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Fendi Uomo by Fendi

Ive now had 2 bottles of this and i love it. Sadly, this has now been discontinued. Only it hasnt. It was reincarnated as YSL's M7 in 2002. They smell exactly the same and i cant believe no-one else has picked up on this!? Basically, saw some pine in half and rub some cherries on the end. Smell. This is what Fendi Uomo smells like. Unique. Sort of.

This smells the same as M7 Oud Absolou, not the original M7. My mistake. But if you like Uomo, try M7 Oud Absolou.
23rd September, 2012 (last edited: 24th September, 2012)

Aventus by Creed

I bought Aventus a month ago and I swear i'm going to run the bottle out in the next 6 months. I can't get enough of that smell!! I'm spraying it on my wrists and smelling the cap as much as I can just to get that beautiful pineapple because, alas, the pineapple note is gone within 25 mins. But what it leaves is basically the smell of a bonfire, which is lovely. Some fruit is still there (green apples), but the blend is perfect. The longevity isnt great on me (4-5hrs) but when you're on a night out, I guess that's enough. I just wish the pineapple lasted longer. Overall, a magnificent fragrance. Love it. And in my opinion, better than Green Irish Tweed.
14th September, 2012