Reviews by drussell41


Pois de Senteur by Corday

Incredible. The scent of sweet peas is woven throughout, but it's so much more than that, with honeyed darkness and sophistication to spare. Quite deep and beautiful. This review is for the urn perfume. Notes: sweet pea, rose, hyacinth, cyclamen, jasmine, lilac, lily of the valley, linden, hay, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood and musk
04th January, 2013

Tokyo Bloom by The Different Company

Very green on the opening, like a non-bitter galbanum. Eventually it went into some flora notes and then a drydown that was soft, warm and cuddly. What was really interesting about this was the effect of the topnotes on some nasal congestion. I was really having problems breathing, and this worked better than medication for enabling me to breath. I'm pretty surprised as fragrances usually have no effect or make it worse. I'll probably be buying a bottle just for medicinal use if nothing else.
16th December, 2012

C by Marie Saint Pierre

Outstanding topnotes, particularly the orange blossom and leather. However, the heart of freesia ruins it. It's the start of a beautiful, sophisticated fragrance and then becomes....sweet dryer sheets.
06th December, 2012

B by Marie Saint Pierre

Smells like something straight out of BBW...and not one of their few good ones. The maple was too prominent, and the other notes didn't mix well as a gourmand.
06th December, 2012

Azemour les Orangers by Parfum d'Empire

This was what I expected from L'Artisan's backstory on Seville a L'Aube: a romantic encounter in an orange grove. I can smell the orange grove: oranges, leaves and ground; the smell of salt and someone who has been in the sun. I would give this fragrance five out of five stars if only its persistence were a little longer.
05th December, 2012

Mexican Cocoa by Pacifica

This fragrance captures dry, dark cocoa. The dryness makes it pretty unique. There is spice in it, but not overwhelmingly so. It is not very sweet at all. I think this would be great in the heat when other gourmands might be too much. I was going to give it a "3", but that dryness and the price raise it to a "4". Notes: Mexican chocolate, bitter almond, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla
05th December, 2012

Madagascar Spice by Pacifica

Gourgeous spice fragrance that I think I really must purchase. It reminds me of an orange pomander studded with whole cloves, a smell I just love. Notes: Madagascan clove, sweet orange and black pepper
05th December, 2012

Indian Coconut Nectar by Pacifica

Best coconut fragrance I've sampled to date! This one is so smooth and creamy, and it is not as sweet as others. No disgusting suntan lotion note. Very, very good. I can actually see myself wearing this one.
05th December, 2012

Mystic Dragon by Neil Morris Fragrances

Incredibly dark, smoky incense fragrance. It makes me think of the gunpowder notes of firecrackers being set. Green Top Notes of Galbanum and Pine, Jasmine Sambac, Cedarwood, Incense Smoke, Patchouli, Dark amber, Chocolate
05th December, 2012

Earthtones #2 - Desert Wind by Neil Morris Fragrances

This recreates the sere desert very accurately. This is the desert at sunset, with a cool breeze just starting to cool off the day. It definitely took me back to days in the desert in our Southwest. It starts out very dry, as one might expect, and then the most realistic desert wood note comes to the forefront. Top: aldehydes, black pepper. Heart: bay rum, hydrangea, helonial, white lilly. Base: ambergris, dry wood notes, white amber, cedar.
05th December, 2012

Kai by Kai

I found it rather simplistic and something that a beginner would wear rather than an experienced perfume enthuasist. Nice, fresh green notes. No sultriness.
04th December, 2012

Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom & Myrrh by Jo Malone

Heady, rich, sultry gardenia. Out of a huge gardenia sampler, this was my favorite. It makes me feel as if I have the flower tucked behind my ear and pulling out all the stops. I wasn't really aware of anything in it except gardenia. It reminded me of Tuvache Vintage Gardenia.
04th December, 2012

Vanilla Lust by Jill Stuart

The other notes in this (besides the vanilla) make this fragrance much more interesting than most vanilla fragrances. It's not as complex as, say, Montale's Chypre Vanille, but it's still more complex than most. I really like it. No plastic doll heads either.
04th December, 2012

Sira des Indes by Jean Patou

It's a "rich banana dessert" fragrance that I really like simply for its uniqueness but also drives my dog crazy. She begged to lick my arm and, when I denied her vial, cried. She hasn't done that with any other fragrance. Therefore, this belongs firmly in the foody camp, even though the notes might suggest gourmand.
04th December, 2012

Orangers en Fleurs by Houbigant

Clear, radiant orange blossoms that speak of sunshine and happiness. No indoles, sultriness, heaviness, etc. I really couldn't detect any nutmeg, cedar or musk....must just be rounding it out a little.
04th December, 2012

Mon Precieux Nectar by Guerlain

This is a cotton candy orange blossom. After sampling several other orange blossom fragrances, this is just pathetic. Perhaps it's a 12 y/o's introduction to orange blossom.
04th December, 2012

Jicky by Guerlain

Medicinal nastiness.
04th December, 2012

Cruel Gardenia by Guerlain

The first time I wore this, I couldn't detect any gardenia. The second time, I put on much more fragrance, and the gardenia was obvious. However, it isn't a lush, sultry gardenia. Rather, it is cold. Hence the name, I guess. However, I think it would be great for office wear. I like it for the range it provided in all the gardenia fragrances I've tried....with Jardenia at one end and this at the other.
04th December, 2012

Aqua Allegoria Cherry Blossom by Guerlain

Soft, pretty, feminine floral. Great for those times when the weather is too warm or the nose is tired from more complex fragrances. I like it. It's a simple fragrance.
04th December, 2012

Oblique REW by Givenchy

There are very few fragrances which turn out to be actual scrubbers for me; however, this one was one of them. At the time that I sampled it, I wrote that it was "like some kind of disgusting fruit candy". Be aware, I usually love/like gourmand fragrances.
04th December, 2012

Sweet Tea by Elizabeth W

Lovely but very light. I thought it conjured up the beverage quite well.
04th December, 2012

Chypré Vanillé by Montale

A sophisticated vanilla that is just beautiful. Haunting. Not for children.
03rd December, 2012

Camellia by Keiko Mecheri

Lovely fragrance; very soft and feminine. It opens with lemon-tinged camelia and morphs into a camelia-magnolia mix in the heart. The basenotes are grounding it. Notes, per Luckyscent: white tea leaves, Umé plum, camellia petals, magnolia, woods, amber. I didn't pick up any plum at all.
03rd December, 2012

Mahogany by Demeter Fragrance Library

If this were rated for the fragrance alone it would have a "4" for overall rating. It's a gorgeous wood and spice fragrance, one of my favorites from a wood sampler I recently purchased. However, it is indeed only a "pick me up" spray; it's extremely fleeting. It's a unisex wood fragrance; not for men only.
03rd December, 2012

Parfums des Beaux Arts Majhoun by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

An incredibly rich, exquisite fragrance of dates, honey and spices. It is my favorite of her fragrances; it's one I hope to never be without, and I can't say that about many fragrances. It's unique, also. I haven't encountered anything like it; I've tried over 600 fragrances in my journey.
03rd December, 2012

Stormtrooper by Carnival Wax - Agatha Blois

I really enjoyed this fragrance; definitely smelled polished wood, leather boots and steel. However, the name conjured up unpleasant WWII images, so I sold it. Otherwise, this is one that would have stayed in my fragrance wardrobe.
03rd December, 2012