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Boxeuses by Serge Lutens

I read a number of reviews prior to sampling this, and they all mention jammy plums and leather and powder. So far, so good. However, about an hour after applying, I was struck by the same dry, dusty spices used in Ambre Sultan. I happen to adore this element (in both scents), but AS haters might want to think twice about this one.
07th August, 2014

Le Petit No. 02 by Tokyo Milk

Sweet, soft, clean violet/vanilla. Does what it says on the tin.
This was my go-to fragrance in the years before falling down the rabbit hole, and I don't wear it all that often anymore. This morning, it smells vaguely soapy. But nice!
It doesn't have quite the longevity of Vanille Incensee, but I reach for it on the same sorts of days.

(For comparison within the line, this may be a safe choice if you felt Honey in the Moon was excessively sweet.)
18th April, 2014