly, a fragrance that is indeed fit for a goddess.
21st August, 2015

Blossoming Honeysuckle & White Tea by Molton Brown

This is a beautiful creamy white fragrance; I didnít expect to like it as much as I do, as I am not a big Jasmine fan, but the floral notes are so well blended that no one note is over powering. When this has been on a few hours, I get a note of white chocolate, much like the white tea served at the launch event; maybe it is the Vanilla. All in all, a lovely soft floral, would make a perfect wedding day sent.
18th March, 2015
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Osmanthus Blossom by Jo Malone

I tried this a couple of weeks ago, and it didnít really make much of an impression, but I am so glad I gave it another try. To my mind it is the perfect summer fragrance, a burst of fresh citrus, softening into a light floral sent with no hint of powderyness. I love it! Only sorry it is a limited edition.

It works very well with Wild Bluebell, and English Pear and Freesia.
13th May, 2013

Botanical Essence No. 100 by Liz Earle

As a big fan of the first Liz Earle fragrance I had high hopes for this, but I am very disappointed. The mandarin lasts about five seconds, then a couple of minutes of a, not unpleasant, generic floral; on me this was quickly followed by a very powdery floral heart, it didnít really develop any further than that. I am not a fan of jasmine, but I hoped there would be enough else going on for this not to be a problem, and indeed I couldnít really distinguish the jasmine after the first few minutes.

On me this turned into something not unlike Jo Maloneís Orange Blossom, and it is really not for me.
08th May, 2013 (last edited: 29th April, 2017)

Citrus Rush by Body Shop

This is not the most sophisticated fragrance in the world, but it is a cheap and cheerful fresh citrus fragrance; probably best suited to the teenage market, and more in keeping with many of Body Shops early fragrances, I donít find anything to object to in it, although I can see that if you donít like citrus, it probably hasnít got a whole lot more to offer, but it is light and inexpensive, and fun!
10th December, 2012

Celestial Maracuja by Molton Brown

I was shopping with my sister, when we came across this fragrance, it had just been launched, and there was an in store promotion. We both tried it, and being well trained fragrance shoppers, wandered off round the rest of the shops to let it settle.

In my view it is a unique fragrance, I hadnít ever smelt anything like it, and havenít since. It has the citrus notes that I most love, but a kind of depth that I think must come from blending this with the more oriental floral. It is the kind of fragrance that one could even wear with a headache, and that for me is a very rare thing.

If you are looking for a truly unusual sent, that you want to make your signature, this is ideal.

My only criticism is that it did not last well, and although I certainly got very good use from the 50 ML bottle I bought, after three years I had to throw what was left away, as it had gone off. However, I would certainly buy it again.
10th December, 2012

Botanical Essence No. 15 by Liz Earle

The concept behind this fragrance is that it is a break from the traditional pyramid style of fragrance, and the notes are circular, rather than top, middle and base. Certainly I do not find that the fragrance changes or develops on my skin at all, two hours later, it is the same as when first applied, and this is an interesting concept.

However, for all that, and the fact, that like its predecessor, No.1, I find it to be well crafted, it is not for me.

I like it more than I had expected, I am not a fan of Orientals, and I had not expected to like this at all, but the warm spicy notes, and the vanilla, mean that I nearly like it, there is just something a little too heavy for me, and I will stick with No. 1 which I love!

Like No. 1 it does smell different on different people, and on my friendís daughter, it was much lighter, and for me far more pleasant.

For fans of Oriental fragrances, and particularly of vanilla, this is a must try.
08th October, 2012

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

This is one of my all time least favourite fragrances. I tried it in one of their London stores, and immediately regretted it, certainly a reminder to always test on a card first. It is one of 3 or 4 fragrances that I not only donít like, but that actually make me feel ill. As I learn more about fragrance, I think the common theme in fragrances I have this reaction to is Gardenia, and it just isnít for me.

I love the brand, just wish they would stick to lingerie, and skip the fragrances.
26th September, 2012

Tweed by Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics

This has been on my motherís dressing table for as long as I can remember. As a child I thought it was the most sophisticated thing imaginable, and I loved to try it. Despite the fact I now regard it as a fragrance for the more mature woman, and think, or at least, hope, that at 45 I am still too young to wear it, I do still love it. Clean and rich, a traditional sent, for no nonsense ladies, who would definitely say ďsentĒ not fragrance.
26th September, 2012

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

I bought this in Duty Free, and I have to say, it was a mistake. I wanted something different from the citrus and light florals I usually go for, and I had read a lot about this, and thought I would give it a try. Initially I really liked it, exotic, with out being classically oriental, and I bought it on impulse. Unfortunately the dry down doesnít work for me, and it becomes heavy, and cloying. There are still aspects of it I like, but on balance, not for me.
24th September, 2012

AnaÔs AnaÔs by Cacharel

I was given this in 2001, and had not tried it before, despite it being around for so long. I love it; it is a warm comforting sent, somehow reassuring. It is another fragrance that I would call ďwell craftedĒ, the notes working in harmony. I would not have thought I would have liked it, if I had looked at the notes first, very floral for me, but something about it just works, in my view a classic.
24th September, 2012

Babe by Fabergť

I bought this in 1980, when I was 13; it was the perfect teenage fragrance, but I would still ware it now! It brings back very happy memories of fragrance shopping with my mum, when on holiday in Guernsey. We would come back after a morningís shopping, having tried so many fragrances, that we couldnít remember which was which, probably explains some of my more unfortunate early purchases, but this was a real favourite; clean, warm, and feminine, I loved it.
24th September, 2012
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Samsara by Guerlain

Even though this fragrance isnít for me personally, I think it is one of the finest examples of the art of perfumery I have ever encountered. It is beautifully crafted, and even though I donít like it, I know it is good. It is just too oriental for me, and even though I like the notes Vanilla and Sandalwood, the jasmine overwhelms this at the start. The longevity is fantastic, and I love the warm rounded sent that is left after a few hours, but I canít get past the opening to get to that point. Sadly not for me, but an absolute classic.
18th September, 2012

Allure Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I was given a sample of this when it was first launched, and on the strength of that bought it on my next holiday. It was mainly the warm vanilla notes that appealed to me, but even so, it was a slightly unusual choice for me, as I am not a fan of oriental notes. I loved it for a couple of years, and even got as far as a second bottle, but I now find it quite unpleasant, with a very synthetic tone to it. Maybe I have kept it too long, and it is past its best. But certainly when it first came out, I found it very appealing, and very unusual; and I still canít think of anything I have smelt that is similar.
17th September, 2012

Versace Versense by Versace

To my mind this is just the perfect summer fragrance. It starts as pure lemon, interesting, as this is not listed in the Notes. However, it then settles into something warmer, but still refreshing. For me it is very much a fragrance that evokes a time and place, bought it at the airport last year on my way to Cyprus for 2 months, and wore it every evening, whilst sipping chilled white wine on my friendís balcony, and every time I ware it, that is where I am.
16th September, 2012

Botanical Essence No. 1 by Liz Earle

I have been a big fan of the Liz Earle brand in skin care for years, so was very excited when her first fragrance arrived. I bought this at the end of last November, and have warn pretty much nothing else since. To my mind this is an exceptionally well crafted fragrance; on me the citrus and spicy notes seem more pronounced than the floral. Thanks to Truffles, I knew it reminded me of something, I love O de Lancome to, but this is even better.
16th September, 2012