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    Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

    Overall, Reaction has been a staple for me for years.

    Reaction can wear across a wide variety of conditions, is pleasant yet pleasing beyond "innoffensive", and gets compliments.

    I don't run across people wearing this underrated frag, so it seems that people who compliment me seem to think its unique.

    The most recent compliment from a 20-something clerk was "you smell fanTASTIC!". That was the most dramatic one I have received. Sort of caught me off guard.

    To get a decent amount of longevity may require a bit more product, and close proximity to others may be best avoided if done, during the initial dry i the first hour or so.

    I don't think you can go wrong with Reaction, for its intended casual/regular use.

    Always gets replaced when I run out.

    16th October, 2012


    Infusion d'Homme by Prada

    On a whim, I spritzed some on the usual spots one day at Sephora.

    What I experienced over the next several hours was unique, and not necessarily in a good way. Not necessarily in a bad way either.

    To me, there were parts I liked, but I think may be a bit confusing for those nearby.

    Neutral because many might like it and I didn't find objectionable.

    I just think there are too many others that are similar in uniqueness that aren't accompanied with the potentially confusing character at times.

    Also seemed a bit feminine to me. Dior Homme would probably top Infusion for me, as well as several others, without the questionable possibly-too-fem aspect.

    16th October, 2012


    Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

    I got a sample vial for my 40s wife because I had read some good reviews and some friends rave about it, and was unimpressed.

    I realize that it's light, but it's too light. It's almost like paying for expensive water.

    I'm being generous about the neutral, only because I guess for what it is, might find a place in some peoples' collections. Not ours.

    Still on a search for something similar with a bit more reasonable projection and longevity.

    I would at least strongly advise an actual skin test for a day or two before you buy this one to be confident in your purchase.

    16th October, 2012


    Swiss Army by Swiss Army

    To me, I think it's unique enough. I don't run across people wearing this, so therefore it gets noticed positively.

    Pleasant yet bold enough not to be lumped into the negative "inoffensive" category.

    A standard for me that always gets replaced when empty, and a signature regular daily wear frag for several years.

    Just expanding my collection after a lull now, but this will remain in the regular rotation.

    16th October, 2012


    Kouros Eau de Sport by Yves Saint Laurent

    Found a sample online but didn't realize that it was discontinued.

    As a user of regular Kouros years ago, I thought I was fond of it, so I sampled Sport.

    It is definitely a love it or hate it frag.

    I'm probably more on the hate it side, but it's so unique, I can't make up my mind.

    It might deserve a spot in the collection since there isn't anything else like it IMO.

    Decent close projection, but unless I use a lot, I personally didn't get the longevity I want.

    16th October, 2012


    Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

    The fragrance notes description and much of the positive reviews are pretty accurate, but after a solid two days of testing (from my nice size free spritzer from Sephora!), I found the following, unfortunately.

    Comfortable, pleasant, non-offensive fairly close to the skin for first couple hours, but on me, fell pretty flat after 3-4 hours. Except for nose-to-skin, almost no detection after a few hours.

    I enjoyed the notes while detectible, but I prefer not to have to reapply halfway through the day, so the search continues for something similar, so from what I have read and paper-tested, Polo Blue Sport will get a test soon, in hopes of a little more projection and longevity.

    16th October, 2012

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