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Autograph Intense by Marks and Spencer

This is a great fragrance from M&S is a soft,slightly fruity fragrance with a little bit of a Dior vibe that smells at the same time casual but not brash and has a great price tag £18 for 100ml
12th July, 2017

Black Musk for Men by Jovan

This fragrance gets no love on a lot of forums for some reason, however despite the negative reviews this is not the monstrosity it is made out to be and imo is actually quite a nice fragrance. This is quite a clean smelling musk and does not have the slight skank of the original Jovan Musk, this is like Jovan Musks older more suave brother, definately an evening wear kind of scent, this is a slightly fruity musk but not in a sharp or citric way, this is kind of a dry dusky berry kind of musk , maybe a touch of juniper berry to this. My only real qualm with this fragrance is the lack of projection , if this projected more and was a bit stronger it would go from a fragrance I wear on occasion to a fragrance I wear on regular rotation, still not bad by any means though
15th March, 2013

Wood Spice by Marks and Spencer

A very unique fragrance , smells old school and in some ways very familiar although somehow also unlike anything else I have smelt, this is woody, soapy and somehow despite being spicy is also a very clean smelling fragrance, If you like old school fragrances you will almost certainly love this, if you are into aquatics and unisex fragrances you will not, this is definately unashamedly a mans fragrance. I have not tried the moisturising version of this but I have the regular aftershave and the longevity, strength and sillage is remarkable for such an inexpensive fragrance especially as this is an aftershave and not a cologne , amazing value for money
08th January, 2013
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Brut by Fabergé

Many of the drugstore scents have suffered over the years from reformulation , usually the manufacturers way of reducing the cost of making the product, unfortunately this is usually done at the expense of the quality of the product. Of the drugstore scents to be reformulated Brut has in my opinion suffered the most, this product used to be one of the most pungent fragrances around and used to last hours, now it fades very quickly and even on initial application is a lot less ballsy than it used to be.

In spite of this , this product gets a thumbs up from me, the fact is there is nothing else that smells quite like this and it really does smell very good (to me), it really is such a unique scent, it has prominent lavender notes upon initial application that fade to leave a powdery, clean, slightly musky scent that is very masculine smelling,
Also there is just something about this scent that just feels so right, it is like wearing a favourite old Jacket, it may not be the fanciest,classiest but it fits, it feels comfortable and it has character, this is a classic for sure

28th November, 2012 (last edited: 08th January, 2013)