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Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera

Wohu, first review! I had a interesting expierence in a parfum shop today. First: Dsqared potion. Hm, nice, beeswax and same smokey notes, but it doesn't last that long and stays very close to the skin. Intimate scent, I will give it a second try. Second: Kokoriko by JPG. Very interesting sweet notes and lovely patchouli, but after the drydown it's too generic for me. Very powerful, it still lasts on my hand. Nice somehow, but not for me.

Most impressive: My Herrera for men I still had on my wrists. I discovered it last year rather cheap in an duty free and it quickly became my signature scent. Natural and intriguing, the balance of leather, wood and aaaah.. geranium! Don't be fouled by the first impression, the drydown makes this one special. If you find most scents too sweet, esp. on your skin, this could be yours. Still my every day favourite.

Give it a try against some new overpowering designer scents, which get so monodimensional after a few hours. Excuse me, I have to wash my hands.

31st October, 2012